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The most populous country where French is the official language is the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa, followed by France and Canada. French is the co-offical language of Belgium, along with German and Dutch. French is the official language of several dependent entities French is Europe's third most spoken language after German and English. It is the official language of five countries on the continent, including Belgium, Monaco, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and France. However, it is the only official language in France and Monaco and shares the official status in the other three countries

French Speaking countries - Francophone French is an official language in 29 countries, with most of these being part of the community of French-speaking countries in the world known as la francophonie. With over 65 million, France is, not surprisingly, the country with the most French speakers

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Countries where French is an official language: France (60 million native speakers) Canada (7 million native speakers) Belgium (4 million native speakers French Speaking Countries Map in Europe, Africa, Americas, World. Map of Francophone countries showing where French is spoken in the world. PDF. Online French Language School providing French classes, courses and lessons with a private native French tutor since 2005 French speaking countries in North America. you list Quebec and New Brunswick; these are provinces (like states) in Canada, which is a country. Also, note that ALL of Canada is French as well as English. Both are official languages in our country The countries with the asterisk either have French as their official language or one of their official languages. It's worth noting that in Belgium, French is spoken mostly in the southern half of.. Where is French spoken in the world? There are tons of francophones countries apart from France. Do you know them all? Hop on for a tour of the Francophone w..

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  1. As one of the safest and most politically stable countries in West Africa, Senegal is perfect for people looking to learn the French language in Africa. French is the official language and very much a part of the local culture in Senegal, however, there remains a distinct and unique Senegalese culture despite years of under colonial rule
  2. istration, commerce, law), have significant French-speaking populations, and/or promote the French language to their citizens. Most are therefore members or observers of la Francophonie.
  3. Only half of Dakar residents identify with a Francophone status or feel solidarity with French-speaking countries, but the French language is seen as essential for everyday affairs and education. French was the language of literacy for 37.2% of the population in 2013, followed by Arabic at 11.1%
  4. French speaking countries in Europe are fewer in number when it comes to countries where French is an official language, but as in Africa, French is spoken by populations in other countries as well

Canada - Canada is a fully bilingual country and French and English are the official languages throughout Canada. However, you will hear French spoken almost exclusively in the areas of Québec and Acadia. (Acadia speaks a dialect of French. French is widely spoken in Luxembourg, which easily ranks as one of Europe's most multilingual countries. It's also one of the world's top nations in wine consumption, so that's a pretty good indication of a fun time. For such a small country, it packs a lot of dense forests, dramatic cliffs and fairytale castles

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  1. French is spoken officially in 33 countries. That is, there are 33 countries in which French is either the official language, or one of the official languages. This number is second only to English, which is spoken officially in 45 countries
  2. French speaking countries French is the official language in 39 countries and is partly spoken as mother tongue in 7 other countries. The French language (native name: français, langue française) has its roots in the Indo-European language family. With a share of around 94%, it is most widespread in France
  3. Listening aside, learning more about other French-speaking countries will increase your overall comprehension of French. However subtle, there are no doubt differences in grammar and vocabulary and being aware of this, even in a passive way, will make you a better learner. 5 French-speaking Countries That Add Their Own Twists to the Languag

List of countries, nations and states with an official language of French. French-speaking countries include republics with multiple official languages. View all countries where French is spoken. The official language is French for the following countres listed in alphabetical order. The list of French speaking nations sortable by column Liège is the largest French-speaking city in Wallonia. Switzerland has four official languages - German, Italian, French and Romansch. It is a landlocked country surrounded by Germany, France,..

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Holidays in French Speaking Countries. Youth Day is a public holiday celebrated in Cameroon on February 11th. It celebrates and glories the countries youth because they are the future generations to be in charge of the country French Speaking Countries in Africa Africa makes up more than 70% of the world's total French speaking population. In 2015, a total of 31 independent states around the world reported French as an official language. If territories are included, the total number increases to 42. Of this total, 21 states are located in Africa, which represents.

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  1. ority language. All flags are available for purchase in high-quality nylon or polyester and in multiple sizes, from
  2. Burkina Faso, one of the French-speaking countries in West Africa, a landlocked area Is Formerly known as Upper Volta, changed its name after independence from France in 1960, 5th of August
  3. One of the main French speaking countries in Africa, Algeria is home to over 27 million French speakers. That's over 62% of the country's total population, despite Arabic replacing French as the country's official language in 1963, following the country gaining independence the year before

