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China is the world's second-largest economy in terms of gross domestic product (GDP), amounting to approximately 10.93 trillion U.S. dollars in 2015, while China's GDP per capita was about. 14 National Health Commission, China Health Statistical Yearbook 2019. 15 National Health Commission, China Health Statistical Yearbook 2019. 16 National Bureau of Statistics, China Statistical Yearbook 2017 (China Statistics Press, 2017). 17 X. Chen, Hospice Care: Pass Away with Warmth, China Social Protection 12 (2014): 64-65 National Bureau of Statistics population statistics yearbook: China 1990 census data. Beijing: China Statistics Press; 1993. Fay MP, Tiwari RC, Feuer EJ, Zou Z. Estimating average annual percent change for disease rates without assuming constant change. Biometrics 2006; 62: 847-54 doi: 10.1111/j.1541-0420.2006.00528.x pmid: 16984328. Agresti A

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China Vehicle Environmental Management Annual Report. China Greater Bay Area Low-carbon Transition Task Force. 2021. The Middle- and Long- Term Energy Transition Study of the Greater Bay Area in China. National Bureau of Statistics of China. China statistical yearbook of 2019. National Bureau of Statistics. China Energy Statistical Yearbook of. Beijing office C413 Office Building - Beijing Lufthansa Center - 50 Liangmaqiao Road Chaoyang District - Beijing 100125 - China T: +86 10 6464 6733 - F: +86 10 6468 0728 - E: china@worldsteel.or National Bureau of Statistics of China. China Statistical Yearbook 2010. Beijing, China: National Bureau of Statistics of China The statistical yearbook World Robotics showed a new record stock of about 319,000 operational industrial robots in the Republic of Korea in 2019 (+13%). Within five years, the country has doubled its number of industrial robots in operation. Following Japan and China, the country ranked third in 2019

2021-07-06 -- Officials in China have yet to receive instructions for the implementation of the country's newly announced three child population policy. According to the China Statistical. China Statistical Yearbook, National Bureau of Statistics. , 2021 DOI: 10.4236/ajibm.2021.114022. Open Access. How Should We Manage China's National Parks? A Comparative Analysis between National Parks in China and the US . Linghong Kong, Yangcui Ning, Long Chen. Open Access Library Journal Vol.5. China Statistical Yearbook. Topic: Economics / Social / Technology. Source: National Bureau of Statistics / China Statistical Yearbook. Link. China Statistical Yearbook is an annual statistics publication that provides comprehensive data on the economic and social development of China China Statistical Yearbooks Database (CNKI) Hide. Description. Large selection of statistical data published by the Chinese government including census data. Chinese-language version offers more up-to-date and reliable results; best to use the yearbook navigation mode. Hide

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March 4, 2021, 9:20 PM EST Updated on March 5, 2021, 3:10 AM EST Ministry of Finance, China Statistical Yearbook. Note: 2020 figure is only central government spending. Figures for 2019-1990. According to China Statistical Yearbook 2020, China's gross production value of agriculture increased by 7% and stood at CNY 6.6 trillion in 2019 compared to CNY 6.15 trillion in 2018 Despite denial of such actions, even the official China Statistical Yearbook and Xinjiang Statistical Yearbook show how the birthrate in Xinjiang halved in two years. That includes the Han population. In the two largest Uighur regions birth rates fell 84 percent between 2015 and 2018 Statistical Yearbook Of The Republic Of China. Read Online or Download Statistical Yearbook Of The Republic Of China ebook in PDF, Epub, Tuebl and Mobi. In order to read full Statistical Yearbook Of The Republic Of China ebook, you need to create a FREE account and get unlimited access, enjoy the book anytime and anywhere

National Bureau of Statistics of China (Beijing) (2010) Beijing statistical yearbook. China Statistics Press, Beijing. .11 No.6, June 23, 2021 DOI: 10.4236/ajibm.2021.116043. Open Access. A Fuzzy Probability-based Markov Chain Model for Electric Power Demand Forecasting of Beijing, China. worldsteel's Steel Statistical Yearbook presents a cross-section of steel industry statistics. It contains comprehensive statistics from 2009 to 2018 on crude steel production by country and process, steel production by product, steel trade by product, apparent steel use and apparent steel use per capita by country, as well as production and trade of pig iron and directly reduced iron

