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Ice fishing packing list for Jeff's Ice-O-Miniums at Lake of the Woods (LOW) Sleepers at Jeffs are walk in ready and built with your comfort in mind. Of course we want your ice fishing trip at Lake of the Woods to be a enjoyable and memorable one! While staying in our sleeper ice fishing shacks, these items might make your trip more enjoyable It's getting to be that time of year when the cold weather is inevitable, and the ice is starting to thicken. I'm planning an upcoming trip to Devils Lake, ND ice fishing in the next week, so I thought it would be a good idea to share on how I plan for an ice fishing trip such as this, including our ice fishing checklist we use And if you're getting ready to go ice fishing for the very first time, scroll down to the bottom of this post for a printable ice fishing gear checklist just for you! Checklist for Ice Fishing in Comfort. If you're ready to invest in a Clam tent to really enjoy fishing, here are the items you want to make sure to have on your trip this weekend Simply put, ice fishing is just one of those sports where preparation is just as important as the action of fishing itself. Have a look at the checklist below, and run through your inventory of gear. Always be sure to bring your up-to-date fishing permits and licenses along for the trip The Ice Fishing Essentials Checklist. Ed Hitchcock. 2/22/2020. Ice fishing is an awesome way for anglers to access a body of water without owning a boat. You can get out on the ice and fish areas not reachable from shore with a short list of must have ice fishing gear. If you want to catch fish consistently throughout the season, there is.

Sometimes critters will get into ice fishing equipment during the summer storing months and now repairs need to be made. Here is a checklist to make sure your ready for that first ice. √ Check fish house- Permanent and portables alike need to be checked for holes or broken pieces of wood. Runners and skids need to be examined as well With all the equipment and gear available for ice fishing it will definitely come in handy to have a packing list so you don't forget something important! Click Here for Printable Ice Fishing Gear Checklist. Source: Ice-Fishing-Source.com (2016) Posted 08/01/2016 in Equipment & Gear. Ice fishing checklist, ice fishing equipment, ice fishing. Pack for Your Next Fishing Trip. Now that you have a checklist of the essential fishing gear you need to pack for your next trip, you can begin prepping for a day out on the water. Don't forget the gear on this packing list, and anything more specific you may need

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Ice fishing packing list for Jeff's Ice-O-Miniums at Lake

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  1. Once you're settled in you'll find bait, fish cleaning supplies, lights, two pre-drilled holes per fishers, an ice scoop, fish buckets, garbage bags, disposal bags and paper for the bathroom, most of our ice houses have a restroom attached
  2. If you do not bring the right gear, it won't just be uncomfortable. It could be dangerous. To help you enjoy your ice fishing experience and stay safe, we've put together this list of 10 things you must bring on an ice fishing trip. #icefishing #fishing #fishinggear #fishingtips #fishinghacks #fishingro
  3. FISHING TRIP a 9-11 JANUARY CKING LIST AND INFO MEN'S ICE FISHING TRIP WHAT TO BRING: Personal items - toiletries, warm clothes, hat, snow boots, etc. Snacks to share: Chips, deer sausage, nuts, cheese, etc. Pan of bars, cookies or other treats to share Pop, juice, tea, etc. to share Fishing gear if you have any. If you don't, we wil
  4. Plan your ultimate ice fishing trip today at explorersedge.ca. Gord Pyzer. Fishing Editor Gord Pyzer is widely regarded as Canada's most scientific angler. Known in fishing circles as Doctor Pyzer, he worked for 30 years as a senior manager with Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources before devoting all his energies to fishing. A member of the.
  5. When fishing is partner to other activities such as paddling and camping, packing needs change. Consider food, water, shelter, communication, and safety. Conditions should dictate the gear. Climate, terrain, water conditions, game fish sought, and other variables will influence your packing list
  6. Ice Fishing Packages Whether you have grown up ice fishing or you are a beginner, our resort is committed to making your experience fishing at Lake of the Woods outstanding! Check out our Ice Fishing page to learn more about your trip options
  7. Fishing Equipment First and foremost, you should always pack for the type of fishing you'll be doing. The rods, reels and lines should match the type of fish you hope to catch. In addition to your primary fishing rod, pack a backup

