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Thickness: 1-1/2 • Coverage based on 3/8 mortar joints BORAL/CULTURED STONE: MANUFACTURED STONE VENEER MANUFACTURED STONE VENEER 85 ERIEMATERIALS.COM All prices subect to change. Not responsible for typographical errors. Items not to scale. Accessories LE STC 3A LEA) 2 to 3E 4.1 ProVia manufactured stone is manufactured concrete products formed to resemble natural stone in both texture and color. The individual masonry veneer units shall be a minimum of 3/4 inch (19 mm) thick and a maximum of 21/2 inches (63.5 mm) thick with a minimum compressive strength of 1,800 psi (12.4 MPa). The installed products average saturated weight must not exceed 15 pounds per square foot (73 kg/m2) [AC51]. The recognized veneer styles are shown in Table 2 of this report Full-dimension manufactured stone veneer starts at around 2 inches thick and increases to various thicknesses, often up to 6 inches thick. Thin profile manufactured stone veneer is never more than 2 inches thick. Dry Stack vs. Mortared Manufactured Stone Veneers

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Detailed texturing and visual intrigue are the hallmarks of full stone veneers. Larger in size, you can expect the materials to be heavier than thin stone veneers. Full stone also hives you the option to shape and texture it, whereas thin stone will likely break and crack when you attempt to do this because it is only 1.5 inches thick Our Thin Stone Veneer products consist of quarried and weathered natural stones that have been cut thin (1 inch thick) and weigh less than 15 lbs square foot. Use it for interior or exterior projects including stone siding, fireplaces, foundations, and any other architectural construction project that demands the finest surface covering The veneer is typically 1 inch thick and must weigh less than 15 pounds per square foot (73 kg/m2) so that no additional structural supports will be required. Manufactured stone veneer is a decorative building material manufactured to replicate the look of natural stone Coronado Stone Products® offers a variety of manufactured stone veneer, thin brick, tile and precast products. Architectural stone veneer can be used to greatly enhance the look and feel of a project. Our products are hand crafted from natural stone in a process that makes the two hard to discern

With a competitive price, it is an attractive alternative to manufactured stone veneers. Each piece is 6 high, 30 wide, and 22mm thick, allowing for easy installation and a consistent appearance Q. What is the average thickness of Cultured Stone®products? 1 ¾ average (from 1 to 3 depending on texture). Q. Who manufactures Cultured Stone®products Environmental StoneWorks manufactured stone veneers is engineered in various shapes and patterns to simulate natural stone and are installed in a non- load bearing veneer and trim capacity e.g., drip ledge and quoins, caps, etc. A. Manufactured Stone & Brick Veneer Properties: 1. Stone Thickness: 1 ⅛ to 2½ a Table 1 shows a short summary of the physical requirements for manufactured stone veneer units. Additionally, the units shall have an average thickness of no more than 2.625 inches (67 mm), with no face dimension greater than 36 inches (915 mm). The total face area of any unit shall not exceed 5 ft² (0.5 m²)

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How thick is artificial stone veneer? Stone thickness will vary with each profile, but all are considered to be a thin veneer and will range between 3/4 and 2 1/5 in total thickness. Will manufactured stone veneer fade or change color over time? Like most home exterior products, manufactured stone veneer will weather after time spent. Our Natural Cut stone collection is a ProVia original. Its large stone surfaces with natural textures and irregular cuts, mimic Old World charm. Natural Cut adds design versatility and artisanship to many architectural styles. The unique cuts make this manufactured stone veneer an intriguing choice for internal wall projects as well as exterior. Lath attachment methods described in this guide are generally considered acceptable when manufactured stone veneer is installed over continuous insulation up to ½ thick. Installation of manufactured stone veneer over continuous insulation greater than ½ thick generally requires an engineered fastening syste

