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  1. Identify the casting pattern of the ball. Authentic Civil War cannonballs will have three distinct mold markers. The most obvious will be a faint ring around the ball, the mold seam, where the two hemispheres of the casting mold met. The second mold mark will be a circular mark somewhere along the seam
  2. Civil War artillery projectiles are of several types and shapes.The traditional type most people think of is round, a spherical projectile, a CANNON BALL. BALLS were fired from smoothbore cannons
  3. g by today to look at the artifact. Thats what he called it. He wants to measure and weigh it for a more accurate id
  4. Cannonballs were perfectly round, and the weight or diameter should correspond with a 18th/19th century artillery table for proper identification. More than likely, the artillery experts that you mentioned consulted one of these tables, and were unable to find a match. Sometimes it's as simple as that
  5. 8-inch Siege Howitzer. 1.84-1.87. .86. Cannon Bore Diameters. Foreign and/or pre-1860 bore and projectile diameters. will vary from this table. Caliber designation. Bore diameters. in inches

New artillery book is now available for immediate shipping! Click here to order or find out more info and see a sample copy. During the American Civil War more varieties of artillery projectiles and cannon were used than in any other time in military history.The outbreak of hostilities in 1861, found inventors on both sides searching for the perfect blend of sabot, body, and fuze to create the. Round shot or solid shot or a cannonball or simply ball A solid spherical projectile made, in early times, from dressed stone but, by the 17th century, from iron. The most accurate projectile that could be fired by a smooth-bore cannon, used to batter the wooden hulls of opposing ships, forts, or fixed emplacements, and as a long-range anti-personnel weapon This is a brief description of some of the different types of fuses and adapters that were used to help make Civil War artillery cannonballs explode.ssFollow.. Civil War Cannonball Exploded & Killed 140 Years After it Was Fired. Sam White was a dyed-in-the-wool Civil War fanatic. He was never happier than when he was searching for Civil War relics or restoring those that he had found. Sadly, 12 years ago in February 2008, his hobby cost him his life, when a cannonball that he was restoring exploded.

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Civil War cannons. The Problem of Identification: Unless you have personal knowledge of an excavated solid shot from a Civil War location, the authenticity of the object is subject to interpretation. Typically, spherical cast-iron or steel balls are purchased at garag He further limited the number of cannonball weights to a strict set of values: The large gun values were 4, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 32 and 42 pounds ( lb ), where 1 lb = 0.45 kg . The values were based of the various cannonball sizes in use, but some simple calculations shed light as to why these particular weights of cannonball came to be chosen

Cannonballs were solid, round objects that would ricochet off the ground and often used to target fortifications and enemy artillery. Case shot was an anti-personnel projectile, meaning it was used against soldiers. It was a hollow shell filled with scraps of metal called shrapnel Shot from artillery (cannon balls) Most of the cannon balls in the Mary Rose are of iron, and represent some of the earliest cast iron in Britain; a few are made from stone. Stone balls were still in use in small numbers up to the English Civil War (mid 17th century) Shells had been around since at least the 1500s. Solid shot was preferred on Naval vessels till the mid 1800s but shells (which do explode) were preferred on land, except when aimed at solid walls. By the 1500s two things were known that made expl..

Those measurements match up very nearly exactly with a Revolutionary War era 9-pounder caliber Solid-Shot cannonball. It is almost certainly not from the civil war era, because the US Ordnance Department had officially declared 9-pounder caliber cannons to be obsolete many years before the start of the civil war (1861) CIVIL WAR UNION YANK CANNON BALL FUSE WRENCH TYPE 1 DUG SEE INFO BELOW: Details » Buy Now for $165.00 » Buy: $165.00 Ships: Free: $165.00: 1 day 12 hrs 40 min Larry Dale Gordon/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images. Exploding cannonballs were hollow iron balls filled with gunpowder, fit with a fuse and lit before they were placed in a cannon and shot toward the enemy target. While often seen in movies, the exploding variety was less common than solid round shot made of stone or cast iron, due to.

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  1. In movies showing battles from the Civil War and earlier conflicts, cannon-fired projectiles inevitably send up dirt and smoke and flailing stuntmen upon impact. It makes a nice visual and is probably easier to stage than an iron ball bouncing murderously through a division
  2. Metal Cannon balls. Used from 1642-45. 1640's English civil war cannon balls - 18 pounder sized - solid iron balls used in strands of grape. 59mm dia, 1.96lbs. 1640's Civil War cannon ball - 45mm dia- 336g, 11.9oz : 1640's Civil War half pound cannon ball - 7.8oz,39mm: Cannon ball 15oz ( approx 1 pound, 1.9 inches dia
  3. Cannon were identified by the weight of ball they were capable of throwing. By the 1600's this became standardized. Their calibers went from the smallest - a two pounder used with swivel guns, mortars and small bore cannon on specially made carriages, to the largest - a fifty pound garrison gun
  4. Civil War Cannon Ball 2.25 2 lbs. $100.00. $20.40 shipping. or Best Offer. Antique Civil War Cannonball fragment / NEW HOPE CHURCH GA. MAY 25-27, 1864. $74.95. $8.55 shipping