I. celand is commonly referred to as the land of fire and ice for its hot and cold dualities: glaciers sit right next to active volcanoes!. The country boasts a varied climate and landscapes with sulfur beds, hot springs, lava fields, geysers, waterfalls, and canyons, which can make planning what to wear in Iceland a bit challenging.. The lists and FAQs below will help you determine what. The Ultimate Camping Packing List | Printable PDF Camping Checklist The Ultimate Camping Packing Checklist. One of the best parts of a camping trip is that there are no rules and no one way to have a good time. That said, there are several items you need to bring along to get the most out of your excursion 5. Minnesota Ice Fishing Packages. The best perk when you get yourself ice fishing sleeper house rentals with us at River Bend Resort is the different packages that we offer throughout the winter. Whether you are looking to keep it simple or want an all-inclusive experience with meals and other perks, there are usually fantastic packages to. Fishing trips can be an expensive activity when you take into account the cost of everything from fuel, to boat hire, to bait. This may mean that you are looking to keep your food expenses down by, for example, making your own sandwiches rather than buying them pre-packed Power Ranking The Best Fishing Snacks. Fishing and snacking go together like topwater frogs and matted grass. After a recent snack debate at the Catch Co office, we went to Instagram for help in determining the best fishing snacks. After an interesting internet brainstorm session, we've put together our list of the top ten fishing snacks

This ice fishing gear and equipment checklist was put together so you won't forget anything important the next time you head out on the ice. Fishing License Fishing Rods & Reels (insure your line is in good shape) Tackle Box Tip-Ups Live Bait (minnows and/or grubs) Auger (and fresh gas • Fishing gear - To see whats below the ice, bring your fl asher (for example, Vexilar or Marcum). Don't forget your fi shing rods, jigs, tackle, rod holders, extra fi shing line, and live bait is waiting in your shack! • Clothing - As the ice fi shing shacks are both well heated and insulated, staying warm is easy. Don't for

Guided Maine Ice fishing trips! Ice fishing in maine is Fun! Maine Ice Fishing Trip; 2-Day Ice Fishing Trip in Maine Package. Ever think, Are those guys nuts just sitting around a hole in the ice, hoping for a fish to bite? Well, here at Northwoods Outfitters we throw out the nuts and pack in the fun, wherever we go Ice Fishing Food: What to Eat on the Hard Water. I just got home from a 2,000-mile road trip from western Nebraska to Winnipeg, where some friends and I battled W hile canoe trips are about enjoying the great outdoors, exploring the wilderness and challenging yourself, packing the necessary gear makes it all possible.. Before you head to the put-in, run carefully through our canoe trip packing list to make sure you have the essentials covered. We have broken things down into kitchen, gear, and safety items and added some of our expert advice along the. Light Sweater. A lightweight sweater is a must when packing for Alaska. So mark it down on your Alaska packing checklist. You will find this is what you will be living in. For me, I loved wearing my Eddie Bauer Men's Cloud Layer Pro 1/4-Zip Pullover. This is the perfect insulating layer for cold weather activities Backpacking—hitting the trail with nothing more than life's necessities on your back—is the quintessential outdoor adventure. To determine what you need to bring on a backpacking trip, think about how far you plan to hike, how remote the location is and what the weather forecast has in store

Tips for Packing Clothes for Summer Camping. When you camp in the summer, you will need to bring many different clothes, even if you only plan to go for two days. The change in temperature at night can make it tricky to find the right combination. You may want to divide your packing into clothes for different times of the day. 1. Pack Clothes. We cover the most popular kinds of fishing rods, reels, hooks, sinkers, lures and other gear for surf fishing. Here is everything you need to know about surf fishing gear in one, concise 11-page e-book. Included at the end of this guide is a printable list of exactly what gear I pack every time I go fishing Read our best tips on Alaskan fishing, from licenses to bear safety, whether you're a pro or a first-timer Ice Fishing Fat Bike Tours & Rentals Winter Sightseeing Tours Rent a car and travel independently on a set itinerary, with lodging and tours booked in advance. Railroad Tours Cooking and Food Checklist for a Camping and Canoeing Trip . Cooler: Soft cooler bags are preferable to hard plastic coolers. Ice Packs: These will only stay cool for the first day. Stove: Unless you don't need to cook or heat up coffee. Cookware: Determine what you need based on the items you'll be heating up. 2 Gallons of Water per person: Water is used for drinking and other things like.

