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Take Your Curb Appeal to a Whole New Level. Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space With A Greener, Healthier Lawn A bit of background, we moved into a new build house of which we are the second owners and is roughly 6 years old. We noticed straight away that during winter the lawn becomes waterlogged and dies in the worst hit areas, and dries out very quickly in summer. This has resulted in a poor quality, patchy lawn which is far from level and looks awful Products We Actually Use ( We make a small commission when you use our link ) ︎Andersen Rapid Jack https://amzn.to/2xGWPYP ︎CargoBuckle Tie Downshttps:/.. You can also make your lawn less hospitable to fungi by correcting drainage problems and eliminating decaying organic matter. Grind down stumps, rake up grass clippings, dig up buried lumber, aerate, dethatch and replace old mulch. The easiest option (or maybe the hardest for you, Eric) is to make peace with your mushrooms

October 27, 2020 When planting a new lawn, take the time to fix any existing grade problems (after removing the old turf and before adding amendments to the soil). For minor grading problems, small versions of earth-moving equipmentare often available to rent or buy. You can also use a landscaping rakefor working topsoil to the proper grade a one-year warranty for labor and materials. two years' protection for mechanical defects (plumbing, electrical, heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems), and. ten years' warranty for structural defects in the home. The result is that some of the best parts of the builder's warranty expire quickly, such as for carpeting, tiles, paint. Brown Patch: Brown patch appears as circular patches in the lawn that are brownish-yellow in color and range from six inches to several feet in diameter. 1  It affects all cool-season lawn grasses but is especially harmful to ryegrass and tall fescue

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  1. Corrosion of the carburetor is one of the typical causes of carburetor problems. When the carburetor gets corroded, it can cause the lawnmower to malfunction or even to stop working altogether. In such a case, the faulty carburetor should be replaced with a new one. Nevertheless, the carburetor conundrum can emerge for the plugged fuel filter
  2. Plan for watering needs before you plant your lawn. Insufficient water and overwatering are the leading causes of new-lawn failure. Take precautions to prevent damage. Minimize play and foot traffic on new and sodded lawns for at least three weeks
  3. Yard drainage problems can wreak havoc on a garden or lawn, especially after a heavy rain. Poor garden or lawn drainage will prevent oxygen from getting to the roots of plants, which kills the roots and also creates an environment perfect for fungus such as root rot to take hold and further damage a plant

When you move into a new-build home you may not notice if there are problems with the fixtures and fittings straight away. But cumulatively it can be very expensive to fix problems with things like tiling, flooring, light switches and built-in cupboards. If you discover problems, you'll need to contact your builder to get them fixed Specifically, if you have a new lawn, or if you've had yard work done or large equipment on your lawn. Freezing and thawing cycles can accentuate this in cold-winter climates. These cycles can cause soil to heave and become bumpy and uneven. In Spring, bumps often appear as clay soil thaws unevenly How to Fix a Soggy Muddy Lawn. A wet, muddy lawn is hanging onto too much water, creating large, soggy puddles through a process called ponding. This may be because of the quality of the soil or. Build a creek bed to direct water away from a low spot in your yard. Or if the slope of the ground permits it, use a creek bed to drain a low spot. Start by making a swale-essentially a gentle, shallow drainage ditch. Then line it with gravel or stones and add interest with boulders, a bridge or plantings Problem #7: Your Soil. If you notice that your lawn is muddy in one spot and dry in the next, it could be the type of soil that is causing drainage problems. There are three basic soil types: sand, silt and clay. If your soil is heavy in clay, it won't drain very well. If it's sandy, it will let water slip right through

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Power raking will remove excess organic material and aerate the soil to allow your new lawn to take root, so you want to leave just the barest layer (about 1/4 inch) of thatch on the ground. Then rake off the remaining debris. You'll know you've raked enough when you see equal amounts bare soil and dead grass stems If you plant cool-season grasses in the summer or winter, there is a good chance the seeds won't establish or the new grass won't survive the extreme heat and cold. If you're planting warm-season grasses like zoysia, centipede, or bermudagrass, early summer is the best time to plant Fine grading a new construction lawnPay extra attention to grading your new construction home. it will save you tons of time and money to do it the right way..

