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u/EngineeringJuice. 1 day ago. Hi, this is the raspberry pi camera sensor. It is a 5MP OV5647 sensor with CCD size 1/4. Instead of buying lenses that would fit into it (M12 size), I want to build my own zoom lens assembly out of pre-made lenses A subreddit to highlight old and new optical and visual illusions. 21.6k Reddit loading symbol The symbol where the reddit antenna thing is spinning around while it's loading (on mobile, anyway) can look like it's going clockwise, counterclockwise, side to side, or the other side to side

I have an igk62 which is the 62 key optical keyboard with Gateron optical linear switches. The typing feeling is like Gateron linears only a little bit smoother. The additional smoothness is due to the fact that there's no leaf, so there's less friction 16,295 votes and 204 comments so far on Reddit

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  5. Optical illusion of girl 'sinking into ground' leaves viewers flummoxed. Restaurant flooded with bad reviews as $16,000 tip sparks debate. 6 days ago. Entire McDonald's staff quit mid-shift in viral TikTok. 2 days ago. What Prince William said to Prince Harry - according to a lip-reader
  6. Optical illusion of a young girl who appears to have been engulfed by a paved walkway that went viral on Reddit. Reddit user MK24eve

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  1. gly stuck in the path. Picture: MK24ever/Reddit Source:Supplied.
  2. The picture from Reddit shows a young girl dressed in pink appearing to disappear into a paved street while playing outdoors. Optical illusion makes it look like girl is stuck in concrete
  3. What Redditors Got With BNGO Stock. Bionano is built around a device called Saphyr. It does optical genome mapping and costs about $150,000.Then there are consumables, reagents for making tests
  4. d-boggling optical illusion is doing the rounds on social media as netizens scratch their heads to solve the mystery. A viral post from Reddit which is now doing the rounds on Twitter shows a picture of a group of hikers halting for a little war
  5. Zenni Optical Eyeglass using state-of-the-art optical materials and the most up-to-date manufacturing process, our eyeglasses are custom made and come directly from our factory to you. Discover yourself from our 1500+ collection of eyeglasses

Published 13:13, 17 May 2021 BST. People online have been baffled by an optical illusion in a photograph that appears to show a young girl sunk into a pavement. Of course, like all things like. Photo: chadwalk on Reddit. If you own a dog, you're used to your furry friend contorting themselves into all sorts of weird positions. But if not, you probably took one look at this image and thought, What's wrong with that poor dog!. That was the reaction with most Redditors when chadwalk posted this image titled Optical Illusion Dog

Reddit's Confusing Perspective subreddit is a great place to find funny optical illusions pictures that will leave you asking, How did that happen? Menu. Home. Entertainment Music TV & Film Performing Arts Visual Arts Fashion & Style Love & Romance Gaming Hobbie This optical illusion has taken on many different forms since it first found its way into publication in a book Philosophical investigations by Ludwig Wittgenstein in 1953. mike_pants/Reddit

7 FEBRUARY 2018. This optical illusion of two photos of a brick road is stumping Reddit and Imgur users. Although these two images look like photos of the same road taken at different angles or heights, they are actually the exact same image. Neither photo was mirrored, flipped, or edited in any way. Get App. This is the same photo, side by side Reddit users left baffled over optical illusion of girl 'stuck in concrete' dailystar.co.uk - Christine Younan • 27d. The mind-boggling photo of a little girl made it look as though she was stuck in concrete and it's left many Reddit users utterly confused - so can Read more on dailystar.co.uk. Target Optical offers frames starting just under $50, though you can find bigger price tags (up to $320) on high-end styles such as Calvin Klein and Oakley. Currently, there are more than 150 eyeglasses and sunglasses available for under $100. All clear lenses can be upgraded to transitions for an additional $100 Reddit. Today in (/r/interestingasfuck) news, there is a viral optical illusion. It has circles! But it looks like it only has lines and rectangles. It's up to you, dear reader,. 40 Incredible Examples of Optical Illusions in Photos. Some find them frustrating, while others just can't get enough - Optical illusions are something that will always leave you perplexed and questioning your eyesight. We all know the classic eye trick with a young girl turning into an old lady portrait or sets of geometric figures that.