China Statistical Yearbook 1998. This yearbook contains statistics on employment, education, population, economics, infrastructure, agriculture, industry and trade, health care facilities, household expenditures, and other indicators. National Bureau of Statistics of China. China Statistical Yearbook 1998 The data can be easily downloaded in Excel format. The data is updated once a year in early December. The annual fee is €400. A PDF version of all the data is also included. All the data in the Steel Statistical Yearbook is made available to the Monthly crude steel and iron production statistics subscribers (subscription 1)


China Statistical Yearbook (CSY) is another source for trade data. CSY receives their information from the China Customs, and their records go back further. Since it is published annually, there is a one year lag in their data, and their data cannot be retroactively updated Demographics of China 2020. As of 1 January 2021, the population of China was estimated to be 1,443,981,565 people. This is an increase of 0.52 % (7,412,695 people) compared to population of 1,436,568,870 the year before. In 2020 the natural increase was positive, as the number of births exceeded the number of deaths by 7,800,569

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China Statistical Yearbook (1997-2004, 2006-2015) URL. View Data Files China Statistical Yearbook , IMF International Financial Statistics , and Khor (1993). 43 Figure 5. Real exchange rate appreciation and economic growth in Chinese provinces over the period from 1987 to 2008 on average Beijing Tianjing Hebei Liaoning Shanghai Jiangsu Zhejiang Fujian Shandong Guangdong Hainan 8.5 9 9.5 10 10.5 ln (real per-capita. China Statistical Yearbook on Science and Technology (National Bureau of Statistics and Ministry of Science and Technology 2011); China Meteorological Yearbook (Editorial Board of CMY 2011) Annual number of patents per 1,000 person Same-Sex Divorce Statistics. Female couples made up 72% of same-sex divorces in 2019. (Marr, 2020) The divorce rate of gay couples is 16%, lower than that of straight couples (19%). (Pride Legal, 2021) 56% of same-sex marriages involved lesbian couples. (Ghosh, 2020) With this, the divorce rate of lesbian couples is 34%. (Pride Legal, 2021 The yearbook, which was published in March, contains more than 500 pages of charts and statistical data on church life in every region of the world and almost every nation -- China being the key exception. The statistics range from the number of women religious -- 630,099 -- to the number of marriage nullity cases completed using the briefer.

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The latest edition in The China Statistics Series, China Statistical Yearbook 1989 is an informative yearbook reflecting the economic and social development of the People's Republic of China. The 1989 yearbook contains national and provincial data in social and economic fields for the year 1988, as well as major time series of national figures. According to the China Statistical Yearbook for year 2015, China had 2,801,143 factories. There was no breakdown as to size and type. China Statistical Yearbook-2016 Interesting to compare with the U.S. Manufacturing stats for the U.S. was: Less t.. General practitioners' data were obtained from the China Health Statistical Yearbook (2013-2018) [35,36,37,38,39,40]. The number of general practitioners in this study refers to the total number of practitioners (assistants) who either have registered as general practitioners or have obtained a general practitioner training certificate Sources: China Water Risk report No Water, No Growth - Does Asia have enough water to develop? 2018; ADB Basic Statistics 2017; China Statistical Yearbook 2017; Electricity Authority Electricity in New Zealand 2017; China Water Risk report Rare Earths: Shades Of Grey - Can China continue to fuel our clean and smart future? 2016; China Water Risk and the International.


Also check China National Statistics Bureau home page (English Version) (Chinese Version) for statistical data, reports and analysis. Go to local and provincial government websites to find statistical information in that province, city, or location According to UNCTAD's latest Global Investment Trends Monitor released on 24 Janvier 2021, Global foreign direct investment (FDI) flows fell 42% worldwide in 2020 compared to 2019, but grew 12% in East Asia. In this global context, China's FDI increased by 4% during the same period of time, a result helped by an 84% rise in the value of. Objective: To investigate the relationship between late-life duration of poverty exposure and cognitive function and decline among older adults in China. Methods: Data were from 3,209 participants aged ≥64 in the Chinese Longitudinal Healthy Longevity Survey (CLHLS). Duration of poverty, defined according to urban and rural regional standards from the China Statistical Yearbook, was assessed. Active Links: 412 Pending Links: 50 Todays Links: 0 Active Articles: 0 Pending Articles: 41584 Todays Articles: 0 Total Categories: 19 Sub Categories: 5