Dec 14, 2016 - Explore Terry Francis's board Cannon balls from 1800 on Pinterest. See more ideas about cannon, artillery, shells Ron S. 9 years ago. I am sorry but sadly I believe you folks have collected Old Sports Shot. Stamp Marks: Most authentic Civil War cannonballs have no stamped numbers or letters on them. Old sports Shot Puts frequently have the numbers: 6, 8, 12 or 16 stamped on them or their metric weight equivalent for more modern Puts This old cannonball caused a bit of a stir. NPS photo. On the morning of April 21, 2009, a local homeowner arrived at the visitor center at Fort Smith National Historic Site in Arkansas with the best of intentions but the worst of plans—he was carrying an old cannonball he'd dug up in his garden. Ranger Jeremy Lynch, the park's historic. Field artillery in the American Civil War refers to the artillery weapons, equipment, and practices used by the Artillery branch to support the infantry and cavalry forces in the field. It does not include siege artillery, use of artillery in fixed fortifications, or coastal or naval artillery.Nor does it include smaller, specialized artillery classified as small arm

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Shiloh may be the only American Civil War Battlefield where this rare, unusual sized projectile was used and only a handful have been found there, Most likely used in an obsolete smoothbore gun. Found many years ago by Bill Shaner on private property. $450.00 . ART 41. Dug 2.9″ Confederate Read-Parrott Common Shell 140-Yr.-Old Cannonball Kills Civil War Fan. May 2, 2008 / 9:41 PM / AP. Sam White got hooked on the U.S. Civil War early, digging up rusting bullets and military buttons in the battle-scarred. Civil War cannonball kills relic collector. Like many boys in the South, Sam White got hooked on the Civil War early, digging up rusting bullets and military buttons in the battle-scarred earth of.

Civil War Era Bayonet - Stamped US, overall 17 long with a 14 flute, socket is 2 5/8, looks to be for a .69 caliber, barrel hole is 82.80MM. I suspect this was made for a cadet rifle. - Price is $ 150.00 plus shipping and insurance. Item - R-48-1801 Re: Cannonball Identification I Believe That You Have There A Confederate 12 Lb Spherical Case Shot, The Iron Filler Plug Is Off Sided On The Round, That Is The Way They Were Made. The Fuse Does Not Look Right To Me There Should Be A Depression In Between The Wrench Lugs, I Think That You Will Find That The Round Has Already Been Deactivated. All of this was setting on approximately 20 acres. The original land and structures included 25 coke ovens, and a lead casting foundry. One of my relatives said he thought the whole operation made cannon balls and musket bullets for the North during the Civil War. After that comment I started looking for ways to research the area McKee & Mason, Civil War Projectiles II - Small Arms & Field Artillery with Supplement This is a hard to find book at much less than $100, but it is the bible for most collectors. Dean S. Thomas, A Handbook of Civil War Bullets & Cartridges This compact but powerful reference is only $12 on Amazon. Dean S. Thomas, Round Ball to Rimfir

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Ballistics tables catering for spherical bullets are only applicable to calibre less than ~1 inch. The smooth bore guns used until the mid 19th century were designed to fire cast-iron round shot, cannonballs, with diameters from 2 to 8 inches, so modelling the performance of such guns requires a return to fundamentals Milton Lastof's answer is fantastic. Here are some additional thoughts. To directly answer the question: (A) Cannonballs were incredibly effective as anti-personnel munitions; and (B) they were primarily used as projectiles intended to kill enemie.. Civil War Era Bayonet - Stamped US, overall 17 long with a 14 flute, socket is 2 5/8, looks to be for a .69 caliber, barrel hole is 82.80MM. I suspect this was made for a cadet rifle. - Price is $ 150.00 plus shipping and insurance. Item - R-48-1801 Discussion form centering on Civil War artillery related items such as artillery shells, cannon balls, primers, fuses, etc. Threads 139 Messages 766. Threads 139 Messages 766. W ***Fuse and frag** Dec 5, 2013; Post any identification requests within this forum. If you don't know what it is, let us try to find an id.. Toying around with an online cannonball-launching game will not, by itself, make you a physics or ballistics expert. This will, however, give you a chance to gain a sense of how the magnitude and direction of changes to the launch angle and velocity can affect the ultimate path of a projectile, and how early warriors also learned to account for their own mistakes in the course of their.