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Not sure what to pack for your first backcountry overnight or which essentials to bring on a two-week hiking trip? Feel prepared for your next backcountry adventure, no matter the length or location, with comprehensive backpacking gear checklists from the experts at Backpacker If the ice or ice packs are partially melted and have any liquid at the bottom of the container, they will not be permitted. You also can pack frozen perishables in your carry-on or checked bags in dry ice. The FAA limits you to five pounds of dry ice that is properly packaged (the package is vented) and marked. Yes (Special Instructions) Ye T. o many people in the lower 48, Alaska is so far removed from the rest of the United States that it can feel foreign and hard to plan for.. It's because of this that I've put together a list of tips for this location, including what to wear in Alaska, what to pack, what NOT to bring, and FAQs for the best trip possible.. Keep your attitude positive, your mind and eyes open, and your. Alaska Fishing Trip Gear and Clothing Advice 02.01.12. In the following, we attempt to clarify and/or explain some of the items on our SAFARI camp gear list for your upcoming Alaska fishing adventure. We'll discuss some of the trade-offs, and we'll offer some specific recommendations for your consideration The Ultimate Camping Trip Packing List: All of the Essentials You Need to Bring Don't get caught in the great outdoors unprepared. Here are the supplies, food, and gear you need to bring for a successful first camping trip

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  1. A: The trick to avoiding excess weight on a fishing trip is to pack only the essential fishing gear you need. Q: Why should I bring a pocket knife with me on a fishing trip? A: Having a solid tactical knife at hand is very vital to fishing; thus, having a folding pocket knife is an excellent idea as it can help in the cutting of extra line
  2. Ice Fishing. Master the ice with top of the line ice fishing gear from the top brands at Fleet Farm. Find everything you need to reel in your next big trophy, from Ice Augers and Tip-Ups to Shelters & Sleds, Fish Finders, Lures, Cold Weather Clothing, and more
  3. Northwoods Fishing Tackle & Fishing Basics. Here is the detailed list you need for Quetico and Boundary Waters fishing tackle. Know what tackle to bring for each type of fish including Smallmouth bass, Walleye, Northern Pike and Lake Trout
  4. Any Crested Butte, Colorado Almont, Colorado Le Miroir, France Harbour Island, Bahamas Marquesas Keys, Louisiana, Everglades Andros, Bahamas Troll Peninsula, Iceland Patagonia South Island, New Zealand. Sort By: Most Recent Adventure Lodge. Eleven Angling Hosted Trips with Brian O'Keefe. Marquesas Keys, Louisiana, Everglades
  5. gly limitless shallow Key West flats, tours and fishing charters are available for all experience levels.On the Key West Deep-Sea Fishing Day or Night Trip.
  6. Fly-in fishing trips are the ultimate Canadian angling experience. With Buck Lake Wilderness Lodges and Outposts you will access pristine lakes that teem with trophy walleye, aggressive northern pike, and jumbo perch.The splendor of this unspoiled wilderness will amaze you! Our fishing is remarkable because of the management of the fishery

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The shell is also impact resistant, which ensures this ice pack will endure many picnics, fishing trips, and backyard parties. The YETI ICE comes in multiple size options, including 1-, 2-, and 4. Fishing and kayaking are also popular things to do in Voyageurs. If you want to hire a private charter boat, rent canoes or kayaks, or hire a fishing guide, check out the park's list of approved partners. As for winter activities, ice fishing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and cross-country skiing are all available Our trips also encompass llama pack trips into the backcountry of Rocky Mountain National Park. Every trip can be customized to your specifications. Just give us a call today to learn all about our amazing and one-of-a-kind fly fishing adventures. Learn More. Private Waters. Fly fish on one of our private waters along the Big Thompson River Season: Apr 30 to Sep 06 $295+ Full Day. Profish-n-sea Char­ters, out of Seward, offers salmon and hal­ibut fish­ing with friend­ly, expe­ri­enced Alaskan guides. Trips last a full day; you'll motor 2 to 2. 5 hours from Seward to the Gulf of Alas­ka, Mon­tague Island, and oth­er out­er-coast hotspots