I moved into a new build house this time last year and have had drainage issues in the back garden since day one. At first the developer was pretty good and installed some drainage pipes in trenches surrounded in pea gravel and a membrane and re-turfed on top of these When you're building a new home, one important landscaping question you may face is whether to install a permanent irrigation/sprinkler system in your yard. While certainly a convenient and potentially cost-saving option for caring for your lawn, having an irrigation system professionally installed can come with steep upfront costs, and it's best done before any landscaping is completed as. If you can afford it, adding paths before planting can save you getting bogged down every time you go outdoors One of the most common problems people face with new-build gardens is the soil. It can be compacted, poor quality, and full of rubble and rubbish Solution: You can take your mower to a small engine repair shop to have the carburetor removed and cleaned. However, if you're comfortable with your repair skills, then here are the steps you should take: Disassemble the carburetor. For you to reach the carburetor, you're likely to have to disconnect the air filter, fuel tank, governor control link, breather pipe, and manifold seal and.

Be sure that you regularly blow off any grass/leaf debris that can collect on top of the hydro unit. This junk, if left caked in place insulates the trans case and makes heat build up an issue. ALWAYS operate the tractor engine at FULL RPM and use the hydro controls to adjust your ground speed If your lawn has fallen victim to waterlogging, avoid walking on it as much as you can and make sure to follow these key action steps. Common Problems That Cause Flooding in Lawns. A waterlogged lawn is usually caused by a few main issues, which are all related to water not being able to drain through the soil Ants are actually a predator in your yard so if they have taken over your lawn and are building ant mounds this may be a signal you have another problem. Ants need to eat food so you may have other bugs in your lawn and that could be what has attracted the ants in the first place. Ants prefer dry soi Controlling ants in the lawn is a good way to minimize the population of these pest insects. Ants prefer dry, well-drained soil in an undisturbed low traffic area. Lawn dwelling ants are generally not an issue because these are not the stinging sort but some species have a habit of undermining grass roots and can cause large dead patches in the.

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A heavy duty roto-tiller can dig up to a foot deep, and will turn over all the topsoil and loosen it. On the plus side, this is enough to fix all but the worst compacted soil. On the downside, this method completely turns over the soil. You'll need to re-seed your lawn, or put down sod to replace your grass. In the worst cases, you may need. Lawn fungus can manifest itself in many ways: brown patches, mushrooms, streaks, slimy areas, discoloration, and more. Find the fix for your fungus here We have a new house, rolled lawn, and I was told the top dressing would smooth out all the holes/divots in the lawn and also help the grass. The price was a hefty 925.00 for doing just the FRONT yard since the side yard and back yard sloped more than 14 degrees, preventing their high tech hopper/spreader from dispersing the sand The buyers of the first unit noticed water leaks from the roof after closing. The seller (the builder) minimized the problems as a leak from a fire sprinkler head. Gradually, the first unit owners.

Controlling ants in the lawn is a good way to minimize the population of these pest insects. Ants prefer dry, well-drained soil in an undisturbed low traffic area. Lawn dwelling ants are generally not an issue because these are not the stinging sort but some species have a habit of undermining grass roots and can cause large dead patches in the. China Is Building an Area 51. If that doesn't work, dig up the ring and plant new grass. 4 Problem: To fix the problem, start by watering the damaged lawn well to encourage the grass to. Planting New Grass on Top of Old Grass. Maintaining a healthy lawn can be a lot of work. Unfortunately, sometimes you will encounter problems with your lawn that can't be fixed by watering. My Lawn Mower Won't Start? 10 Top Troubleshooting Tips for Small Engines. Four-Stroke Engines Used on Other Equipment. This troubleshooting guide applies to gasoline lawn mower engines, but it's equally valid for small four-stroke engines used on yard equipment such as portable generators, air compressors, welders, pumps, cultivators (e.g. rotary tillers, commonly referred to by the brand.

