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VEVOR Lifting Clamp 6600Lbs/3T, Working Load Vertical Plate Clamp -1inch/25mm Jaw Opening, Industrial Steel Plate Clamp, Sheet Metal Lifting Clamp, Plate Lifting Clamp, Handling Lifting Equipment. 4.7 out of 5 stars. 5. $124.99. $124 VEVOR Lifting Clamp 11000Lbs/5T, Working Load Vertical Plate Clamp -1.2inch/30mm Jaw Opening, Industrial Steel Plate Clamp Sheet Metal Lifting Clamp Plate Lifting Clamp Handling Lifting Equipment. 4.6 out of 5 stars. 7. $129.99. $129

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  2. Nonmarring Vertical-Lift with 180° Flip Plate-Lifting Clamps. Pads on these clamps prevent the grip from biting into the load. They can take a metal plate that is stacked horizontally, lift it vertically, and then place it down horizontally on its other side. Clamps close under their own weight; as the load increases, so does the grip
  3. Precision lifting clamps for steel plate, pipe, drum, and structural lifting. Safety Clamps, Inc. can manufacture custom clamps to your specifications. TOLL FREE: 800.456.280

QUALITY CLAMPS FOR LIFTING, TURNING AND POSITIONING HEAVY STEEL! We offer a wide range of clamps for handling all kinds of materials, including steel, stainless steel, very hard steel, wood, concrete and other hard materials. You'll likely recognize the top brands on this page, including Crosby / Clamp-Co, Campbell, Terrier and Caldwell Terrier and Crosby Lifting Clamps are designed for lifting Steel H-Beams, Flexible Sheets, Drums, and other hard-to-handle materials. Plate Clamp styles available include Screw Clamps, Block Grab, Drum Clamp, Specialty Clamps, Hardox Clamps, I-Beam Lifting Clamps, HP-Profile Clamps, and Universal Lifting Clamps

Vertical-Lift with 90° Tilt Plate-Lifting Clamps. Clamps can take a metal plate that is stacked horizontally and tilt it up 90° to lift vertically. After lifting, clamps can place the plate back down in the original position (plate can not be flipped over) Get your rugged steel clamps and handgrips at Grainger to help manage heavy items safely and easily. Find gentle-grip universal clamps, duplex hand grip clamps, horizontal plates and girder clamps, wire rope grippers and more to help you lift and turn objects in multiple directions Plate clamps are great tools for lifting up plate steel from the horizontal or vertical positions. There are also clamps for lifting steel drums, steel pipe and even non-marring clamps for products that cannot be scratched or marked in any way. There are many different types of clamps so it is important to read and research what it is you need.

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This magnetic plate clamps are specially designed for handling thin steel plate with a minimum thickness of 3 mm. Lifting a single thick steel plate/sheet each time, with plate size and weight varying, is a precision handling job that has strict requirement about the lifting magnets used. HVR MAG can customize lifting magnets with spreader beam. VEVOR Lifting Clamp 11000Lbs/5T, Working Load Vertical Plate Clamp -1.2inch/30mm Jaw Opening, Industrial Steel Plate Clamp Sheet Metal Lifting Clamp Plate Lifting Clamp Handling Lifting Equipment. 4.6 out of 5 stars 7. $134.99 $ 134. 99. FREE Shipping

Vertical Plate Clamp, 6600Lbs Working Load Limit, Industrial Lifting Clamp Industrial Vertical Plate Lifting Clamp Alloy Steel 3 Tons 0-35MM w/Lock for Lifting and Transporting. $89.00. $89. Free domestic shipping for online orders over $500 800-733-2231. Home → Synthetic Slings & Rigging → Lifting Clamps / Plate Dog Clamps like this steel plate clamp offer the ability to lift, up-end, manoeuvre and position the load in safety. Clamps can safely be used with a forklift truck. Clamps can be attached using a forklift hook attachment or a fork jib, effectively turning your crane into a mobile crane. This method of handling is much safer tha Tough, exotic steel is used for the housing, lifting shackle, cam, and pivot, as it stands up to enormous tension and pressure when hoisting and transporting steel plates and structures. Sheet lifting clamps also have heavy-duty, welded shell bodies and excellent finishing, plus are maintenance-friendly