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  1. MSJC limits the thickness of all adhered masonry veneer to 2-5/8 deep, measured horizontally as installed. Any stone that is deeper than this limit exerts an eccentric load on the wall that exceeds the capacity of the bonding mortar to hold it in place. If it is deepe
  2. Cultured Stone® veneer creates an immediate and lasting impression of permanence and beauty. With more than 100 colors and 22 textures, Cultured Stone® offers the industry's widest design selection, lending authenticity and character to any structure. Homes that feature Cultured Stone® veneers have a 10% higher perceived value*
  3. imum clearances are critical to the proper performance of manufactured stone veneer: Exterior Stud Walls or Where Manufactured Stone Veneer Continues Down a CMU Foundation Wall with WRB and Lath: 4 in. (102 mm) from grade/earth; 2 in. (51 mm) above paved surfaces such as driveways, patios, etc

 Extend movement joints through thickness of entire veneer assembly, for full length or height of veneer, including parapets  Space no more than 18 ft. (5.5 m) o.c. in either direction  Max. area between movement joints should not exceed 144 sq. ft. (13.4 m²) or length-to-height or height-to-length ratio of 2½ to 1  Align veneer movement joints directly over substrate movement joints  For proprietary modular and prefabricated panels, follow manufacturer's instruction For over 50 years, Eldorado Stone has demonstrated an undeniable passion for creating authentic products that not only elevate quality and design, but also attainability. 1370 Grand Avenue, Building B, San Marcos, CA 92078, USA | Call 800-925-149 Real stone is entirely natural; every stone project will be unique and distinctive. To create the thin stone veneer, full thickness building stones are cut with a diamond saw into pieces of veneer approximately one inch thick. This thin stone veneer is easier to work with because it is lighter and does not require a brick ledge for installation Size, Weight, and Thickness Full-dimension veneer stone starts at around 2 inches thick and increases to around 6 to 8 inches thick. A sub-category called thin stone veneer ranges from 1-inch to 2-inch thick. Veneer stone face sizes can be as large as 14 inches in diameter

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  1. Thin Reef Culture Stone Veneer, Thick Ledge Reef Stone, Castle Cultured Stone, Travertine Stone Veneer, Field Cobblestone River Rock, Mushroom Stone Veneer etc., Clients come from more than 20 countries The Cultured Stone | Artificia Culture Stone be applied to a variety of occasions and some important projects
  2. Our Faux Rock, Stone, And Brick Panels Come In A Variety Of Styles And Beautiful Colors. Architectural Depot Brings Years of Experience, Depth of Inventory & Great Partnership
  3. Why use a manufactured stone when you can use real Naturally Thin Veneer for less money? Thickness range 1″-2″, the same as Manufactured and Sawn Thin stone veneers; The most economical stone veneer option available, period. Real stone for less than manufactured; Available per the pallet, approx. 120 sq.ft. per palle
  4. The end result is a durable, lightweight stone veneer a few inches thick which creates the illusion of a structural stone wall. Common interior applications of manufactured stone veneer include living rooms, fireplaces, kitchens, bathrooms, stairways, wine cellars, and other unique spaces

Manufactured stone is a man made stone veneer that replicates the look of natural stone for a fraction of the cost. Our stone weighs about 11-13 pounds per square foot, depending on the stone style. How thick is your stone? Our stones' thickness generally ranges around .75 - 1.65 inches. Dimensions vary from profile to profile Manufactured stone veneer can come in various designs and colors. They are also available in various levels of thickness. N. Thin Stone Veneer: Unlike real stone veneer, the thin stone veneer retains the look but not the natural protruding shape of stones. These veneers are thin and flat like tiles and are ideal to line the walls of buildings.

Cultured Stone® offers the Used Brick series of brick veneer to add the look of brick to your walls in an easier installation than full-size brick. Cultured Brick is available in Antique Red and High Desert Used Brick colors. Individual brick are 3/4″ thick and measure eight inches in length by two and a quarter inches wide The stones vary in thickness from 1 to 2 1/2 and come in lengths from 8 to 22 with heights from 1 to 8. Cambridge Stone Veneer colors complement those available in Cambridge Pavingstones with ArmorTec®. The weathered textures add rustic beauty to any residential or commercial facade, gable and entrance way as well as on pillars, in. Cultured Stone (faux stone, man-made stone, manufactured stone) is concrete poured into a mold then colored to look like real stone. It was introduced decades ago as an alternative to the heavier natural four-inch thick building stone (prior to the introduction of the natural sawn thin stone veneer) Manufactured Stone. Maufactured stone veneers are man made stone pieces that come in a wide variety of styles such as Ledgestone, Stack, and Rubble. Each Style comes in many different colors. Manufactured stones are used to give any project from home accents to fireplaces a natural stone look StoneCraft manufactured stone veneer provides the distinction of quarried stone, at a fraction of its price, weight and installation time. With a variety of remarkable stone profiles in a wide variety of colors, StoneCraft presents myriad possibilities. Our stone profiles are created with hundreds of natural stone molds recreating fine detail

