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What the Law says about Responsible Pet Ownership in NSW In NSW, it is the duty of the owner to take proper responsibility of their dog, particularly when in a public place. This is contained within the Companion Animals Act 1998, which also makes clear that dogs are prohibited from certain public areas too The new rules will allow councils to require owners of menacing dogs to muzzle their dogs in public, have them on a leash, under the control of a person over 18 years old, and ensure they are de-sexed Dangerous Dog Laws in New South Wales Companion Animals Act 1998 and Companion Animals Regulation 2018 Dangerous Dog Sign (NSW) If you own a declared dangerous, menacing or attached to a leash, and (f) it has a minimum width of: (i) 25 mm for a dog weighing less than 20 kg, o If your dog is a restricted dog or a declared dangerous or menacing dog and it is missing, you must notify your local council within 24 hours of your first noticing that your dog has gone missing. Your local council will change the status of your cat or dog on the NSW Companion Animals Register to 'missing', which will lock the microchip. Thenimal A Law Committee is a volunteer organisation which operates underhe t umbrella of New South Wales Young Lawyers. NSW Young Lawyersxists e under the auspices of the New South Wales Law Society. Committee members are drawn from practitioners who are under the age of 36, within their first five years of practice and all law students

Under the Companion Animals Act 1998 a dog is a nuisance dog if it: consistently roams; or makes persistent, excessive noise; or repeatedly defecates on private property other than the property on which it is ordinarily kept; or repeatedly runs at or chases a person, animal (other than vermin or in the course of droving, tending, working or protecting livestock) or vehicle; or endangers the. Areas marked in red are dog prohibited areas, areas marked in green are leash free areas. The area marked in grey is a leashed area during Little Tern breeding season. Picking up after your pet. Dog waste must be picked up in public areas. Animal faeces pose a potential threat to the community as well as an environmental hazard IF you are the owner of a dog or other companion animal, NSW law imposes strict responsibilities on you to control them, both on your private property and in public places. The legal liability for any injury caused by a dog can ultimately be held against the animal's owner There have been a few recent decisions in the Tribunal invalidating 'no pets' by-laws over the last 18 months. However, on 12 October 2020, the NSW Court of Appeal handed down the decision of Cooper v The Owners - Strata Plan No. 58068 [2020] NSWCA 250 (Cooper).Here, the Court of Appeal overturned a previous decision of the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal Appeal Panel and. Cats and dogs must be microchipped and registered. If your pet is registered and your details are up to date, it can be safely returned if it gets lost. It's also the law - pet cats and dogs must be microchipped and then registered in NSW. You can get your dog or cat microchipped at your local vet

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  1. Dog owners risk $330 fine for failing to comply with leash laws. DOG owners are failing to take responsibility for their pets and risk being fined if they flout the rules, warned Bathurst Regional.
  2. Dogs are required to be on a leash at all times except when in an Off-Leash Area. Dogs are only permitted to be 'off-leash' in designated Council managed areas and must be under the control of a competent person at all times. Pet owners also need to be aware of the following
  3. Under NSW law, cats are allowed to roam free. Rangers cannot simply pick up stray cats - they might be someone's pet. Our rangers can only seize a cat in areas where they are prohibited, such as a wildlife protection area, commercial kitchen, restaurant or café. Cats can also be seized when they have injured a person or another domestic animal
  4. Your dog may run off the leash in designated off leash areas in selected reserves around the city, but it must still be under your control (e.g. obey voice commands). All areas are signposted to designate the off leash area within a reserve. Dogs declared as dangerous or restricted breed type dogs are prohibited from off leash areas
  5. A dog that is in a public place must be under the effective control of a competent person at all times, by using an adequate chain, cord or leash that is attached to the dog and that is being held by (or secured to) the person Dogs must not, without provocation, attack or menace a person or anima

Summary: This table explores the state laws that address control and constraint of dogs, usually by leash. While most leash laws exist at the local/municipal level, some states do have leash laws during times of rabies outbreaks, after a dog has been declared dangerous, in designated wildlife areas, or during the period between sunset and sunrise A dog causes a nuisance by barking, defecating on property, chasing persons or vehicles, endangering health or causing damage to property. A cat causes a nuisance by making noise or damaging property. Such an order is not subject to any appeal or review. A nuisance dog order can be objected to within 7 days of notice being given A Dog Off-Leash Guide. Dogs in the Shoalhaven . are required to be on leash at all times EXCEPT when in an off leash area Information accurate 25.09.202 A dog that is in a public place must be under the effective control of a competent person by means of an adequate chain, cord or leash that is attached to the dog and that is being held by (or secured to) the person. A dog is not considered to be under effective control of a person if the person has more than four dogs in his or her control Dog in prohibited place. Some areas in New South Wales are prohibited places by virtue of the Companion Animals Act 1998 and as a result dogs must not be taken into or onto these places. (These laws do change for some assistance animals, such as guide dogs; please see section 59 of the Companion Animals Act). Prohibited places include: School.