Lift only one plate at a time. Plate must be clean and free of oil. Not designed to use on stainless steel or aluminum plates. For use with materials with a surface hardness to 30 RC (300 HB). Pivoting bail for easier and more versatile operation. Automatic serrated hardened steel cams and pads. Drop-forged steel case for maximum strength Vestil HPC-40 Horizontal Plate Lifting Clamp, Steel, 1-1/4 Plate Thickness, 4000 lbs Working Load Limit, 1.2 Bale Opening. $143.35$143.35 $158.00$158.00. Get it as soon as Wed, May 27. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Only 10 left in stock (more on the way) Lifting Clamps are ideal for handling a variety of load types in a safe and efficient manner. US Cargo Control sells beam clamps, drum clamps, pipe clamps, specialty lifting clamps, and lifting clamp replacement parts. For plate clamps and sheet clamps, see our section of vertical lifting clamps and horizontal lifting clamps

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Crosby® lifting clamps are produced using advanced manufacturing techniques and are able to withstand abusive field conditions. Each plate clamp, beam lifting clamp, and drum clamp features a welded alloy steel body that is designed to have high-strength while still being lightweight and compact • Maintain a lifting clamp inspection report and inspect the clamp with a frequency compliant with ASME B30.20-2010. • Before lifting a load, confirm that the plate clamp is in good condition and functioning properly. Never use a plate clamp when malfunction, unusual performance, damage, or extensive wear are found Camlok Products A Solution For Every Lift Camlok is the established industry brand for plate clamps and other items of lifting equipment. In fabrication plants, factories, warehouses, ports and docks, on construction sites, railheads and repair and service facilities around the world, the Camlok plate clamp and related products are the number one choice

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Lifting Clamps 113 items returned List Catalog Refine Results 113 items returned 1 2 Type Plate Clamp Minimum Grip (Inch) 0 Maximum Grip (Decimal Inch) 1.25 Load Capacity (Lb.) 4000. Lifting Clamp Our expertise lies in manufacturing of Lifting Clamp, which is used for lifting and transporting steel plate vertically. Moreover, these Plate Lifting clamps are a small easy to handle tool, incorporated with a spring lock which facilitates attaching of the clamps to the plates CZ SERIES Vertical Plate Clamps The CZ & 92 series of plate clamps can be used on all hot rolled structural steel plates and sections up to a surface hardness of 300 Brinell (32HRc). They can be used to lift plate from the horizontal to vertical position and vice versa through 180º. This series is fitted with a hold open and lock closed device An accident investigation identified the following: The plate clamp being used was designated for 1-1/4″ to 2″ plate and was rated for 6,000 pounds. The plate clamp used to lift and rotate the plate was clearly marked for vertical lifting only. The weight of the plate was too light for the plate clamp size that was used

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Extremely safe due to innovative plate-locking system. View. P-6626. Green Pin BigMouth® Lifting Clamp U-type Universal plate clamp for lifting and transportation in all directions and with an enlarged opening Vestil HPC-40 Horizontal Plate Lifting Clamp. This horizontal lifting clamp can accommodate plate up to 1 1/4″ in thickness and has a maximum weight capacity of 4000 lbs. If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you Non-Marring Plate Clamps. SERIES: NMPC. These Non-Marring Plate Clamps are designed for lifting and revolving without marring of smooth or polished plates such as stainless steel, aluminum, pre-lacquered plates, wood, marble, concrete, glass, plastic or other fragile surfaces. Design to meet ANSI B30.20-24 standards. Lift only one plate at a time