The general practitioners' data were taken from the China Health Statistical Yearbook. Lorenz curve, Gini coefficient, and agglomeration degree were used to analyze the data. Results: The number of general practitioners was 252,717 in 2017, which equates to 1.82 per 10,000 residents, and accounts for 7.45% of the total number of practicing. Bureau of Statistics of Tibet Autonomous Region, Tibet Survey Team of the National Bureau of Statistics, 2017. Tibet Statistical Yearbook. Beijing: China Statistics Press. (in Chinese) Google Scholar Cha Kaili, Peng Mingjun, Liu Yanfang et al. 2017. Spatio-temporal evolution and correlation analysis of road network accessibility and economic. FAO food and agriculture statistics collects and disseminates timely and reliable food and agricultural statistics globally. STATISTICAL YEARBOOK. INITIATIVE 50x2030 INITIATIVE. Related Website. 20/07/2021 - 23/07/2021 Zoom. May 14. ES Webinar on Food Dollar 14/05/2021 - 14/05/2021


The World Steel Association (worldsteel)'s Steel Statistical Yearbook presents a cross-section of steel industry statistics. It contains comprehensive statistics from 2010 to 2019 on crude steel production by country and process, steel production by product, steel trade by product, apparent steel use, and more. # Ends # />Notes to Editors:<br/>• The World Steel Association (worldsteel) is. National Bureau of Statistics of China. (April 8, 2020). Number of traffic accidents involving cars in China from 2008 to 2018 [Graph]. In Statista. Retrieved July 07, 2021, from https://www. Data sources. All fisheries data used in this study were sourced from the China Fishery Statistical Yearbooks (1962-2019). Although the accuracy of catch statistics available from these Yearbooks has been questioned in the past, with suggestions of over-reporting domestic fisheries production, it is also acknowledged that a more effective statistical system for domestic fisheries has been.

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  1. Global energy consumption growth slowed down in 2019 (+0.6%) compared to an average 2%/year over the 2000-2018 period, in a context of slower economic growth. Energy consumption increased at a slower pace than in previous years in China (+3.2%), the world's largest consumer since 2009, in Russia (+1.8%) and in India (+0.8% only)
  2. Tuberculosis (TB), an infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis, is not only among the top 10 causes of death in the world but also the leading fatal single infectious disease. 1 Three nationwide surveys regarding TB epidemiology in mainland China showed a decline in the prevalence of TB by more than 50% during the past 20 years.
  3. National Bureau of Statistics of China (2019a). China Statistical Yearbook. Login. , 2021 DOI: 10.4236/ajibm.2021.114022. Open Access Analysis on National Defense Education and Construction of National Defense Associations in China.
  4. Final and detailed statistics are published in the China Statistical Yearbook, which is typically released in September or October. CSA2015 revises both the totals and the coal shares for all years since 2000 compared with what was provided in China Statistical Yearbook 2014, the most recent final statistics. In the absence of official.
  5. by Kim Kee Toh Last Updated May 11, 2021 11691 views this year China statistics China Statistical Yearbooks Database Various China statistical yearbook online including CHINA STATISTICAL YEARBOOK, CHINA CITY STATISTICAL YEARBOOK, CHINA POPULATION & EMPLOYMENT STATISTICS YEARBOOK etc. EIU CityData
  6. The content of the Statistical Yearbook is oriented to serve a general readership. The Yearbook endeavours to provide information for various bodies of the United Nations system as well as for other international organizations, governments and non-governmental organizations, national statistical, economic and social policy bodies, scientific and educational institutions, libraries and the public
  7. China's existing index system has very distinctive charac- teristics[18].efirstisthenewtime.edomesticdigital economy index was published in 2017 for the first time

Regional features (except that for Shenzhen) were obtained from the National Bureau of Statistics and China Statistical Yearbook. Features of Shenzhen were obtained from the Shenzhen Statistical Yearbook, and the historical quotas data came from the 2014-2018 Beijing Carbon Market Annual Report China City Statistics. China County Statistics. China Monthly Industrial Data. China Yearly Industrial Data. China Statistics on Map. China Statistical Yearbooks. China 1982 Population Census Data. China 1990 Population Census Data. China 1995 Population Survey Data. China 2000 Provincial Population Census Data Assemblies. China 2000 County. China Energy Statistical Yearbook (China statistics press, 2014-2016). 26. Scientific Reports (2021) Air pollution reduction and climate co-benefits in China's industries Haoqi Qian. China was the main contributor to the global power generation growth, with a rising renewable and thermal production; power generation increased by 4.7% in 2019, less than half the 2000-2018 average (+10%/year). The lower electricity demand slashed power generation by 1.2% in the USA, where the rising gas-fired and renewable production led to. CSY (2016) China Statistical Yearbook. China Statistical Publishing House, Beijing. has been cited by the following article: TITLE: Research on the Deficit of China's Tourism Service Trade and Countermeasures. AUTHORS: Chunfan Guo, Chuan Lia