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Musket balls are one of the earliest forms of projectiles that were fired from muskets and rifles His digging produced some old dolls, tool parts, toothbrushes and what appeared to be a Civil-War-era cannonball that they placed on display inside their home, built in 1812 This iconic American Civil War weapon was imported from England by both sides but much more so by the Confederacy. $1650.00 . WP 18. US M-1840 Heavy Cavalry Saber and Scabbard by Horstmann & Sons. Also known as the Wristbreaker or Dragoon saber. Very solid example. Leather grip and wire appear original and untouched Civil War: Reverend William Rippetoe Saber, 1861 Civil War: Veterans 1861-1865, McKinley Day, Campaign ribbon, 1892 This project is made possible by a grant from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services, administered by the Indiana State Library

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Civil War Cannon Ball 2.5 3 lbs. $30.00. 0 bids. $17.56 shipping. Ending Friday at 1:24PM PDT. 3d. or Best Offer. Vintage 1-1/2 Civil War Canister Shot Canon Ball. Very Good Condition Civil War Artillery Fuses. $85.00. Civil War Artillery Shell Fuse Igniter. $45.00. 3 Schenkl Artillery Shell. $475.00. Artillery Limber Pole Pad. $215.00. Confederate Read-Parrott Shell Remarkable Iron Cannonball from American Revolutionary War period. This solid iron cannonball measures approx. 5 in diameter and weighs approx. 20 pounds. The ball has an earlier label that state: Cannonball found at Sylvan Beach, Oneida Lake, NY; Rev War. It is believed to be a British cannonball from around the time of the Revolutionary War, potentially fired from a 5 1/2 bore culverin. Civil War Relics. HAND CANNON! Original Civil War Period Pinfire .44 Caliber Double Barrel Steel Frame Antique Pistol Certified. Add to cart. Quick View. Civil War Relics. Original Outstanding Civil War Non-Excavated U.S. Belt Plate (Buckle) Never Cleaned! Certified By The Gettysburg Museum Of History. $ 329.00

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A couple searching for shells, artifacts and other treasures on Folly Beach found two Civil War-era cannonballs unearthed by Hurricane Dorian Very Nice Original Civil War Bullet Embedded In Wood Recovered At The Richmond Battlefield Certified. $ 159.00. Add to cart. Quick View. Civil War Relics. Original Outstanding Civil War Non-Excavated U.S. Belt Plate (Buckle) Never Cleaned! Certified By The Gettysburg Museum Of History. $ 329.00. Add to cart But in many ways the Civil War rifle-musket was a brand new weapon that boasted the best features of its predecessors. It also had a more reliable ignition system and, more important, it fired a greatly improved projectile, the minié bullet. The lineage of the Civil War rifle-musket reaches back to early-17th-century France

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The Civil War Campaign Medal was authorized only upon publication of the War Department General Order 12 in 1907.It was to be issued for service between April 15, 1861, and April 9, 1865, or service in Texas through August 20, 1866. It was authorized for both Union and Confederate veterans of the Civil War. pinterest-pin-it Mills was a soldier and General from the Civil War on through the Indian wars and starting making these belts with Orndorf. probably due to the fact that this Civil War Cannonball has been in water or wet ground. APPROVED JUNE 14, 1902.--- NEW YORK. ARMY AND NAVY JOURNAL. 1903. Inside it's id'd in pencil to Roy E. Butz. fair to good. G-15 - Eagle Officers Belt Plate. Post War. Circa 1874 - 1890 Maker Horstmann Bros & Co. Philadelphia. For some reason pre civil war and post war Horstmann plates were made with the eagle looking toward the left, arrows. All other makers of the Eagle Officers plate the eagle looks toward the right Cannon are typically rated by the weight of their projectiles. The most commonly used cannon during the Revolutionary War were 3-pound galloper and the steadier 6-pound guns, although larger.

Civil War-Era Cannonballs Unearthed by Hurricane Matthew At first, we just thought it was a rock, Aaron Lattin, a South Carolinian who found the artillery with his girlfriend Alba, explains. The Duquesne Greys drilled at Allegheny Arsenal in 1870 between rows of surplus cannons and stacks of cannonballs left over from the Civil War. Ordnance officers long had known that canister and grapeshot were the most effective rounds. When fired at close range, the small balls in these cases scattered like a giant shotgun blast and devastated. 1. Shop Now! 1864 CIVIL WAR F-50/342 j UNION FOR EVER 1864 CIVIL WAR TOKEN F-50/342 j UNION FOR EVER MS 1864 CIVIL WAR F-50/342 j UNION FOR EVER 1864 CIVIL WAR TOKEN F-50/342 j UNION FOR EVER MS Shop The Napoleon 12-pounder Civil War Cannon will become a center piece in the Tennessee State Museum currently undergoing renovation and scheduled to open its door to the public in 2018. After the discovery of the cannon ball lodged in the cannon, the TSM needed to seek expert help to remove the projectile before exhibiting the Civil War-era. Civil War Cannons Recovered From South Carolina River Two Confederate and one Union cannon were removed from the Pee Dee River after a six-year search by archaeologists. WDP