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Lifting Beam Clamps For clamping and lifting of I-beams. Up to 6,600 lbs. View More ». Horizontal Plate Clamps Clamps on horizontal load; Load stays horizontal during lift. Capacity: Up to 16,500 lbs View More ». Horizontal Thin Sheet Clamps For use on thin sheets. Clamps on horizontal load; Load stays horizontal during lift The IPU10 vertical lifting clamp is used for lifting, turning, moving or vertical transfer of sheet, plates, or fabrications from horizontal to vertical and down to horizontal (180°) as needed. The hinged hoisting eye allows for the clamp to place and lift the load from any direction, or with a multiple leg sling without side-loading the clamp The IP(U)10 vertical lifting clamps are used for the lifting, turning, moving or vertical transfer of steel plates and constructions from horizontal to vertical and down to horizontal (180º). The IPU10 has a hinged lifting eye that allows for the clamp to place and lift the load from any direction. IP10 . IPU10 . IP10 . IPU1 sheet metal lifting clamp. Load limit: 1 t - 12.5 t. compact plate clamp Meets the essential requirements of the standard NF EN 13155 Safety coefficient : 5 Cam pull back with spring Cam release with built in press button. (Code 1902,1904 and 1905) Compare this product Remove from comparison tool J.C. Renfroe & Sons has been a leader in the manufacturing and marketing of lifting products for over 70 years. Our founder designed the first clamps to meet the rising demand for safer steel handling in shipyards prior to World War II. Thus began J.C. Renfroes commitment to quality and safety

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CY Plate Clamps can be used on all structural steel plates up to a surface hardness of 300 Brinell (32HRc). These clamps are designed to be used with a two leg chain sling for lifting longer plates. Learn Mor Machining & Welding manufactures the most innovative plate clamp on the market today. Our vertical lifting clamp has no minimal load, can left steel as thin as a razor blade, can maintain its grip while plates move 180 degrees, and is easy to operate with a self-closing jaw. Our clamps are the best clamps available and are made in the USA

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CAMLOK Lifting Clamps. Camlok is the established industry brand for plate clamps and other items of lifting equipment. In fabrication plants, factories, warehouses, ports and docks, on construction sites, railheads and repair and service facilities around the world, the Camlok plate clamp and related products are the number one choice The Universal Lifting Clamp suits a wide range of materials and applications. It can easily lift and tilt smooth or polished pieces such as stainless steel plates, aluminium, lacquered panels, wood, laminated sheets, marble, concrete, glass and plastic CM LJ500 Load Activated. 1100 Lbs Load, Plate Clamp This is a CM nonmarring plate clamp for use in vertical lifting. The clamp has a safe working load limit of 1100 pounds with a load activated lock and load ring lifting point. It features a steel jaw with a leather liner and a jaw capacity from 0 to 3/8 inches Do 80 G Lifting clamps with smooth grab plate. Lifting clamp and smooth, large pressing plate for sheets with sensitive surface for vertical transport and for turning by 90°.This lifting clamp has a high pressing force and works by force-fit. The clamping force is designed for a minimum friction factor of 0.25 µ with double safety

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Clamp jaw design reduces flange stress by distributing load away from flange edge. Reliable and rugged all steel construction is durable and lightweight. Fits securely on a wide range of flange widths and beam sizes. Built-in suspension bar provides close. Clamp jaw design reduces flange stress by distributing load away from flange edge Plate lifting clamps are part of our plate lifting equipment range and are designed for lifting and transferring plates such as steel sheets and other similar materials. A plate clamps can be used to safely and securely move plate materials, a horizontal lifting clamp or vertical lifting clamp are your options here

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Lifting clamps available including horizontal, vertical, rail, concrete and more. We have more than 1,500 lifting, rigging and height safety products to choose from. Shop today from Australia's leading lifting supplier, All Lifting. Shop now The LJ non-marking plate clamps are designed for lifting, turning and transporting of structural steel plates, stainless steel, iron, timber and aluminium without marking, damaging or leaving indentations on the surface. It can also be used for steel plates with extremely hard surfaces. These clamps are available wit 4. Position clamp to balance load. 5. Insert plate or unit to full depth of throat opening. 6. lift slowly and smoothly. do not jerk load. 7. Stand clear of load when lifting. 8. do not use a damaged clamp. 9. Read manufacturer's instructions before using clamps. 10. do not use any Campbell clamp to lift tapered plates or beams. 11. When. What is horizontal Plate Lifting clamp? Horizontal plate lifting clamp lifts plate horizontally and they are always used in pair. Horizontal plate lifting clamps grip to the steel plate either by the teeth biting into the surface of the plate or by gripping and supporting between multiple clamps to perform the lift