Dog off-leash area hours of use must be obeyed at all times; Any dog displaying aggression must be removed from the dog off-leash area immediately; Dog must be under effective control at all times; Dog waste is to be disposed of in the bin/s provided. Council Rangers regularly patrol these areas and may issue fines for breaches. Additional. It essentially gives all NSW Councils unfettered discretion to declare any dog to be 'menacing' regardless of where the dog lives within the state. Menacing Dog vs Dangerous Dog The main advantage of a 'menacing dog declaration' over a 'dangerous dog declaration' is that the control requirements are less stringent

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(1) The local authority for a place is the council in the area of which the place is located. (1A) The Minister may appoint a person to be the local authority for the purposes of this Act for land within the Western Division that is not within the area of a council under the Local Government Act 1993. (1B) The Minister may revoke an appointment under subsection (1A) at any time or for any reason Dog Off Leash Areas. Sutherland Shire Council is proud to offer six off-leash dog-friendly areas, including beaches, that are designed to meet the needs of both dogs and their owners.Dogs may be off leash only in designated off leash areas. A dog off leash area is indicated by the following sign By law, dogs must be on a leash in public places unless the area is a designated off-leash area. Report off-leash dogs Dog off leash etiquette - manners matter! New dog off leash etiquette signage has been installed in many of the Inner West Council off leash parks All dog owners must maintain effective control of their animal in public. Just like all breeds of dogs in NSW, greyhounds will still be required to be on a leash while in public at all times, unless they are in a council designated off-leash area. Fines apply for unleashed dogs in public. Greyhounds should only be let off their lead in off When out in public your dog must be on a leash and restrained when not in an Off-Leash Area. Dogs are only allowed off the leash in specified Off-Leash Dog Exercise Areas and you are still required to have effective command control over you dog. An unrestrained and unsupervised dog can be a danger to other people and animals

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A declared dangerous dog, menacing dog, and restricted dogs are required to wear a special Dangerous Dog Collar for easy identification. They are available in 3 sizes to comply with NSW legislation. ---- 25mm for dogs weighing less than 20kg. ---- 40mm for dogs weighing between 20kg and 40kg. ---- 50mm for dogs weighing more than 40kg In NSW the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) advises that police can fine a driver and issue demerit points if an animal is causing the driver to be not in full control of the vehicle, or if they are driving with a dog on their lap In NSW it is the law that dog and cat owners both microchip and lifetime register pets. Cats and dogs should be registered by six months of age. To register your cat or dog online, please ensure that: your cat or dog is microchipped. your cat is desexed. your dog is not menacing, dangerous or a restricted breed. you are over 18 years old Animals & pets. Kempsey Shire Council is available to advise you on pet registration, responsible dog and cat ownership, and the control of dogs in public spaces. Council rangers work to ensure that the Companion Animals Act 1998 (NSW) and other laws are implemented in our shire so that residents and animals can co-exist safely and harmoniously

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Stay up-to-date: join us on Facebook. Inner West Pets. Dog ownership laws Laws relating to dog ownership are set out by the Companion Animals Act 1998 and the Companion Animals Regulation 2018.. All dogs must be microchipped by 12 weeks of age or earlier if sold or given away; All dogs must be lifetime registered by 6 months of age; All dogs must wear a collar and identification tag when. A dog that is in a public place must be under the effective control of some competent person by means of an adequate chain, cord or leash. Some breeds like the Pit Bull Terrier, American and other, require an annual permit to own. These are not Council regulations; they are NSW state laws. They come from The Companion Animals Act 1998 No 87 Dog Leash Free Areas. There are several leash free areas in the Tamworth region. When using a leash free space, owners are reminded to keep control over their dog/s at all times. In NSW all dogs (including pups) and cats (including kittens), must be identified by permanent microchip by the age of twelve (12) weeks or at point of sale (this. So a person cannot, for example, legally walk a dog to a leash free park without the dog being on a lead and under the control of a competent person who is holding the lead. Most issues raised with Council regarding companion animals concern dogs. The complaints are usually because an owner does not know about the laws relating to dog ownership