Buechel Stone only provides 100% real natural stone veneer quarried from the earth, and we offer them in both full and thin veneer stone thicknesses. When it comes to selecting and creating the perfect blends of architectural stone veneers, you've come to the right place. Express your signature style using a traditional, gold standard ~4. 1.5 inch thickness. Compressive Strength Tested in accordance with ASTM C1670 compressive strength is greater than 2100 psi. Weight Per Square Foot All adhered manufactured stone veneer profiles weight less than 15lbs per square foot saturated. Windload 2017 Florida Building Code, Building (FBC, Building Anchored stone veneer Stone veneer units are limited to a maximum thickness of 10 inches. Anchored stone veneers must be designed by a licensed engineer through a three-step process: Analyze the stone: Find the stress point of the stone. Use a safety factor of 5-1. Start with two anchors on top and two on the bottom at quarter points

Faux Stone Wall | Airstone. Now anyone can create stunning stone-textured finishes with AirStone®. AirStone is made from an ultra-light material that provides the beauty, texture, feel and durability of real stone without the need for professional installers or specialized tools. AirStone is easy to install. Simply apply adhesive to the back. Building Stone Veneer has been the way of using natural stone for centuries. The Building Stone Veneer, also known as FULL BED veneer, is a full profile stone veneer that ranges from 3-5 thickness and is recognized as the heaviest and densest out of all the stone options

AirStone® Spring Creek Manufactured Stone Veneer Corners (6 lin. ft.) Model Number: SCCES Menards ® SKU: 1440416. Final Price: $58.72. You Save $7.26 with Mail-In Rebate. More Information Manufactured stone veneer has the same durability as natural stone veneer, but less durability than full-thickness natural stone. However, it also has a significantly lower weight than full-thickness stone, which is one of the primary benefits of stone veneer. Even compared to natural stone veneer, manufactured has a slightly lower weight

Natural stone is much heavier than veneer stone. To put this into perspective, a single natural veneer fieldstone weighs around 13 pounds per square foot, while manufactured veneer stone will weigh less than 5 pounds per square foot. On the other hand, veneer stone starts at 2-inches in thickness and can go as thick as 8-inches Cast in flexible molds and colored with metal oxide pigments, manufactured stone veneer is made with lightweight aggregate materials that make them about one-quarter the weight of full-thickness stone. This eliminates the need for additional support that would typically be required for brick or natural stone Lower shipping costs than real stone, since cultured stone is lighter. Natural Thin Stone Veneer Panels. $4.50 - $10.00 /sq ft; Relatively high shipping costs, due to the heavy weight of real stone. Faux Stone Panels. $6.00 - $9.00 /sq ft; Relatively very low shipping costs, since it is extremely lightweight

Boral ProStone® veneer is a manufactured stone veneer 2 1/ 2 - 4 / thickness at peak 10 x 20 Flat Textured Capstone*** Also available in 12 x 20 x 2 10 The product colors you see are as accurate as current photography and printing techniques allow. We suggest you look at product samples before you select colors Country Ledgestone. An irregular Ledgestone in carefully selected sizes ranging from 1-1/2 to 6-1/2 in height and from 4-3/4 to 22 in length, Country Ledgestone is installer friendly. Cultured Brick - Old. Used Brick veneer looks like full thickness brick, but since it's only 1/2′ thick it can be installed anywhere manufactured stone veneer is installed over continuous insulation up to½ thick. Installation of manufactured stone veneer over continuous insulation greater than ½ thick generally requires an engineered fastening system to be provided by the building designer This produces veneers with nominal thicknesses of 1.25 to 1.5 inches at an average weight of 10 to 15 lbs./sq.ft. (depending on stone selection), compared to full veneer, which is typically 3 to 5 inches thick with an average weight of 45-50 lbs./sq. ft For interior applications, stone veneer can be installed over cement board, drywall, and all of the above. How do I apply veneer to cement board or drywall? We recommend installing metal lath and scratch coat. The metal lath will prevent the weight of the stone from pulling the nails through the cement board. See www.masonryveneer.or