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  1. The rod models available at FishUSA include spinning rods, casting rods, trolling rods, offshore rods, surf rods, fly rods and spey rods, centerpin rods, and ice fishing rods. Travel and pack-rod versions of some of these rod types are also available for the angler on the go
  2. Although fishing for salmon (Lax in Icelandic) is more regulated than fishing for Iceland's other species, it is still more than possible across the country from June 1st to September 30th. Some very large specimens travel through Iceland's waters; one of the biggest was caught by none other than singer Eric Clapton, weighing in at 28 lbs
  3. Our trip packages are flexible as you can arrive/depart on any day of the week and stay for any duration. Our packages are all-inclusive with exception of Alaska Fishing licenses which you may purchase online prior to your trip. Otherwise we include: round-trip float plane flight from Anchorage, private deluxe cabin(s) with full bath, all meals on and off the water, all fishing gear (spin and.
  4. Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge Overview. As the only wilderness lodge within Alaska's 700,000-acre Kenai Fjords National Park, a stay at Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge offers unparalleled wilderness access for your Alaska vacation! Nestled within an Alaska Native-owned wildlife sanctuary, the lodge and guest cabins enjoy stunning views of Pedersen.
  5. The Ice Fishing Kit houses a rechargeable battery, charger, and high-frequency CHIRP CPT-S ice fishing transducer with float. Full-sized cargo pockets provide ample room for tackle and the integrated rod holders make it easy to travel with all your gear. The Raymarine Ice Fishing Kit truly is an all-in-one portable fishing packag
  6. You've got your next fishing trip all planned out - great! Before you pack for the flight, however, there are a few things you should know. These could be the difference between returning empty-handed, or with a full cooler. Today, we're going to talk about.
  7. Shop quality Walleye rods, reels, lures and accessories at FishUSA. Find top brands, best prices, and great service at America's Tackle Shop

Easy to search resort directory featuring 63 Maine Fishing Resorts. Book the perfect Maine vacation, family reunion or business event by browsing a complete list of Fishing Resorts featuring detailed property descriptions, reviews, photos, video, rates, number of rooms, amenities, activities and much more Before you head out to the ol' fishing hole, make sure you've checked your fishing tackle box. Believe us, you want to be prepared with the right stuff once you're out on the water. Of course, the contents of your tackle box will vary, depending on the type of fish you plan to catch, but this is a typical tackle box for you (or a loved.

Also, we would love any of your best fishing jokes (please nothing vulgar) in the comment section after you read our top 10 fishing jokes. Funny Fishing Joke 1. A guy had planned a fishing trip to his favorite fishing spot on the flats of Florida. He packed and began the trip to the water Ice fishing: Moving beyond the basics Details Published: Thursday, December 10 2020 17:00 It's time to gear up for ice-fishing season! If you're serious about ice fishing and want to catch more fish, this post is for you. Third time's the charm: The story of my first mule deer hun Just pack 4 - 5 beers, some ice, and you're good to go. Pro . Good For Children - Thanks to its small size, this cooler is the perfect solution for children's field trips. Pack some sandwiches and one or two drinks and they'll carry the cooler without any problems. Con . Small - People are often surprised at how small this cooler. Frabill Straight Line 371 Ice Fishing Reel in Clamshell Pack, Black, One Size. 3.9 out of 5 stars 68. $46.78 $ 46. 78. Get it as soon as Tue, Jul 13. Transport Cover for Ice Fishing Shelters for Ice Hunter Shelters & Previous Versions of Frabill Flip-Over Shelters, Black, Medium (FRBS6405) 5.0 out of 5 stars 1

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  1. This ice pack freezes quick and works fast, but it doesn't last as long as some of the other ice pack bags we've reviewed. It stays freezing cold for 4 hours, but it can start to lose its chill after that. This ice pack is handy for emergency uses, as opposed to long trips that require prolonged cold
  2. nows included
  3. Maine Fishing Trip Planner. A Trip to Weatherby's in the wilds of Maine is quite an undertaking for most folks. Bringing the proper gear and clothing is crucial to enjoying your vacation, no matter where it may be. Here you will find personal gear lists based on the season
  4. But before going on a trip, you should make sure that you carry everything necessary. The things you need to carry with you will change depending on the type of fish you plan to catch. However, after some research we have compiled a basic fishing checklist that every fisherman ought to carry with him when going deep sea fishing
  5. Lake Erie Ice Fishing. Port Clinton, Ohio. Captain Jerry Tucholski: 216-509-5578. Email Capt Jerry. We have a scout fishing the hot spots everyday. He knows most of the guides out there and works with them on a day to day basis. We are 100% moible and if our scout is catching better than your group we move
  6. The following are the 10 things we came up with that every man's fishing tackle box should contain: 1. Extra line. Whether it's because you get a bite from the legendary monster fish that lurks in the depths of the old fishing hole or you just get your line caught on a log, it's almost guaranteed that your fishing line will break or get.