Other French speaking countries (official language) In addition to France and its DOM and TOM, French is the Official language of 28 countries: Belgium. Benin. Burkina Faso. Burundi. Cameroon. Canada. Central African Republic 2 of the 29 most French speaking countries and 8% of the world's French speakers are in the Americas. Out of these two, Haiti has 42% French speakers and Canada has 29% . 1 out of the 29 most French speaking countries, and 1% of the total amount of French speakers can be found in Asia. Or more precisely: The Middle-East These aren't the only places that speak French - you can find French speaking regions here in the United States, more European countries, countries in southeast Asia, a spare country in South America, and many islands in all of the Earth's oceans Although Algeria has one of the largest French-speaking populations of any country in the world (with 16 million speakers), it is one of the only such countries not affiliated with La Francophonie, an international organization of Francophone countries that promotes French language learning and culture, along with human rights and sustainable development 10 Countries & Their Largest French Speaking City. Updated: March 5, 2021 by Elie in About France. French is an official language in twenty-nine countries around the world, including Canada, Monaco, Switzerland, Senegal, Belgium, Luxembourg, and you guessed it - France

It's an official language in 29 countries, and that doesn't even count all the places where it's unofficially spoken. Half of all French speakers live in Africa, and the population growth there could push the total number of French speakers to as high as 700 million by 2050 (compared to about 300 million today) Music from French-speaking countries. Another Francophone artist that is absolutely wonderful is Corneille. Originally named Cornelius Nyungura, he was born in Germany to Rwandan parents, and he spent most of his childhood in Rwanda France and U.S. Agree on the Perils of a Rising China, Blinken Says. After meeting with President Emmanuel Macron of France, who says Europe should be less dependent on U.S. leadership, Secretary. French is one of the most popular languages in the world. A total of 29 countries around the globe speak the language. Today, French is being spoken from Can.. The French-speaking South is known as Wallonia. Liège is the largest French-speaking city in Wallonia. Switzerland has four official languages - German, Italian, French and Romansch

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Want to bring your students on virtual field trips to all the major French speaking countries without ever leaving your classroom? Want to convince even your most reluctant learners to speak French so they can visit all these beautiful places? This is a whole year of Francophone culture. Hours of lesson plans including 101 video clips, colorful. Francophone countries form an important bloc in the UN, the EU, the African Union, and the Arab League. Two G-8 countries (France and Canada) and six European countries (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Romania, Luxembourg, Monaco) are French-speaking countries. ^ top. Business, Science and Trave French Speaking Countries In South America, North & Central. 1. French Guiana. French Guiana is the only territory in South America where French is the official language. French, like Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian, is a Romance language and a descendant of vulgar Latin. French replaced Latin as the official language of France in 1539 Start studying French-speaking countries. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools The seven main mountain ranges of France are beautiful and varied, running from the mighty Alps in the east and to the south-east to the granite landscape of the Morvan in Burgundy . All offer both winter and summer playgrounds. You can hike, swim, and fish in the summer, and ski and enjoy a host of exciting sports in the winter

French Speaking Countries in Oceania. Most of the French-speaking islands in the Pacific are still a part of France. However, Vanuatu, a Melanesian archipelago claimed by the French in 1880, became independent a hundred years later.French is still an official language next to English and Bislama, a pidgin language particular to Vanuatu (there is not one native language in Vanuatu, but over a. Francophone Countries is a rich site which provides a thorough compilation of material found on the internet that can serve as an excellent source of information for researchers, educators, students, or travelers of French-speaking countries. It can be helpful resource for projects, presentations, webquests, or lesson plans Browse french speaking countries activity resources on Teachers Pay Teachers, a marketplace trusted by millions of teachers for original educational resources

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For this reason, the French-speaking countries are quite contrasting in social and economic terms. More from France: Living in France without Speaking French? It is often described as one of the most important languages in diplomacy and as a serious advantage for finding a well-paid job in many parts of the world. 1. Paris, France. European French-speaking countries: Belgian recipes on Recipe Hound.com. Belgian Recipes on Food.com. Swiss recipes on All Recipes.com (try to choose ones that sound more French than German) Luxembourg on World Cook.net. Appetizer recipes: gougères (cheese puffs) basil palmier

Learning the French names for countries is relatively easy if you are already familiar with the name in English. In most instances, the translation is as simple as attaching something like -ique or -ie to the end of the name.That means that this a very easy French lesson which students of any level can learn The list of French-speaking destinations goes on and on. Some are actual countries, but we've also included territories and regions because they have their own identity. So after looking at Portuguese-speaking countries to visit , let's dive into exactly where you can immerse yourself in the lovely French language and its affiliated culture There you go, I hope you learned a lot today. If you want to read more about French speaking countries, check out this article - French speaking countries. Where we're talking about ALL the countries in the words where French is the mother tongue of a part of the population