26 Weird Optical Illusions That Will Challenge Your Brain. We are used to believing what we see because we are sure that nobody can trick our eyes. But some pictures can make us see things that aren't there. It's because we don't see with our eyes, we see with our brain. And the brain can easily be tricked. This article will make you. There isn't really an analogous problem in optical systems, and that is their key advantage. Nature, 2020, DOI: 10.1038/s41586-021-03202-1 ( About DOIs ) reader comment

No, you're not in a glitchy video game. These high-end jeans create a wild optical illusion, but are also avant-garde high fashion Save up to $20 on your order withZenni Optical Promo Code 2021. Extra save $4.95 Flat Rate Shipping on All Orders. Take an extra 27% Off Featured Clearance Items with Zenni optical. What is Zenni optical. Zenni Optical Promo Code 2021: Zenni optical is a very strong and complete company for your eyeglasses. It is an online retail store

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Optical illusion leaves Reddit users confused as it 'causes brain to shutdown' One person described it as the coolest quilt, while another claimed it was awesome. A third Reddit user praised: Very cool, and a fourth joked: Amazing An optical illusion has left many Reddit users scratching their heads. In the image, it shows a series of lime green and blue shapes surrounded by little black and white diamonds. But by looking at it for longer, it'll make it seem as though the image is moving. And that's where you've got things wrong. Although it looks as though the shapes. This optical illusion of a trash can is driving Reddit insane. A picture of a seemingly levitating trash bin has Reddit users demanding answers. On March 21, Reddit user seyfaro shared a photo of the floating bin to the confusing_perspective page. To date, the confusing photo has received more than 37,000 upvotes and prompted hundreds of. According to a Reddit user, the hallway comes with an illusion created to stop people from running. In other words, it's a teachers' dream as a corridor like this would prevent their students from sprinting to class. User TriggeredGuy001 wrote: This hallway with a purposeful optical illusion was created to stop people from running The colour contrast (conflicting luminosity) between dark and light causes the optical illusion, also known as anomalous motion illusion, a Reddit user pointed out. So, why do optical.

People were creeped out by this optical illusion after The Late Late Show host James Corden tweeted a photo of it in May 2018.. Originally created by Chris Frady (Reddit user Shikaca), this. What Exactly Is Optical Audio? The vast majority of cabling you use for your media centers, personal computers, and audio/visual equipment uses electrical signals. Be it analog or digital, the signal is sent as an electrical impulse over conductive wire. Every cable, from the speaker wire on your 1970s turntable to the HDMI cable on your new. 25 Optical Illusions That Prove Your Brain Sucks. Our brains filter a constant tsunami of stimuli and piece the important parts together to recreate what we know as reality. But what you think is. Thankfully, Zenni Optical provides a cheaper alternative. In this article, I'll take a close look at Zenni, an affordable option for purchasing your glasses online. 6 Things To Know Before Ordering From Zenni Optical. Whether you're looking to replace your current glasses or invest in a backup pair, Zenni Optical is worth checking out We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us

Optical vs. Electronic Viewfinders. DSLRs have an optical viewfinder. It's what makes them a DSLR. The SLR bit of their name means single lens reflex and is the mechanism by which light is directed from the lens to the viewfinder using mirrors and a prism The picture was originally shared on Reddit by a woman along with a caption that read, My daughter, where's the rest of her?! Ohh I see, do you? The mind-boggling picture soon went viral and was reshared on Twitter. Can you spot the optical illusion in the picture

Costco Optical employs independent doctors of optometry who are located within the store or next to it in most states. Because the doctors are independent contractors, several posters on this Reddit thread suggest finding out the doctor's name at your local warehouse club. That way you can read reviews of them online before making an. Zenni Optical was built upon the following principles, and is dedicated to fulfilling them: To provide the most affordable eyeglasses to people all over the world. To provide the highest-quality optical lenses to our customers. To make it easy to order eyeglasses online. To provide exceptional customer support The image shows the little girl walking along a path - however a bizarre optical illusion makes it appear that half of her body has been swallowed up by concrete. Sharing the image on Reddit, the mum wrote: My daughter, where's the rest of her A two-faced optical illusion makeup look is going viral on Reddit. A makeup artist with the username TiffanyBlueBitch posted a photo of her face made into an optical illusion, and fans are.