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Planning an upcoming hunting trip? We've put together this hunting checklist to help you stay organized. Our list covers just about everything you'll need, including gear, clothing, overnight gear, emergency supplies and any other items that might come in handy out in the field » View Larger Map; Get In Touch. Address: 69037 Christiana Lake Rd. Edwardsburg, MI 49112 Local Phone: (269) 414-4131 Toll Free: (855) 515-322 2018 for me is going to be full of weekend backpacking trips. I've camped and day-hiked, but haven't actually done an overnight backpacking trip. I've been recently gathering information about essentials and recommended packing ideas. I found this site and have to say that it has been extremely helpful FEDERAL 12GA RR TSS TURKEY #9 3IN 10RDS FCST123RR9. Retail $139.99. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Sale! Use Code: Summer Hey Dude Wally Stretch Beige 110380500-266 HeyDude-110380500-266. Hey Dude Wally Stretch Beige 110380500-266. Out of stock Pack Warm, Light Layers. Even during the summer, high temperatures in the Arctic tundra can be cool. For example, high summer temperatures in the Arctic community of Utqiagvik, Alaska (formerly.

As low as $119.99. Wish List Compare. Fishpond Flathead Sling Pack Gravel. $149.95. Wish List Compare. Fishpond Hailstorm Soft Cooler Tidal Blue. $119.95. Wish List Compare. Fishpond Lowcountry Hat Though the incredible fishing is certainly one of the major attractions to Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge, we also focus on and specialize in Kayaking, Hiking, Photography, and of course, the famous Alaskan Brown Bear! These trips offer not just viewing, but participation in, Alaska's Wilderness. All activities are fully guided and. If you respect the manufacturer's instructions and pack the ice and the food at a 2:1 ratio, there will be enough ice in the cooling compartment to keep the food at a cold temperature after a week of continuous use. Fishing - Rotomolded coolers are the perfect models for fishing trips. One of the problems fishers often face is storing.

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Shop Cabela's portable underwater cameras and view the action under the water's surface! Re-live your fishing trips with a high-quality underwater video camera A sailing or hiking trip in Greenland wouldn't be complete without a thermos of coffee and tea (and something sweet) in the guide's pack, but as these drinks are diuretics, you will also want to be sure to keep hydrated yourself. In general, there's very low humidity in Greenland The Polar Bear Coolers 24 Pack is one of the best soft coolers on the market, promising to keep ice frozen for up to 24 hours in 100-degree temperatures, thanks to its 10 gauge high-density foam. Seward is a popular fishing destination for visitors and locals alike. The waters in the Gulf of Alaska offer excellent opportunities to catch Halibut, King Salmon and Silver Salmon.If you visit in August, you can even try your luck in the annual Silver Salmon Derby which offers a hefty cash prize for reeling in the tagged fish. Or, come earlier and participate in the Halibut Tournament which.

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Guided Ice Fishing. Come experience ice fishing the way it was meant to be! Travel with our experienced guides deep into the wilderness to remote lakes where the wildlife is abundant and the fishing varied and outstanding. Our 4-season lodge and winterized cabins have opened a new frontier in Canada fishing trips. January 1st through April 20th BWCA FISHING TIPS FOR SUCCESSFUL FISHING TRIPS . BWCA fishing tips are especially relevant regarding the variety of fish species that call the famous Boundary Waters their home. However, four species are predominant: walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass, and lake trout.A brief description of each species along with some BWCA fishing tips will serve to provide a foundation for your Boundary. Remote Fishing Trips. Pack rattletraps, cranks and jigs for smallies, and a marker buoy to stay with the school. Popular baits include crawfish, minnows, leeches and hellgrammites. Lower your live bait directly, as the more legal lines, the better. Just after ice-out in spring, our guides will lead you to shallower waters of 15 feet or. This is certainly no ordinary tackle box, it has a host of whizzy features, add-ons, and nice touches to make packing for your next fishing trip feel like a real event. On first look, it is an attractive-looking soft tackle box, made from tough flexible material with a solid bar handle that can carry your core fishing tackle with ease Calcutta Keeper Dry Waterproof Wheeled Duffel 82. $119.99 $179.99. Save 32%. Calcutta Inlet. $16.99 $24.99. Save 9%. Sea Striker Bike Mount Fishing Rod Holder. $49.99 $54.99. Save 13%