Main body forged special alloy steel with galvanised finish. Clamp screw and swivel jaw made of alloy steel and induction hardened. For steel plate with higher hardness range. Tightening force must be minimum of 300kgf-cm. Conforms to AS4991-2004 L Type Horizontal Steel Plate Lifting Clamp L Type Horizontal Steel Plate Lifting Clamp Application: Horizontal lfting of steel plate. Loading range: 0 to 5 ton. Material : high quality low carbon mild alloy steel. Two pieces of clamps are used for the testing, but 2 pieces or 4 pieces are recommended for lifting.. Clamp - Titan There are 7 products. Clamp - Titan. There are 7 products. Industrial Uni-Vertical Plate Clamps, Wide Jaw Horizontal Plate Clamps, Beam Girder Clamps. PLEASE NOTE: Items are supplied with the Original Certification, We stress that this is not discarded as HES NZ does not keep a copy. -- Price: lowest first Price: highest first. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 0.8T Vertical Lifting Plate Clamp Transport Alloy Steel Tool Heavy Duty US STOCK at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products

This lifting clamp is suitable for the lifting, turning and vertical transfer of steel plates. The offered lifting clamp is manufactured at our production unit using a high-grade material as well as innovative techniques. In tune with defined industry standards, this lifting clamp is stringently inspected against set parameters. Features Yellow Lifting & Hardware LLC 5 Ton Steel Lifting Beam Clamp with Eye [223105] - 5 Ton Steel Lifting Beam Clamp with Eye Our steel lifting beam clamps are for commercial and industrial use . Product is adjustable to fit a wide range of beam widths. Designed to provide positive centering of the load underneath. Specifications : Working Load Limit : 11,000 lbs (5 Ton) Inspect prior t Jul 19, 2014 - Lifting Clamps by lifting using mode is divided into horizontal lifting clamp, vertical lifting clamp, overturning lifting clamp. See more ideas about clamps, hoist, electric hoists #1 ONLINE STORE FOR CHAIN, WIRE ROPE, SLINGS, ALL RIGGING GEAR, FITTINGS, AND MORE!CERTIFED CHAIN SLINGSGrade 120 Chain Slings Grade 100 Chain SlingsGrade 80 Chain Slings Grade 120 ChainMade in Europe Grade 100 ChainMade in the USA Grade 80 ChainMade in the USAGrade 70 ChainMade in the USAGrade 43 ChainMade in the USA Grade 30 ChainMade in the USAGeneral Use Chain Welded & WeldlessPowder.

Vertical Lifting Clamp (LC) The Toyolift Vertical lifting clamps provides a vertical transportation of plate sections. Attachment and removal of the clamps from the plate is extremely easy due to the simple and straightforward design. Lifting Hooks provide a fast and efficient method for lifting plate or any similarly shaped fabrications block lifting clamp. KB-N. Load limit: 1,000 kg - 1,800 kg. The KB-N Series are efficient clamps for foam rubber blocks, which has a robust dual T profile frame.The series is designed for handling large and light blocks of rubber or polystyrene. It has a light tubular profile.

Plate Lifting Clamp Vertical Turning Model - Locking, Screw Type. The Model SCSL is a locking screw clamp capable of handling a steel plate from horizontal to vertical to horizontal through a 180-degree arc. It is a lightweight clamp primarily used for bench work. It is capable of handling up to a 2,000-pound load Automatic Lifting Clamps - Blog. 2 December, 2017. By definition, a crane hook is a device for grabbing and lifting loads by means of a device such as a hoist or crane. A lifting clamp on the other hand, such as the automatic lifting clamp from elebia, is a tool used to position, hoist and transfer materials either horizontally or vertically from one station to another Horizontal Plate Lifting Clamp Model HDR. The Model HDR is a horizontal lifting clamp intended to be used in pairs, sets of pairs, or in a tripod arrangement for transporting steel plates horizontally. The Model HDR is similar to the Model HR except that it contains dual cam assemblies which provide two gripping surfaces Mild Steel: Usage/Application: Plate Lifting: Size/Capacity: Available in capacities of 2,3,5,6,10,12 and 15 metric tons pair wise. Brand: Ferreterro: Capacity: Available in capacities of 2,3,5,6,10,12 and 15 metric tons pair wise. Jaw Opening: Available jaw opening from (0 - 120 )mm for different sizes: Model Name/Number: plate lifting clamp. Vertical Plate Grabs. Capacity range from 1 ton to 5 tons. Vertical plate grabs grip and carry the steel plate in a vertical position, both in single and multiple clamp configurations. They are used for safe lifting and moving of mild steel metal plates and similar sheeting only, and should not be used on hardened steel materials