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Via Laughing Squid, we've learned about a new style of pants that creates an optical illusion.The pants look asymmetrical in a way that reminds one of a surrealist painting. One that is cool. Optical illusions can use colours, patterns, lines, light and shadows to create images that can trick our brain. Here is a look at some mind-blowing optical illusions that are sure to make you do. Gateron Optical Switches: red, blue, black ,brown, yellow, silver, silent brown, silent red, silent black, silent silver and silent yellow optional The specs for these Gateron optical switches: Gateron silver optical switch: bottom out distances: 3.20+0/-0.3mm actuation distance: 1.0±0.1mm Operating force: 45±15gf End force: < 110gf Gateron black optical switch: bottom out distances: 4.0+0.

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In the optical illusion posted to Reddit a little girl looks as if she is submerged in a path, and internet users are baffled. This is known as an optical illusion — something that tricks the. American Optical 30577GN52SWSTC Sporting Optics, True Color Grey Glass, 52 mm. 3.9 out of 5 stars 35. $169.00 $ 169. 00. FREE Shipping. AO Eyewear. Authentic AO Eyewear 23K Gold Frame Bayonet Temple True Color Grey Glass Lens Sunglasses USMC USAF USN. 4.5 out of 5 stars 318. $194.00 $ 194. 00 NegativePitch/Reddit. Optical illusions are everywhere. They can be found in art , in the real world, and, of course, all over the internet. We decided to round up illusions that involve two of our favorite things: cats and dogs. Keep scrolling to see which ones you can figure out and which ones stump you The picture, posted to Reddit last week, has been generating quite a stir online ever since. And even the savviest of internet sleuths are having a hard time nailing it down. Jeremy Hacker. Sure, spotting the dog lying down in the foreground of the photo is easy enough — but something is just off about the other. Like, is that even a dog Gaming Mice. SteelSeries has designed a wired and wireless gaming mouse for every gamer and they're built for gaming precision with optical tracking sensors and hyper durable materials. SteelSeries wired and wireless gaming mice are available in ergonomic, right-handed or ambidextrous designs, and are easily customizable for all FPS, MOBA.

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Optical illusion Reddit. Join our new commenting forum. Join thought-provoking conversations, follow other Independent readers and see their replies. View comments Reddit's thirst for optical illusions has unearthed a really great one. Dan Neilan. 4/10/18 1:31PM. 47. 1. Image: u/NightBreeze13 (Reddit) Forget the dress. Forget the shoe reddit #02. Fishermen row a boat in the algae-filled Chaohu Lake, China. reddit #03. This is a lenticular cloud that looks shockingly like a UFO. reddit #04. The Eureka Tower Car Park in Melbourne, Australia. It's has optical illusion lettering. #05. An optical illusion created by extremely clear water. reddit #06

10 Optical Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind (PHOTOS) If you're in the mood to have your mind blown, these 10 optical illusions will definitely do the trick. Give your brain a workout and test your ability to mess with your perception by checking out these 10 optical illusions, and let us know which one had you the most confused and astounded 'Weird' optical illusion TikTok video baffles people. A TikTok video has gone viral for tricking people into seeing colour — with the clip making viewers feel like their brain is broken Optical cables with a Toslink (Toshiba Link) connector slot into a matching socket on both source and receiver. Something like the QED Performance Graphite Optical is a good entry-level option. Although HDMI has taken over as the main socket of choice for many manufacturers, optical outputs are still common on games consoles, Blu-ray players. 17 Optical Illusions That Your Brain Just Isn't Ready To Handle. Mind. Boggled. by Phil Jahner. Staff Writer and Video Producer, BuzzFeed Deutschland. 1. For starters, this is a picture of two.

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Manchester tile company Casa Ceramica left internet users scratching their heads when a snap of the mind-boggling optical illusion-effect hallway at its Old Trafford HQ was shared on Reddit People were creeped out by this optical illusion after The Late Late Show host James Corden tweeted a photo of it in May 2018. Originally created by Chris Frady (Reddit user Shikaca), this image first went viral in 2015 — and it was made by combining two photos of Zoolander and Beyoncé Zenni Optical. 4.5/5 (837 ratings) 5 stars 635. 4 stars 83. 3 stars 30. 2 stars 30. 1 stars 59. Live agent. Saved Optical keyboard switches differ from typical mechanical switches in that they use light for actuation instead of a mechanical connection. Of course, there's more to the story