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First Time Family Fly Fishing Trip. Arrick's is the BEST in West Yellowstone!! Brought 2 of my grandsons to Yellowstone, (ages 11 and 12), and thought a half day Fly Fishing Trip would be a great memorable experience for them. Our guides, Matt and Zack, were GREAT The FishPond River Rat 2.0 Beverage Holder is a fantastic unique fishing gift idea for any angler who has a hard time putting their beer down on the water. This handy-dandy coozie is built from. View the 10 Hiking Essentials. Full-size PDF. Moisture-wicking synthetic fabrics that keep your skin dry and help regulate your body temperature in both cold and warm weather - avoid cotton as it holds moisture. Layered clothing is recommended even for summer hikes. Light-colored clothing, which will make it easier to see ticks

Coolers designed for marine use or housing meat from a hunting trip are the largest options, tipping past the 100-quart mark. Always remember to factor room for ice or ice packs into your size decision; a good rule of thumb is to think of one part ice for every two parts food or beverage Alaska Wilderness Enterprises is an equal opportunity provider operating under permit from the Tongass National Forest. Our third area of operation is in the Yukon River Valley. This particular area is one of the most remote wilderness areas left on earth. Our concession of 4.3 million acres is one of the largest Black Bear concessions in the. Canadian Fishing Outposts & Resorts. Disconnect from the outside world with an Ontario fly-in fishing trip from Thunderhook Fly-Ins! Choose to stay at one of our remote outpost cabins for a true wilderness expedition or one of our resorts, Smoothrock or Whitewater, for a cozier nature outing.. Here at Thunderhook Fly-Ins we provide everything you need to have a great fly-in fishing trip. Anchor , jump pack more $0 (bos > Boston) hide this posting restore restore this posting. $0. 4vintage ice fishing tip up fishing poles great decor $20 (wor > Auburn) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $50. favorite this post Jun 18 Ice Fishing; Clam Scout Fish Trap Flip Ove The official website for Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing. Statewide travel information, lodging deals, events, attractions and more

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Fishing Hook - Spring Loaded Speedhook - Easy Action Snare for Pan or Ice Fishing, Survival and Trapping (3 Piece Pack) 4.6 out of 5 stars 343 $12.95 $ 12 . 9 Fly-fishing for trout is a specialty that demands its own article. So, in no particular order, let's get started. Advertisement. Contents. Trout Gear 5: Big Rigs and Small. Trout Gear 4: Baits and Lures. Trout Gear 3: Waders and Boots. Trout Gear 2: Vests and Hats. Trout Gear 1: Nets and Creels Things To Do. Anchorage is the place where young spirits and adventurous souls come to play. Alaska activities including legendary wildlife, spectacular mountain vistas, fascinating cultures, and icy blue glaciers all await your discovery

Anchorage is the gateway to Alaska adventure. Located within Denaʼina Ełnena, on the traditional homelands of the Dena'ina Athabascan people and the Native Village of Eklutna, the city combines wild Alaska beauty, convenient urban comforts, mesmerizing outdoor spaces, and captivating arts and culture. Find sparkling glaciers, abundant. Get fishing gear online from top brands on sale. Find offers on lures, tackle, flies & fly tying, reels, rods, fly lines and other fishing essentials

Specials - #1 Best Trophy Northern Pike Fishing Lodges inYour Complete Whitetail Hunting Checklist – Don't Forget aSpring may have sprung | Alaska Fishing Trips with MarkLower Orange River Yellowfish | Hunter Fisher Fly FishingFish species you'll catch while ice fishing Jeff's Ice-O