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Aug 26, 2013. #3. The first thing I would do to solve surging problems, is to remove the carb, disassemble, and give it a very good cleaning. Then I would reassemble with a new float needle and seat. Before doing this, post the engine model numbers. The reason I ask for this, is that some of the Honda carbs have gotten so cheap, it may be cheap. A lawn with a severe thatch problem has little drought tolerance and becomes susceptible to a host of pest and disease problems. Dead patches of lawn can signal thatch problems. You may also notice a spongy feeling when you walk across the lawn. It is not necessary — or even desirable — to remove all of the thatch. A thin layer serves to. Repairing Bare Spots. 1. Dig up the area to a 6-in. depth, breaking up the clumps. (If the problem was caused by a spilled chemical such as gasoline or an herbicide, remove several inches of surface soil.) 2. Mix in topsoil to improve soil quality and help new sod or grass seed get off to a good start. 3 Establishing a Lawn from Sod In Indiana, most new lawns are established by seed, but sod is a common alternative. Sod is often faster and more reliable than seed, which requires more time and care to problems may arise when the slopes are steeper than a 1-foot drop every 4 feet. On some sites, i

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You should tackle lawn ant control when the number of ant hills exceeds your tolerence level. Quick Lawn Ant Diagnosis. One hot dry August day, a long time lawn customer was upset. In some areas her grass began to look like hay. She thought one of my lawn mowers had a gas leak and this was the cause of her lawn problem Outsourcing The Design of Design-Build. Blythe Yost, March 25, 2021. For lawn care and landscape professionals, making the transition to offer design-build services can be intimidating — especially so if no one on your crew . Read more 0 Comments. Design-Build Feature Magazine Maintenance The Latest Turf Design Build 01 - Spark Plug. Inspect the spark plug for signs of wear or damage. If the porcelain insulator is cracked, an electrode is burned away or damaged, or there is heavy carbon buildup at the electrode, replace the spark plug. To determine if the spark plug is defective, use a spark plug tester. You should see a strong spark between the tester's. Grade the soil for your new lawn. You can fix existing problems by grading, as you prepare for sod to arrive: Avoid too much slope for your new lawn. The maximum slope is about twelve inches for every four feet. If your slope is greater than that you might need to build a retaining wall The Milorganite fertilizer on your lawn may contain 'forever chemicals,' a new study finds. People could be unknowingly spreading forever chemicals on their lawns and gardens in the form of.

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An ant infestation can cause numerous problems on a healthy, lush, green lawn, particularly during rainy seasons. When they construct small ant hills by bringing granulated soil to the surface, ants create unsightly mounds that can suffocate the surrounding grass Excess thatch can increase pest problems by harboring large populations of disease-causing organisms and insects. Some fungicides and insecticides are bound in thatch, thereby reducing effectiveness and preventing movement into the soil. The Culprits behind Thatch Build up. Thatchy turfgrass species. Some turfgrass species produce a lot of stem.

Thatch is a layer of dead and living grass shoots, stems and roots that shows up between the soil and the grass blades in your lawn. Thatch build-up starts when the turf produces organic debris faster than it can be broken down. The parts of the turf that are most resistant to decay (stems, crowns and roots) make up the bulk of thatch Push vs. Self-Propelled If you prefer a gas lawn mower, your next decision is to push or not to push. A self-propelled lawn mower takes some of the work out of mowing the lawn as it pulls itself forward rather than relying on human power. Alternately, a push lawn mower — like the Yard Machines Lawn Mower — may replace a trip to the gym. For.