Schizophrenia sufferers aren't fooled by an optical illusion known as the hollow mask that the rest of us fall for because connections between the sensory and conceptual areas of their. 4 Dots Illusion That Can Divide Us all. This clip will once again divide us all. As Reddit has covered this, an optical illusion of four blinking dots. Firstly what we can see. Continue Reading. Posted on. January 10, 2018 News

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The 2019 Optical Illusion of the Year is a looping shape that appears to spin horizontally or vertically depending on how you look. This one is, well, a real head spinner. This one is, well, a. Posted: 1 Apr 2020 12:03 pm. Despite appearing in some early preview shots, the Xbox Series X will not have an S/PDIF optical audio out port. In today's episode of Unlocked with Phil Spencer. Today we review the Tesoro Excalibur SE Spectrum and it's actually pretty awesome for the price! The new Tesoro Optical switches deliver satisfying feedback. Social media influencer coxy.official recently posted some moving optical illusions, and they are magical. The illusions, made with only paper and pen, work so well they literally figuratively. We offer an extensive variety of optical mirrors to provide an ideal solution for almost any application. Broadband dielectric mirrors offer near total reflection over a wide spectral range and are very durable. Broadband metallic mirrors provide a good combination of performance and value over a very broad spectral range and are relatively insensitive to angle of incidence and polarization

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The strange optical illusion has left thousands of people baffled on social media. The pic was first shared on Reddit and later re-posted on the microblogging platform Twitter by a user who wrote. A fiber optic cable is a type of network cable that uses strands of glass fiber, instead of copper or other metallic material, to transmit data. They were first developed by Toshiba as the TOSLINK system to connect CD players to receivers. Fiber cables support much of the global internet data, but can also deliver everything from phone calls.

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After seeing a thread on Reddit's r/DIY subreddit with a similar idea, Andy and Lisa decided to make a fiber-optic star ceiling in their daughter's nursery. Only this one has a precise star map. Behringer. The USB-connected Behringer U-Control UCA202 has optical-digital output. Of all the hardware out there, only the Behringer U-Control UCA202 states explicitly that it works on a Mac. LiNKFOR Digital Toslink Optical 4x1 Switch with 3ft Optical Cable and IR Remote Control Aluminum Alloy Digital Audio SPDIF Toslink Optical Fiber Switcher 4 in 1 Out for PS3 Xbox Blue-Ray DVD HDTV. 4.5 out of 5 stars 251. $17.55 $ 17. 55 $18.99 $18.99. Get it as soon as Tue, Jul 13 In addition to our Independent Optometrist practice model, in some States you have the opportunity to make an impact as a part-time or full-time salaried Optometrist where you can concentrate on patient care - while enjoying all the stability, salary and benefits that come with working for the world's largest retailer. See All Openings RefFIT is a data analysis program written by dr. Alexey Kuzmenko using the input and feedback from many colleagues over many years. It is designed to fit optical spectra, such as reflectivity, transmission, ellipsometry and Kerr and Faraday rotation using the Drude-Lorentz, Fano, Tauc-Lorentz and many other dielectric-function models

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Coaxial cables are known to lose signal strength over long distances, which is not a concern for the average home user. However, if distance is an issue, then optical cables are the better choice. Finally, coaxial cables do not have enough bandwidth to support high-end surround lossless formats like Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio OpTic Gaming is an American professional esports and entertainment organization headquartered in Frisco, Texas.The organization currently has a franchised Call of Duty team in the Call of Duty League (CDL) branded as OpTic Chicago in partnership with NRG Esports.It previously competed in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Halo 5: Guardians, Gears of War 4, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. ROOFULL External CD DVD Drive USB 3.0 Portable CD/DVD +/-RW ROM Optical Drive Player Burner Reader Writer with Protective Carrying Case Sleeve for Windows 10/11 Laptop Desktop PC, Mac MacBook Pro/ Air 4.6 out of 5 stars 7,671. $26.99 #47. OWC Mercury Pro 5.25 Optical Drive External Enclosure (NO Drive At only just 45 g of actuation force. Razer Linear Optical Switch. A linear switch that actuates at a 1.0mm actuation distance, 16.67% shorter than other linear mechanical switches. At a lightweight 40 g of actuation force. Rapid-fire input Same actuation and reset point for instant reset, for both the Clicky and the Linear Optical Switch

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