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May 15, 2013 - Explore Chase Collins's board French Speaking Countries on Pinterest. See more ideas about french speaking countries, french, how to speak french While teaching is generally what English speaking volunteers do abroad, there are many other projects across the country to get involved with. Learn French while volunteering in France as a teacher. Hop on board restoring castles or other buildings in France. Or spend a month picking grapes and volunteering on a vineyard in France For squillions of facts, figures and statistics on the countries as represented by the Flags of French Speaking Countries try some of these links. Facts & Figures of the countries represented by Flags of French Speaking Countries. This Learn French Help site has a ton of free info - free, gratis, gratuit for those wanting to learn French, whether it be French language, or French culture

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French Speaking Countries in Africa. How many French speaking countries are there in Africa you may ask, well, a study by the Observatory of the French language, the OIF whose 17th summit was held recently in Yerevan in Armenia, noted that nearly 60% of Francophones with everyday use of the French language ( ) reside in Africa Level 43. Dec 1, 2015. Switzerland has not 66%... this seems to be the percentage for German-speaking ones (I'm a French-speaking Swiss and I can tell you we represent less than 1/4 of the total population). According to Wikipedia, there are 22% French-speaking Swiss people Some french speaking countries are. Really here are 9 celebrities that speak french or check out the frenchly compilation video to see 8 of them in one video. Famous people by nationality. 2 dependent entities where french is an official language. Coco chanel 1883 1971 another french fashion powerhouse who became famous for her iconic suits. Jun 5, 2020 - Foods of French-Speaking Countries. See more ideas about french speaking countries, food, ethnic recipes

French speaking countries in Africa map French-speaking countries in Africa are numerous since France had its colonies on this continent. Over time, one by one declared independence, but the French language remained their official language. Beni The Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Democratic Repubic of the Congo (translated as La République démocratique du Congo in French) is the biggest French-speaking country in the world (in terms of inhabitants). Located in Africa, its capital city is Kinshasa. If you want to see gorillas, you must go to the Virunga National Park French is one of the most widely taught and spoken languages on earth. There are officially 21 French speaking countries across the globe, the mother tongue of 77 million people, and the second language of another 202 million, French isn't spoken uniformly around the world. In this post, we'll take a fresh look at French dialects around the world, their differences and how they've come. map of french speaking countries In the Rosetta Stone Level 1-3 Set you will connect with the world around you. Build a foundation of fundamental vocabulary and essential language structure. Quickly gain the confidence to enjoy social interactions - greetings and introductions, travel, dining out, giving and getting directions, shopping and. Masculine Feminine Definite Articles with the Names of Countries in French. When evoking the names of countries in French, you will usually use a definite French masculine, feminine or plural article (le / la / les) to go with it.. It means that when speaking about a specific country, let's take France and Germany for example, you will need to say l'Allemagne but not Allemagne.

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You might be surprised to find out the top four sports in these 5 different Francophone countries or you might easily guess them. From North America to Europe and Africa, discover the most popular sports in 5 francophone countries around the world. 1 Belgium. Pexels Belgium, Luxembourg and Monaco, where French is also a national language, use the Euro as well. However the other European French-speaking country, Switzerland, does not use the common currency. The national currency of Switzerland is the Swiss franc. Here is a list of French-speaking countries and their currencies

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Check out some of our favorite French-speaking destinations not in France. Destination: St. Barts. Nicknamed St. Barts, St. Barthelemy in the French West Indies has been a playground to the rich and famous for several decades. Nestled among the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean Sea, it was a French colony until 2007 when St. Barts officially. Saint Martin, Caribbean. The Island of Saint Martin (called Sint Maarten on the Dutch side) is the smallest land mass controlled by two countries. One side is part of the Netherlands Antilles and the other belongs to France as an overseas department of the country. The island was settled by the French in the late 1600's, changed hands several.

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Then president François Mitterrand established the Haut Conseil de la Francophonie in 1984, which sponsors summit meetings among French-speaking countries. Symbolism. Numerous national symbols are associated with the French Revolution, which established the nation as a democratic republic at the end of the eighteenth century A B; France, Paris: Monaco: Monaco: Belgium: Brussells: Switzerland: Bern: Luxemburg: Luxemburg: Canada: Ottawa: Les États-Unis: Washington, D.C. Saint Pierre et. Countries of the African region are the most poorest of the entire world. Madagascar, Rwanda, Congo, Benin are some of the examples of the above mentioned African countries who are suffering from poverty. Another common trait among these poor African countries is that they are all French speaking countries. The Republic of Haiti Jacques Montangero, in International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences (Second Edition), 2015. The Last Two Decades (1960 to 1980): The Pinnacle of Fame. Only in the late 1950s was Piaget's work rediscovered by English and American psychologists, although he already had been a most respected professor and researcher in the French-speaking countries, and a well-known author in. Start studying French-speaking countries (maps and clues). Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools British colonies generally had a lot of local autonomy and experience in self-governing. French (and Spanish and Portuguese) did not. Instead, they had royal governors. The French, etc. did not spend on developing infrastructure in those colonies...