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Make sure you choose a fertilizer that is environmentally friendly and apply it evenly to your lawn. Water. Make sure to water your lawn daily to help the new grass to grow well. If you live in an area where the sun is strong, water in the morning or evening to keep from burning the new grass as it pokes up through the soil. Also make sure you. Husqvarna offers a wide and growing range of products and accessories, including everything from chainsaws and trimmers to innovative robotic lawn mowers. Get the latest updates! Get the latest info on new products, giveaways and special offers

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Besides nutrients, clippings return carbon to the soil, which helps build soil organic matter by feeding the microflora that decomposes that organic matter. Soil organic matter (SOM) is measured as a percentage of organic matter in the soil and is the primary indicator of soil health, and therefore the health of the lawn growing in the soil Cub Cadet 983-04510-4021 SHELL-54 DECK with Line X treatment: STLX 1054 Models. $349.95. $354.04 shipping. or Best Offer. 47 watching Lawn & Garden Tractors. MSRP As Low As§. From $8,856.00. Find A Dealer. Build My Kubota. Build My Kubota. Special Offers. The Kubota GR2020G garden mower brings the promise of a flawlessly cut lawn time and time again with its 48-inch mowing deck. The mower is designed with longevity in mind, and with all-wheel traction and Kubota's glide.

Nutrients. If you have problems with new grass dying, it could be from a lack of nutrients in the soil. Don't fertilize until the roots have had a chance to take hold in the ground. Tug carefully on the grass to see if the roots are anchored in the soil. Once they are, start the lawn on a treatment of a new-lawn starter fertilizer Waterlogged garden in new build house. We moved into a brand new house end of January this year. The garden was un turfed and had major waterlogging problems. After lots of complaining to taylor wimpey, they had it surveyed and put in some bore holes to help the drainage (end march), straight after this we turfed it and planted to large flower. Thatch build-up occurs in lawns that have dead soils and thatch is a symptom of the absence of beneficial microbial activity. Thatch buildup happens if there is poor soil aeration and drainage. Improper lawn watering practices (usually too much water or too frequent water), cold soil temperatures, the use of chemical pesticides, and the. A full gas tank and oil reservoir are the essential first steps when checking why the lawn mower won't stay running, but the problem could also be a dirty filter, clogged carburetor, improper. Adding soil over grass can be another effective form of repairing a lawn. It is possible to dump new soil over top of what you have, and prepare it for sod or seed. This option will save you money on excavation costs of removing the old soil and grass. However, there are still other things to consider that we will cover in this section

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Lawn moss is a common problem in yards. However, its presence represents deeper soil problems that must be fixed or the moss will stick around. Find out what must be done to finally end your moss problems. Dog Urine Damage on Lawns We all love our pets, but dog urine can do a number on grass. There is hope Thanks for your question. This seems to be a common problem, especially with owners of new build houses. Don't just look at preventing the lawn from dying, plan for the long term. Build a garden! If you have a blank canvas, start planning for the future. If there are no plants or trees in a garden at all, fix that The average cost to regrade a yard is $1,528. Most homeowners reported paying between $1,019 and $1,570 to have this type of work done by a landscaping professional. The lowest price paid for regrading a lawn was $100, while the greatest was $4,500. As you can imagine, the extent of your yard and whether or not you choose to hire a pro can.

Afterwords spread a thin layer (¼) of compost or 50/50 mix on top of your lawn. During the fall start mulching your leaves. Remember, you may need to bag some of your leaves to prevent your lawn from becoming suffocated. If your new seed is starting to pop up, be extra careful not to damage it How to Spread Topsoil Over an Existing Lawn. 1. Aerate the Lawn. If your lawn's soil is too compact, the new nutrients you're adding won't do too much good. You may need to aerate your lawn to get the benefits of the topsoil. If you do aerate, you'll need more topsoil to take the place of the soil you're removing. 2 Push Lawn Mower Won't Start Possible Causes: 1. You're Out Of Gas: This may seem like an obvious one, but many times the reason the mower won't start is that it needs gas. Quick Solution: Fill up your tank. 2. The Gas Is Too Old: Old gas in your tank can also cause your mower not to start. If this is your first cut of the season and gas from last year is still in the tank, or if you have. Adding a new hardscaping feature will let you reclaim the muddy area while also improving the overall appearance and utility of your landscape. If the muddy section connects two parts of your property, build a path of a material that won't turn to mud, such as gravel over landscape fabric or flagstone