Responsible Pet Ownership eLearning website. Companion Animals Act 1998. Powers to Enforce the Companion Animal Act 1998. Other useful links. Details. Written by Adam Gatt. Penrith City Council (02) 4732 7777 (02) 4732 7958 council@penrithcity.nsw.gov.au https://www.penrithcity.nsw.gov.au 601 High St Penrith NSW 2750 Australia Off leash dog parks. Dog owners have access to 9 off-leash dog parks in the Georges River area, where dogs can run, exercise and socialise leash-free with other dogs and visitors. Dangerous, menacing and restricted dogs. Dangerous, menacing and restricted dogs. If Council declares a dog to be dangerous or menacing, owners must by law, follow.

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In the case of a private party having found and being unwilling to return the dog to the dog owners, the court first must determine if it believes you violated any animal cruelty laws, abandoned, mislaid, or lost your dog. Were you following the leash law in your area? If the court deems you to have abandoned your pet, you lose all ownership. Dog Control Act 2000. The Director of Local Government is responsible for administering dog control laws in Tasmania. The Dog Control Act 2000 (the Act) provides the legislative framework for the management of dogs in Tasmania. The Act sets out the responsibilities of dog owners for controlling their dogs and assists general managers of councils to manage the ownership and control of dogs in. Section 14 of the Companion Animals Act (1998) prohibits dogs on schools grounds except where the principal gives permission. With the exception of working dogs, dogs must be kept on a leash in school grounds. Any dog that has been declared dangerous under section 33 of the Companion Animals Act must not be allowed on school grounds. Local councils retain this information Dog laws across NSW are on a tight leash. EXCLUSIVE BY NEIL KEENE News Corp Australia. August 8, 2013 10:00PM. Topics NSW News. THE state's justice system is all bark and no bite when it comes to.

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  1. The dog is on a leash and under the adequate control of a competent person, and The dog is not fed whilst at the food premises, and The dog is kept on the ground (not to be placed on a lap or chair etc.), and The dog does not pass through any indoor areas to access the outdoor dining area
  2. t Crescent, Wauchope (separate areas for large and small dogs) Henry Kendall Reserve - Henry Kendall Drive, Laurieton
  3. Dangerous dog laws: Check out your local state, municipal and neighborhood dog laws that ban or restrict the ownership of specific breeds of dog, or mixed breeds of dangerous dogs. When the dog who attacked your pet is a dangerous breed , the owner may be automatically negligent and liable for your losses
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Dog Exercise/Off Leash Areas. Off Leash area's in Tenterfield are located at: Hockey Field Park, Corner of Landers Lane and Martin Street. Apex park, 8968 New England Highway South. In all areas of the Tenterfield Shire, dogs are to be kept on leads when in a public place. There are certain areas that dogs are prohibited at all times On-leash dogs permitted on: Coreena and Burrawang bridle trails; Transgrid management trail along the Nepean River. Dogs are welcome in all NSW state forests . If you're keen to enjoy nature with your dog you might want to visit a NSW state forest. Dogs are welcome in all state forests across NSW Dog Tethering. 122335. (a) For purposes of this chapter, the following terms shall have the following definitions: (1) Animal control means the municipal or county animal control agency or any other entity responsible for enforcing animal-related laws. (2) Agricultural operation means an activity that is necessary for the commercial. Dog waste MUST be collected. The NSW Companion Animals Act 1998 Section 13 states a dog must be under the effective control of some competent person by means of an adequate chain, cord or leash that is attached to the dog and that is being held by (or secured to) the person. There is no exception to this rule for 'well trained dogs' The law requires that your dog must be under effective control at all times and that you dispose of dog poo in a suitable manner. For your convenience, Council has provided dog litter bins at some unleashed dog exercise areas. Dog Attack. If you or your dog has been attacked then please report it to Council as a matter of urgency on 1300 434 434