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Manufactured stone veneers are exact replicas of natural stones used for building. Cast in flexible molds and hand colored with iron oxide pigments, manufactured stone veneers are made of lightweight aggregate materials. They are approximately one-quarter the weight of full-thickness stone and can be adhered to most wall surfaces. Cultured Stone is available in: Handipak flats. 8 minimum thickness. See Owens Corning Cultured Stone® veneer material requirements. F Lath. Details show a galvanized metal lath separate from the WRB. Paper-backed lath may be considered for open framing or retrofi t conditions when accepted by the local jurisdiction. See Owens Corning Cultured Stone® material requirements. G Window.

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Indoors, stone veneer can be used to rejuvenate a fireplace surround, create an accent wall or add a rustic backsplash to your kitchen. Stone veneer comes in different materials, including faux stone veneer and manufactured stone veneer. Faux stone veneer comes in stone veneer panels, while manufactured comes in individual pieces The stone is then cut the desired thickness and weight for a veneer. This stone veneer is called thin stone. Manufactured Stone Veneer. Manufactured stone veneer is created to look like natural stone. They are called manufactured stone, faux stone, artificial stone, flexible stone veneer, and stacked stone veneer are part of manufactured stone.

The Remodeling Magazine Cost vs Value Report for 2020 lists Manufactured Stone Veneer as the top-rated remodeling project for return on investment, with an average of 95.6% of the cost of the project retained in resale.Manufactured stone adds a dramatic and elegant style to any home and when installed properly, provides a durable and virtually maintenance-free exterior Thin Natural Stone Veneer Products. Natural Thin Stone Veneer is cut and split from REAL stone (NOT man-made, artificial, cement, cultured or manufactured stone veneer) right here in the USA. Our Thin Stone Veneer products consist of quarried and weathered natural stones that have been cut thin (1 inch thick) and weigh less than 15 lbs square foot.Use it for interior or exterior projects.

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Click to add item AirStone® Manufactured Stone Veneer Corners (6 lin. ft.) to the compare list. Compare Click to add item AirStone® Manufactured Stone Veneer Corners (6 lin. ft.) to the compare list. Add To List Click to add item AirStone® Manufactured Stone Veneer Corners (6 lin. ft.) to your list This stone veneer is cheaper in price compared to natural stone, it is around half the cost of natural stone. It is made out of a lightweight concrete mixture and is around one inch thick depending on the style of the stone veneer. We apply this manufactured stone on exterior and interior walls America's largest cultured manufactured stone producers and suppliers Cultured Manufactured Stone Veneer Wall Siding LOOK HERE FIRST - Manufactured Stone Veneer - Stack Stone only US $2.99 sq.ft - @ EBAY - FREE Expedited Shipping . Get the item you ordered or get your money back. That's the eBay guarantee

IRC Section R302.9 (2006 IRC Section R315). The stone veneer has an R-value of 0.355 when tested in accordance with ASTM C177 at an average thickness of 1.0 inches (25.4 mm). 8.4 Installation: Cultured Stone®, Cultured Brick® and ProStone® must be installed in accordance with the 2015 IBC and IRC, as described in Section 4.0. 8.5 Conditions. Blends. Achieve a unique look with our blended stone options in a full scope of colors and patterns. From old world style to ultra modern and chic, you can transform your home or building with these real stone veneer options designed to create intrigue and a specialty look. Consider these blended stone swatches below as you plan your next. Mar 31, 2020 - Manufactured stone veneer is a decorative building material made to replicate the look of natural stone. It creates an immediate and lasting impression of beauty with it's unique design elements that will help to transform your home. See more ideas about manufactured stone veneer, manufactured stone, stone veneer