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Over the years, we've seen just about everything, and landscaping problems are nothing new. But your landscaping issues don't need to be problematic, as there are ways to alleviate some of the most common issues. In some cases, a professional's help is necessary to get your lawn back on track The easiest way to deal with lawn drainage problems is to slope all land, patios, walkways, etc. away from your house. The minimum slope that I work with is two percent, or 1/4 inch per foot. As an example, the grade at a spot four feet away from your house should be one inch lower than the grade at the house Furthermore, it is compatible with many types of soils. If the mowing is completed carefully and fertilization is well-taken care of, then it is a fairly good choice for establishing a reasonable turf. The common Bermuda is planted using seed or sprigs. However, there are new hybrid versions of the grass that are much superior in quality

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Keeping your lawn green and pristine is a matter of pride. So it can be upsetting to find a growing puddle of standing water in your yard. Not only is stagnant water unsightly, but it can also kill your grass, damage ornamental plants, compromise your home's foundation, become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and be symptom of larger problems Little and often is the recipe for success. Regular cutting keeps the lawn thick, tidy and deters weeds. For most lawns, at the start of the year set the mower blades to 3cm (1.25in) and cut the.

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New features and updates for 2021. Electric Lawn Tractor! Cub Cadet has taken their most popular 42-inch lawn tractor and made it electric! The new XT1 LT42E features a 56 volt, 60Ah, 3000 Wh lithium-ion battery that can be charged using a standard 115v wall outlet. It will mow up to 2 acres without power fade and recharges in 4 hours LawnSite™ is the largest and most active online forum serving green industry professionals Problem #3: High Water table. Solution: Raise it or use water loving plants. Low lying areas with a high water table can make landscaping a real challenge. Plant roots in saturated soil during the growing season are denied oxygen, and quickly rot just like an overwatered house plant Mower's spark plugs could be disconnected. Your lawn mower won't start if the spark plug becomes disconnected. A new spark plug costs around $5. Be aware that a new plug will often come pre-gapped to match your specific engine. You can use a spark plug gauge to verify that it matches the manufacturer's specifications Simplicity ® Garden Tractor & Lawn Tractor Key Features. Simplicity ® Lawn Tractors feature the best cutting result using the exclusive Free Floating™ Mower Deck with full-width rear rollers and pivoting front axle. Our lawn mowers deliver precision cutting performance and the ability to create ballpark-style lawn striping patterns. Premium mowing features provide you with comfort and ease.

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Bought a New Mower - Sometimes there's leftover oil residue in new mowers, so if your brand new mower is smoking a bit, this could be why. Typically, these issues take care of themselves, and you'll notice that your mower will stop smoking in 15 minutes or less. If you just added oil and think you overfilled it, it's easy to check Basically, starting a Troy Bilt lawn mower is not a difficult task if you purchase a new one or all the parts of the mower are in good condition. But before starting the mower, check some basic things that will be helpful for you to start the mower flawlessly. Let's have a look at the basic things required to start a Troy Bilt Mower When I pull the switch to engage the PTO, the engine bogs down real quick and dies. It sounds almost like it has too much choke or something (but that's not it). It is a John Deere L130. I got this mower used as a hand down. It has not been abused or anything, but we aren't sure why this is happenin..

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4. Measure the grade of your lawn. Take a 3-foot (0.9 m) wooden stake and plant it a third of the way into the ground alongside your house. Do the same with a second stake 100 feet (30.5 m) away from the house, with the affected area in between. Then: Tie a string around the first stake where it meets the ground Lawn care products formulated with the technologies used by pros for the lush green lawn of your dreams. Spring lawn and fall fertilizers, grass seed and seed starting, lawn weed control, and grub control products to keep your lawn and garden beautiful all year long, guaranteed. Shop online and get helpful DIY lawn and garden advice Joined Apr 29, 2011. ·. 16 Posts. #6 · Mar 10, 2012. Built in Charlotte, North Carolina. These products are made in Charlotte, North Carolina. Husqvarna opens new R&D facility in Charlotte, North Carolina. P.S. when I took delivery of my GTH26V54 last year, there was no writing on the box saying where or even if Husqvarna made it. B Once your cylinder fills up, restarting the mower causes the oil burns, making your mower a chimney. Fixing this issue is simple. Clear the mower off any oil and let it idle for a while. Allowing it to idle enables the lawnmower engine to rest, and the smoke will eventually clear itself out. If you are unaware of the correct way to tip over. ZG200 Series. Lawn care is more of a pleasure than a chore with Kubota's ZG200 Series compact zero-turn mowers - featuring a comfortable, cushioned seat, user-friendly controls and exceptional cutting performance. Gas engine models; available in 48, 54 or 60 decks. MODELS. ZG222 21.1 HP