Draft Off-Leash Dog Park Strategy. A Draft Off-Leash Dog Park Strategy was placed on public exhibition from Tuesday, 2 February to Tuesday, 30 March 2021. A total of 176 submissions were received from the community. The feedback from these submissions has been reviewed and suggested amendments have been incorporated into the document animals must be on a leash and under effective control at all times 4. Pick up your poo! No matter where you are, the dog walker is responsible for picking up and disposing dog poo thoughtfully! For more information about the responsibilities of pet owners see the NSW Department of Local Government's information for dog owners We have been approached to find a more suitable location for the dog leash free area in Barraba. The current leash free area is on Trevallyn Road. We are proposing to move the leash free area to the Northern end of Cherry Street Park council@tenterfield.nsw.gov.au 247 Rouse Street, Tenterfield PO Box 214, Tenterfield NSW 2372 Phone Hours: 8.30am - 5.00pm weekdays Cashier Hours: 9.00am - 4.30pm weekday Rules and regulations. Signage indicating dog leash free areas and dog prohibition areas is installed at all relevant areas in the Shire. Although Council prefers an educative role, it is recognised that compliance is essential in companion animal matters. Council has a variety of authorised officers who will enforce the provisions of the.

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  1. School support dog guidelines. This document provides guidelines for the use of dogs in schools. Schools in NSW must follow these guidelines in order to comply with all relevant legislation including the Companion Animals Act, Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and Animal Research Act
  2. s ·. In NSW the law requires our dogs to wear a collar with name tag snd telephone number. This makes it easy to locate owners. I also find it easier for clients to separate dogs in a multi dog household if needed . I prefer a good fitting harness for walking however , unless your dog can walk in a collar without pulling on.
  3. When you leave the dog off-leash area, please remember to place your dog back on the leash. Dogs must be on-leash in public unless in a designated dog off-leash area and your dog must be under control. Always clean up after your dog. More information on the Companion Animals Act 1998. View the interactive map
  4. Draft Off Leash Dog Exercise Area Plan. Submission closing on 8 August 2021, 5:00P
  5. Most of the law is the same throughout Victoria. However certain councils make their own laws, such as whether dogs must be on a leash. If a Council requires your dog to be on a leash at all times when outside your property they will also have areas, such as parks and reserves, where you are allowed to walk your dog off-leash
  6. The government's new Greater Sydney Parklands Authority, which recently took control of the parkland, has warned dog owners it is against the law to have their pets off-leash and that they may.

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  1. The purpose of the Off leash Dog Park Plan is to support the expressed needs of non-dog owners and dog owners to impove public safety and the recreation experience at Council parks and reserves. These Terms shall be governed in accordance with the laws of NSW,.
  2. A multimillionaire Sydney financier is taking Northern Beaches Council to court in an attempt to stop it creating an off-leash dog area at Palm Beach. The council decided at a meeting last week to.
  3. leash dog run areas, known as dog parks. These include 10-acre Swift Run Park and .7-acre Olson Park. These parks are located at the extreme south and north of the City, and residents have requested that new dog park areas be more accessible to their residence. This document provides historical information on th
  4. Leash-free dog exercise areas in Randwick. Randwick City Council encourages the use of a number of its parks and open spaces for dog exercise and 14 areas are designated to allow you to exercise your dog off the leash at any time of the day. These areas are detailed in Council's dog exercise areas and its You and your dog PDF, 328.8 KB brochure
  5. Lake George Recreation Center Dog Park. Located at the end of Transfer Road in Lake George you'll find a recreation park with sports fields. Within this park is Lake George's designated dog park. This space is free to visitors and locals. There is a large dog area as well as a small dog area all fenced in for safety
  6. Dog Bites, Legal Advice, and the Law. When a dog bites, legal advice may be the only way for you to get justice. However, the type of justice that you get varies on a state-by-state basis. While some states are stricter when it comes to dog bites, others take the issue less seriously. That said, you can usually break down the laws into two.

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  1. g months, along with other amenities including signage, doggie bins and bags, and an upgrade to the existing water fountain. We will monitor the park and present a review to the Council in 12 months to ensure.
  2. Dog off leash area. Your dog is required by law, when in a public place, to be wearing a collar with a tag attached that shows the dog's name and the address or phone number of the dog's owner. All dogs must be on a lead at all times, apart from when using the Dog Off Lead Area as designated by the Council
  3. Ensure your dog is friendly and comfortable with people to avoid dog attacks. In public places, keep your dog under 'effective control'. This means on-leash and restrainable by the person holding the leash (unless the dog is specially exempted), and not more than four dogs per handler
  4. Dogs must be on a lead (unless in an off leash area) in public or you can receive an on the spot fine of $330. City of Parramatta Council has a number of parks where dogs can be walked off leash. Whilst using an off leash are a dog owner must still have effective control over their dog and prevent it from attacking and harassing other park.
  5. Dog owned by an eligible pensioner and desexed by six months of age. Dog. $26.00. Dog - Desexed (sold by pound/shelter) Desexed dog sold by an eligible pound/shelter. Dog. $30.00. Dog - Not Desexed or Desexed (after relevant age) Combined registration fee and additional fee for a dog not desexed by six months of age
  6. These pets are often transported in motor vehicles. Legally under NSW road rules you are obliged to make sure your pet is secure when travelling in a motor vehicle. You can be fined and lose demerit points if, • Your dog causes you not to be in full control of the vehicle. This includes the dog being on the lap of the driver