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We offer high qulaity Plate & Beam lifting clamps. The vertical lifting clamps are suitable for lifting and vertical transfer of single steel plate and H Beam. It may be used single-handedly or pairs of clamp used together. It is fitted with a locking device for both open and closed positions which ensure complete safety Features. All steel body for durable strength in a smaller size. Individually serialized and tested to 2 x WLL. Factory test certification of proof load is included. For use with materials having surface hardness < HRC 37. 180° turning range for easy positioning or transfer of plates. Lever insures pre-tensioning and release of grip jaws

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Safety Clamps, Inc. has provided industry with precision lifting devices for steel plate, structural shapes, pipe, and drum since 1962. We are proud to celebrate 58 years of outstanding quality and service CS vertical plate lifting clamps Lifting clamps for safely transporting steel plates in vertical position. Minimum weight to be lifted is 10% of the safe workload. Properties-Equipped with standard lifting eye, movable in one direction. - Always equipped with a safety mechanism, ensuring the clamp does not slip when lifting force i


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14) Plate clamps are not designed to lift plates which exceed a 300 Brinell Hardness. To avoid accidents when lifting steel plate also consider the following: • Prior to lifting a plate, the user should determine if there is a safer way to accomplish the work. • Inspect plate clamps thoroughly and remove any excessively wor The Campbell GX clamp (formerly Merrill) is a versatile clamp used mostly for steel warehousing and benchwork. It can be used for vertical, vertical / turn or horizontal lifts. The GX clamp is recommended for turning a single sheet or fabricated structure. Due to its swiveling pad and spring-loaded cam, it always stays in contact with the work face of the load, even when the load is turning. Boost efficiency of handling metal sheets or lifting steel plates. The complete lifting process by a vacuum lifting can be carried out by one person. The operator positions the lifter on the sheet metal or steel plate and activates and deactivates the vacuum. All easily done by a push on the button. Creating the vacuum takes less than 2 seconds

Heavy Duty 10 Ton Horizontal Lifting Clamp For Steel PlateChina Double Steel Plate Lifting Clamps - China Lifting ClampCamlok Vertical Plate clamps for Lifting Sheet Steel2 Ton Beam Clamp – Lifting Online

The plate was being removed from a stack of plates to an adjacent cutting table. Figure 1: Lifting Arrangement for 1 Steel Plate. The plate was being lifted and moved with a pair of pup hooks (also known as plate hooks), each attached with two hooks and two chains secured to a spreader beam hooked to the crane (see photo above) The horizontal lifting clamp is ideal for lifting and transferring steel plates, or other sheet material, as well as manoeuvring steel beams and sagging plates. The vertical lifting clamp is designed for vertical lifting and turning plates over. The integral safety device stops the lock from disengaging stainless steel plate lifting clamp. Load limit: 10 t - 32 t. Compare this product Remove from comparison tool. carton lifting clamp ZX1 series. horizontal hydraulic. carton lifting clamp. ZX1 series. Note: 1、The actual comprehensive bearing capacity of forklift / accessories shall be obtained from the forklift manufacturer LIFTING CLAMPS FOR STEEL DLC0.5. DRUM LIFT CLAMP. DLC0.5V. DRUM LIFT CLAMP (Vertical Lifting) FKH1. LIFTING HOOK for Steel Decks. FLH1 / 2. LIFTING HOOK for Fork Lift. GVC0.35E / 0.5E / 1E / 2E. LATERAL LIFTING CLAMP (Universal Shackle Type) HHC0.5~5. LIFTING HOOK. HLC0.5H~10WH. LATERAL LIFTING CLAMP (Lock handle type) HLC0.5U~5U. LATERAL. Plate Clamp Rental. Universal plate lifting clamps lift and turn in one smooth operation, enabling the plate to be taken from the horizontal to a true vertical. Safe and efficient lifting. Hardened steel jaws for positive grip. Lock to meet safety regulations. LGH test certificate supplied. Capacity. Choose an option 3300 lbs 7700 lbs 11000 lbs

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