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48-in (122 cm) Accel Deep™ Mower Deck, with factory standard MulchControl™ kit. Easy Change™ 30-Second Oil Change System, 18-in seat with armrests, rubber floor mats, foot lift, and premium control levers come standard. 2-year/120-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty. List Price: $3,399.00 USD The most common reason a Toro mower won't start is because of a dirty carburetor, other possible reasons include: This guide will help you diagnose quickly, why your Toro lawn mower won't start, restart, or stops when hot. Toro use several different engine manufactures - Briggs & Stratton, Kawasaki, Honda and Toro engines

The base for a beautiful, healthy lawn is soil. Many homeowners do not consider soil composition as a potential threat to the health of their grass. But more often than not, many grass problems can be attributed to unhealthy soil. Just as an engine powers your lawn mower, soil houses the fuel grass and plants need to grow Lawn Equipment Repair Center If your lawn equipment is showing signs of wear and tear, we can help you get it running good as new. We will take you through the common symptoms so you can diagnose your problem, and help you quickly and easily find the right part you need to make the repair yourself The TractorData.com lawn database lists 82 lawn and garden tractor manufacturers. The data is being updated constantly. If you know of a lawn and garden tractor brand that is not listed, please contact me. All tractor brands: AGCO lawn tractors. 2 tractors. 2004-2010 Snow Blower Problem #2 - Not Blowing Snow. Build-up of snow. A build-up of snow in the discharge chute is a common snow blower problem. Snow build-up can prevent snow from blowing, so shut off your snow blower and clear any snow buildup in the chute. If the chute is clear, check the augers and auger drive system for problems. Defective impeller

In February, John Deere celebrated building their 5,000,000th lawn tractor in the Greeneville, Tennessee plant. They build the models you find in the big box stores - not MTD. Most of the transmissions are made by TuffTorque, about 30 miles away i.. To overseed tall fescue, mow the existing lawn as close as the variety allows, rake to remove all excess debris, aerate, and apply a fertilizer for starting new seed beds and seed at the rate of 4-5 LB (this depends upon the thinning of the lawn) per 1000 Sq. Ft. For precise planting you may wish to rent a slit seeding machine If you have weeds or weed grasses in your lawn you should avoid mulching at all costs. It will spread those weeds all over your lawn and make the problem ten times worse. Weeds like Dandelions and weed grasses like Annual Meadow Grass produce massive amounts of seeds. If you have weeds in your lawn, bin the clippings Powerful lawn mowers for any size lawn! Battery powered, tow behind, self-propelled models, and trimmer mowers available

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Lawn top dressing is when you apply a thin layer of material onto the lawn. But lawn dressing is often done with sand and that's where the problem is. Sand is used because people think it will improve air space, water infiltration and drainage. These are important goals, but topdressing a lawn with sand doesn't help achieve them Entry-level robotic lawn mowers. These generally cost between $600 and $1,000. Compared to their pricier counterparts, mowers in this category are usually either smaller in size (and therefore take longer to mow) or somewhat lacking in features or build quality. Lawn mowers in this price range are more appropriate for smaller lawns Easy Up, Easy Down. Foot-pedal cutter-deck lift is spring-assisted and makes raising the cutter deck smooth and easy. Powerful and Efficient Engine Options. Reliable Power, Up To 24 HP. The 22 hp and 24 hp Kohler ® 7000 Series engines with PRO Performance filtration provide smooth, reliable power. 1/8