All dogs and cats in NSW must comply with rules for ownership, including lifetime registration, outlined in the Companion Animals Act 1998. This section provides information on registering your pet, places to walk your dog without a leash, how to complain about barking dogs, finding lost dogs or cats and dealing with dangerous dogs Summary: This paper is intended to serve as a summary of the main provisions in the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979 (POCTAA), which is the primary piece of legislation that aims to protect animals from cruelty in New South Wales, Austrailia. Attempts have been made to offer critical analysis, and suggestions for reform, where possible The owners corporation also sought a penalty against Angus' owner for a breach of a notice to comply as a result of keeping the dog in the strata scheme. Angus' owner then cross claimed against the owners corporation, seeking that the 'no pets' by-law was invalidated for being harsh, oppressive and unconscionable pursuant to sections.

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Leash Free Areas. Once you are on the beach, make sure to double-check the exact area for leash-free fun. For example, at Lennox Head the dog beach runs north from Lake Ainsworth, with clear signage once you cross the line to the south before the surf club and must re-leash your pooch. But not all beaches are so well marked But unless your dog was posing an immediate threat, there was probably no legal justification for shooting her. This is true even though you may have been violating a leash law by allowing your dog to wander onto your neighbor's property. You do have the right to sue your neighbor in small claims court, but suing may not do much to relieve your.

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If the owner isn't following the leash law or allowing the dog to run at large, they can be held liable for injuries. Below you will find a list of dog bite laws in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, including state statutes, whether a state holds owners strictly liable for dog bite injuries, and any additional provisions Use of Leashes and/or Muzzles: Pet owners can be requested to keep their pets on leash when in common areas. Negligent pet owners can be fined if their actions cause any trouble to other residents. Defection by Pets in Community Premises: Since there is no central law requiring cleaning of pet excreta, RWA can request pet owners to clean the same

reserves for you and your dog to enjoy on and off-leash. Did you know? The law requires that if you are on a footpath, path, or in a public place, unless otherwise specified, your dog has to be on a leash! Remember it is a requirement to update your details on the NSW Pet Registry if: • You move house • Transfer ownershi The dog-bite laws in many states don't apply in certain circumstances—mostly commonly, when the injured person provoked the dog or was trespassing. Some of these statutes make the victims (rather than the owners) prove they weren't at fault. And some defenses may be available if the owner's liability is based on the one-bite rule or. According to Section 3-4-6 of the Austin City Code, An owner or handler shall promptly remove and sanitarily dispose of feces left on public or private property by a dog or cat being handled by. The Balmain crime author and a multitude of locals like her have ignored a technicality requiring dog owners to have their pets on a leash while walking them throughout the majority of the 60. Keep your dog on-leash in public places unless in a fenced off-leash area. There are over 135 off-leash areas around Brisbane so you have some options available to you and some are for small dogs.

These are not council regulations, they are NSW Laws, from The Companion Animals Act 1998 No 87. The article states: The most likely place for a dog attack to occur on the Central Coast is on a public road or footpath 1. By law, all Pet Sitters in Australia need Public Liability Insurance. In Australia, if you own a pet sitting business, you can be liable for damages or injuries to another person or property. In the eyes of the law, pets are considered property. Public Liability cover is a legal requirement for people looking after pets for money Animal issues not handled by Council. Below are contacts for animal issues that are not handled by Council. Animal cruelty: contact the RSPCA. Dog left in a car: if the owner can't be found straight away, call the Police on 131 444 or RSPCA NSW on 1300 278 3589. Export of Australian greyhounds: see the RSPCA's website