4.1 Boral Stone products are manufactured, precast, concrete veneer products made from Portland cement, aggregate, water, admixtures, and coloring used as adhered, non-bearing exterior veneer or as an interior finish. 4.2 Boral Stone products have the following characteristics: 4.2.1 Color and texture similar to various stone or brick surfaces Old Chicago Vino 7.08 in. x 2.50 in. Thin Brick 5.90 lin. ft. Corners Manufactured Stone Siding: Old Chicago Rosse 8.20 in. x 2.50 in. Thin Brick 10.76 sq. ft. Flats Manufactured Stone Siding: Old Chicago Charcoal 8.20 in. x 2.50 in. Thin Brick 10.76 sq. ft. Flats Manufactured Stone Siding: 23.5 in. x 6 in. Colorado Gray Stone Veneer Siding.

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Manufactured Stone Veneers. Manufactured stone, or faux stone, is a artificial alternative to natural stone veneers. While manufactured stone can be modified to look close to natural stone, the differences between the two go much deeper than their surface appearance. Man-made stone is created with a mixture of cement, aggregates, and pigments Jul 2, 2021 - Cultured Stone® manufactured stone veneer is an industry leader who provides quality and aesthetically pleasing products for any residential or commercial project. Cultured Stone® will not only enhance the beauty of your dream home, it will add value and maintenance-free performance, while helping to protect the environment M-Rock Giles 1.66-lin ft Mutiple Colors Manufactured Stone Veneer Outside Corner/Finished End. M-Rock patented MS P-series corner stones are built to finish any outside or inside 90-degree corners, the interlacing design prevents stone from cracking due to movement, or environmental stress on the stone

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SAKRETE Stone Veneer Mortar is designed for setting manufactured or artificial stone in vertical applications. A polymer-modified contractor-grade mortar specifically designed to adhere artificial and natural stones in vertical applications. Meets ASTM Specs C 387 and C 270 Manufactured stone, also called stone veneer, is used as a protective and decorative covering for exterior or interior vertical walls and surfaces. The Veneers are typically 1 1/2 to 2 inches thick and weigh less than 10 lbs per square foot so that no additional structural supports are required We produce the standard Full Veneer (4''+/- 1'' thick) option and also a Thin Veneer alternative that has a much thinner bed-depth (1+/- ¼ thick). The Thin Veneer version that we provide should not be perceived as inferior or confused with manufactured stone. It is 100% real limestone that has the same appearance, durability and. R-value is .620 based on a 1.75 thick sample. Average thickness may vary on different Cultured Stone veneer products, and the R-value will vary accordingly. NONCOMBUSTIBLE Tested and listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Cultured Stone brand products showed zero flame spread and zero smoke development Full Thickness Stone Veneer. Siloam Fieldstone, Moss Rock or Layered Sandstone offer architects and home owners a wide range of veneer colors and designs. A rustic south-western or a formal distinguished look are both available with Siloam Stone. The utilization of our stone is limited only by your imagination and skill

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It is used for interior stone wall panels, siding that looks like stone, stone look siding, manufactured stone veneer panels, manufactured stone panels, manufactured stone siding etc. Specifications: Material: Natural Stone; Size: 2''x4'' Thickness: 1-2m Manufactured stone veneer is a building material fabricated by pouring a light weight concrete mix into a cast of natural stone mold. A distinct coloring process creates natural color palettes that capture the nuances of real stone. Its light weight properties eliminate the need for wall ties or footings. The thickness of manufactured stones is. All of this allows us to be one of few manufactured stone veneer HEIGHT LENGTH THICKNESS CORNER RETURNS 1 1/2 - 6 1/2 4 1/4 - 22 1 1/8 - 2 3/8 4 - 12 20 The product colors you see are as accurate as current photography and printing techniques allow. We suggest you look at product samples before you select colors The benefits of modern stone veneer. If the words cultured stone conjure up images of a fake that you can spot a mile away, then you need to take a look at modern manufactured veneer stone. The key is to put on enough mortar to create about a 1/2 in.-thick layer when the stone is pressed against the scratch coat. If any mortar oozes.

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