Collection Overview; Data Sets (11). China County-Level Data from Provincial Economic Yearbooks, Keyed to 1:1M GIS Map, v1 (1990 - 1991)Agricultural Statistics of the People's Republic of China, v1 (1949 - 1990)Bibliography of Chinese Administrative Geography, v1 (1949 - 1996)China Administrative Regions GIS Data 1:1M, County Level, v1.01 (1990 China Statistical Yearbook 2013 (English and Chinese Edition) [Complied by National Bureau of Statistics of China] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. China Statistical Yearbook 2013 (English and Chinese Edition China. The Human Capital Index (HCI) database provides data at the country level for each of the components of the Human Capital Index as well as for the overall index, disaggregated by gender. The index measures the amount of human capital that a child born today can expect to attain by age 18, given the risks of poor health and poor education. The data are from the China Statistical Yearbook, China Science and Technology Statistical Yearbook, and China Environmental Statistical Yearbook from 2009 to 2018. According to econometrics, we use the software MaxDEA pro 6.6 to calculate the efficiency value of green innovation in various regions of China from 2008 to 2017 without removing. Source: China Statistical Yearbook By the end of 2014 the installed capacity of non-fossil energy reached 15,690 MW, accounting for 34.44% of the total installed power capacity and higher than the.

The data were obtained from the Chinese Insurance Yearbook and China Statistical Yearbook 2012-2018. The data envelopment analysis method was used to calculate the technical efficiency of property insurance companies and fuzzy set qualitative comparative analysis is used for configuration analysis of determinants affecting technical efficiency 2020 United States Agricultural Export Yearbook. USDA- Foreign Agricultural Service (April 5, 2021). Regarding corn, FAS indicated that, U.S. corn exports to China are expected to be stronger. At the end of January 2021, sales to China for delivery in 2021 stood at a record 11.6 million tons

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Source: China Statistical Yearbook. China's population trends have over the years been largely shaped by the one-child policy, which was introduced in 1979 to slow population growth. Families that violated the rules faced fines, loss of employment and sometimes forced abortions China Statistical Yearbook 2010-2019. Updated: Jun 29, 2020 stats.gov.cn. China Statistical Yearbook is an annual statistical publication, which reflects comprehensively the economic and social development of China. China Statistical Yearbook 2019. China Statistical Yearbook 2018 (2014) China Statistical Yearbook. National Bureau of Statistics of China, Beijing. has been cited by the following article: TITLE: Based on the Theory of Grey System to Forecast China's Business Volume of Express Services. AUTHORS: Shiyin Tang, Guangming Den Most data are published by the China National Bureau of Statistics (NBS, China's official statistical agency) in the annual China Statistical Abstract, China Statistical Yearbook, Rural Statistical Yearbook, Rural Household Survey Yearbook, Urban Household Survey Yearbook, and China Monthly Economic Indicators. NBS conducted agricultural.

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Annual GDP growth reached 9.2% in Japan during 1951-1971, 7.6% in the Republic of Korea during 1977-1997, and 8.3% in Taipei,China during 1975-1995. After 20 years of growth, Japan's per capita income measured in PPP was 66% that of the US in 1971 Published by C. Textor , May 26, 2020. This statistic shows the number of deputies of National People's Congress (NPC) in China from 1959 to 2018. In 2018, 2,980 deputies were elected for the. Academic Library Book Review The latest edition in The China Statistics Series , China Statistical Yearbook 1989 is an informative yearbook reflecting the economic and social development of the People's Republic of China. The 1989 yearbook contains national and provincial data in social and economic fields for the year 1988, as well as major. The China Statistical Yearbook, published by China Statistics Press annually, is one of the most widely used references among China watchers.It provides comprehensive data with rich statistics on population, economy, resources, markets, industries, geographic areas, and much more

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China's Health Statistics Yearbook 2019 But then if you look deeper into it, you find that Henan province, for example, had 206,000 net insertions, which total 69% of the total net insertions. That means that one province has 80% of the total, and the other has 69%, which is more than 100% This is a list of the first-level administrative divisions of the People's Republic of China (PRC), including all provinces (except the claimed Taiwan Province), autonomous regions, special administrative regions, and municipalities, in order of their total land area as reported by the national or provincial-level government