Rangers are off the leash and sneaking up with dogmatic $330 fines. DOG-OWNERS ambushed with council fines with rangers secretly scanning dogs' microchips and then mailing off infringements If you require more information about the Proposed Dog Off-Leash Trial Areas please call Customer Service on 9952 8222 or email cityofryde@ryde.nsw.gov.au Timeline Proposed Dog Off Leash Trial Areas Phone Sessions 1 September 2020 to 5 September 202 Laws and Advocacy Recent Developments Victoria and ACT. Both Victoria and the ACT have removed laws which require pet greyhounds to be muzzled:. Victoria - From 1 January 2019, pet greyhounds in Victoria were no longer required to wear a muzzle in public, but must be leashed at all times in public, including council off-leash areas Mosman has areas where dogs may be exercised either on or off the leash: Dog exercise areas in Mosman; Whilst off the leash the dog must at all times be under the effective control of a competent person. Always keep watch on your animal. Mosman Council has prohibited dogs from all other parks, reserves, ovals and beaches

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All areas are signposted to designate the off leash area within a reserve. Dogs declared as dangerous or restricted breed type dogs are prohibited from off leash areas. It is required by law that dog droppings must be removed and disposed of correctly. Dog poo bins are provided and owners have a responsibility to pick up after their dog Discuss Laws leash dog dangers Aged care residents among 16 new COVID-19 cases recorded in NSW. Wollongong nurse's research into traumatic brain injury nationally recognised In August 2020, the City of Ryde asked for feedback on a proposal to trial a number of new dog off-leash areas across the City. These areas were recommended in the Dog Recreation Needs Study to meet the needs of our growing community.. Based on your feedback, Council is commencing a 6-month trial of 4 new dog off-leash areas Dog friendly spaces. There are a number of places around Shellharbour City where dog owners are able to exercise their dogs off-leash. Area of Croom Regional Sporting Complex, Croome Road, Albion Park Rail, west of AFL/Cricket ground. Dog Agility Park located on Whittaker St, Flinders. Dog Agility Park located on Kingston Street, Oak Flats

megan_ said: In every council in Vic, you dog has to be on leash unless: i) on private, secure property (ie your dog isn't allowed on your front lawn unleashed unless there is a secure fence out the front) ii) at a designated off leash area. It still has to behave even if it is in an off leash area - we don't have dog parks in Victoria The Council Reports of Dog Attacks in NSW (2011/2012), released by the Department of Premier and Cabinet, lists Greyhound as 74th of 115 on the list of purebred dogs responsible for attacks (in order of attack frequency) [4]; well behind other common breeds which are not excluded from the Victorian off leash designated areas (Labrador. Pets. Pets play a positive role in the community's wellbeing and bring pleasure and companionship to many of our residents. This section provides information on: Animals Found in the Camden Area. Lost, Found and Injured. Nuisance Pets. Off-Leash Dog Parks. Register your pet. Keeping of chickens

Currently, I'm taking my dog out at least 3 times a day for at least 30 minutes each time, and most of those times unleashed (when no one else is using the common property) as the by-laws are relatively silent on the issue of having to leash dogs on common property Pet owners beware: if your dog bites or attacks another person, you could be liable for the injuries caused. In addition to the damages and legal costs, you could also be forced to pay compensation and costly medical and legal bills. Here we explore pet ownership responsibilities and the legal ramifications of dog attacks

A Dog Day Afternoon: Dog-bites and the law. A dog day afternoon. Where does the liability lie when your dog injures another person or animal? This is an interesting question with a complex answer. The owner of a dog is liable if the dog causes bodily injury to a person when that injury is caused by wounding or attacking Off leash dog friendly parks & beaches in NSW Dale Grant 2021-05-24T11:30:31+10:00 Do you live in NSW and you're looking for a change of scene from your regular park, or maybe you are just visiting and you want to find the best places to take your dog Note: In NSW, a Guide Dog in harness is legally allowed to enter all public places, therefore the above does not apply to guide dogs. Shellharbour City | Dog Friendly Spaces Strategy 2019 7 Council undertook a survey to gauge what the community thought of dog friendly spaces and dog agility parks Greyhound leash laws: Caulfield South man fronts court over off-lead pet. A Caulfield South man has been ordered to stump up $8000 after he let his docile and gentle pet greyhound roam free. The Law & You. As well as complying with Dogs Victoria's Constitution, Rules and Regulations, Codes, Policies & Procedures, members must also be aware of their responsibilities under state and local laws.While these laws apply to all dog breeders, Dogs Victoria members are required to comply with all codes, regulations and laws as a condition of membership