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  1. Green development is the theme of the current era. Environmental regulation is an essential means to achieve environmental benefits and improve the total green factor productivity of manufacturing facing a series of problems brought by the development model of high investment, high pollution, and high consumption. Appropriate environmental regulations need to be implemented to.
  2. Global power consumption slowed down noticeably in 2019 (+0.7%) In 2019, global electricity consumption grew at a much slower pace than in recent years (+0.7% compared to an average 3%/year over the 2000-2018 period), due to a slowdown in economic growth and to milder temperatures in several large countries. Electricity demand in China, which.
  3. The green low-carbon development system of enterprises, differing from the traditional linear system, is a nonlinear feedback system with complex causality. Based on self-organization theory, this study clarified the self-organization evolution logic of the green low-carbon development of coal enterprises and constructed a system dynamics model following a system dynamics method
  4. China Statistical Yearbook 2013 health and family planning .(Chinese Edition) [GUO JIA WEI SHENG HE JI HUA SHENG YU WEI YUAN HUI] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. China Statistical Yearbook 2013 health and family planning .(Chinese Edition
  5. Data on Chinese GDP were collected from the National Bureau of Statistics [1]. The production value of the construction industry and the number of construction staff in China were collected from the China Statistical Yearbook on Construction [28]. All the statistical data for this study are provided as Supplementary Materials. 2.2. Analysis Desig

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  1. The earliest year for which we have reports of Chinese Overseas Direct Investment (ODI) stock/flow data is 2003, with this data first reported in the 2007 China Statistical Yearbook (CSY) and the Statistical Bulletin of China's Outward Foreign Direct Investment (SB)
  2. China. Guo jia tong ji ju. and China. Guo jia ke wei. Zhongguo ke ji tong ji nian jian / Guo jia tong ji ju, Guo jia ke xue ji shu wei yuan hui bian = China statistical yearbook on science and technology / edited by State Statistical Bureau, State Science and Technology Commission 1992. Australian/Harvard Citation. China. Guo jia tong ji ju.
  3. The proportion of urban residents with some form of access to piped gas hit 44% in 2018, up from just 14% in 2006 (China Statistical Yearbook, 2007 and 2019)

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In 2008, China revised its 2006 production statistics to reduce about 13 percent based on its Second National Agriculture Census conducted in 2007. This implied the downward adjustment of global aquaculture production about 8 percent. Historical statistics of China for the period 1997-2005 were subsequently revised by FAO September 1, 2018. Retrieved May 6, 2019.) ^ Lhasa' GDP was 47.916 billion Chinese yuan (7.097 billion US dollars) in 2017. The year end population was 665,500 in 2016 and 688,300 in 2017, and mid-year population of 676,900 in 2017. Based on the mid-year population, Lhasa' GDP per capita was CNY70,787 or $10,484

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inventory permanent method is used to calculate the capital stock. The real gross fixed capital formation is deflated by two series of prices (100=2000), successively available: the price index of gross fixed capital formation, and the price index of investment in fixed assets available since 1992. The first series is used for the period from 1972 to 1992 and the second for the. Indian Statistical Institute; Important Projects; Statistics Day . Statistics Day 2021. 14th Statistics Day 2020; Statistics Day 2019; National Statistical Commission; Conference of Central and State Statistical Organizations (COCSSO) Delhi Group; Who's who; Citizen Charter. Ministry; ISI Kolkata; RTI. Guide on the Right to Information Act. Therefore, population density, built-up area, cultivated area, and per capita gross regional product data were extracted from provincial statistical yearbooks, and the National Bureau of Statistics of China, 2018a, National Bureau of Statistics of China, 2018b for the period from 2008 to 2018 ware selected to obtain disaster exposure data for. Rail is the major mode of transport in China. In 2019, railways in China delivered 3.660 billion passenger trips, generating 1,470.66 billion passenger-kilometres and carried 4.389 billion tonnes of freight, generating 3,018 billion cargo tonne-kilometres; both traffic volumes are among the highest in the world. The high volume of traffic that China's railway system carries makes it critical.

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(2003), 2003 China Statistical Yearbook, National bureau of statistics, Retrieved 8 March 2005, . Office of the Registrar General- India. (2001), Census of India 2001, Available at: China is the largest producer and consumer of tobacco products in the world, with about 300 million smokers and 740 million SHS victims.6 The 2018 China Global Adult Tobacco Survey showed that the prevalence of SHS exposure among non-smokers is high (68.1%).7 Further, it is estimated that over 100 000 people are killed each year as a result of. The list of Education abbreviations in Yearbook. Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studie The national prevalence of dialysis in China has not been well studied. We aimed to estimate the prevalence of kidney disease treated with dialysis and predict the trend using claims data in order to provide evidence for developing prevention strategies

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