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Collector of Civil War Relics, author of three books, Civil War Relics of the Western Campaigns, 1861-1865, The Lookout Mountain Cave Guns, co-author of Never Mace a Skunk II, The Legends Continue. Web page has many photos of our Civil War Museum Civil War Artillery Types. Civil War artillery barrels came in two varieties. They were either smoothbore or rifled. Smoothbore artillery such as the Napoleon were made of bronze and shot round iron cannonballs.. Rifled artillery pieces such as the 10-pounder Parrott rifle and the 3-inch Ordnance rifle were made of cast iron and wrought iron and used conical shaped shells 1800s Civil war flask, 1860 1/2 pint Union Clasp hands aqua flask, Beautiful undamaged 1860s clasp hands Union shielded flask,Awesome bottle Huffsvintageantiques 5 out of 5 stars (90) Sale Price $139.95 $ 139.95 $ 155.50 Original Price $155.50 (10%. PISTOLS OF ALEXANDER HAMILTON AT AUCTION. Shop our diverse selection of Antique Guns, Colt Firearms, Civil War and other Swords and Artifacts for sale at www.HistoricalArms.com, nationally recognized dealers and appraisers of Antique Arms and Accessories. We identify, authenticate, appraise, buy, sell and trade Historical Artifacts for owners and collectors at all levels

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5 Civil War Cannon Balls? I purchased these a few years ago and forgot I had them. The 2 large opens appear to be 12lb ones and the 3 smaller range in the 2-6 lb. range, I would guess. One of the smaller ones has a piece of white tape with Civil War written and a partial date, of when it was likely found 10 Places In Kentucky Where Deadly Evidence Of War Remains. Kentucky was a bloody battleground decades ago. Although the ground has long dried up, evidence of the destruction still remains. Scattered across the Bluegrass State are historic cannons, cannon balls, and other wartime artifacts Civil War Artifacts from the Battle of Pilot Knob, Iron County, Missouri Figure 1. Spherical shell fragments from a 24-pounder cannon ball. Fragments are placed on a template of the 5.68-inch-diameter ball; the largest is 3.4-x-3.2 inches. Chalk marks on edges of the right fragment indicate thickness. Figure 2 Is this a Civil War Cannonball. I found a few of these that I believe are Confederate Cannon Balls. I found them in Kentucky at a Railroad bridge that was know to have had a few Civil War skirmishes between the Union Army and Morgan's Raiders. It is 3'' in diameter and weighs about 4 pounds. Is this a Cannonball Neat 1/2 Sectioned 12# Wood Fuse Civil War Cannonball with Polygonal Cavity Click image to view item details. Item #: B1633. Price: $235.00 Petersburg Found Confederate 3 Inch Smooth Sided Read Shell Click image to view item details. Item #: B1629. Sale Pending. 3 Inch Hotchkiss Shell Nose With Brass Time Fuze Holder Intact.

View this item and discover similar for sale at 1stDibs - American Civil War era iron cannon balls found in Tennessee. Great decorative conversation pieces. Four Available. Please note that these are priced individually Location: SE SD. Posts: 10,784. Civil War Identification Book. Vlad and I have a Civil War Collector Price Guide. We won it at a MD Club Christmas Party. It doesn't have very many pictures in it, but I went ahead and took some photos, just in case it may help someone ID there finds. Of course the book is pretty thick, so I can't take pictures. The term Store Card is also used at an earlier date than the Civil War, and there are other books, such as Edgar H.Adams' United States Store Cards which refer mostly to the period between the Hard Times and Civil War periods rather than to the Civil War itself. This period is sometimes known as the Compromise period. 9.3

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York County and Newport News, VA | Apr 5 - May 4, 1862. Frustrated in his attempt to outflank the Confederate defenders along the Warwick River at Lee's Mill on April 5, 1862, Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan decided instead to besiege the Rebel lines. He ordered gun emplacements built between the James and York Rivers outside of Yorktown and. Civil War cannon . Popular SVG vectors SVG ID: 69338 . Tags. artillery battle artillery artwork attack axe background battle battlefield beard black blade bomb bombing boom brazil bullet calling cannon cannon ball cannon balls cannonball canon card cartoon civil civil war classic clip art clip-art clipart club colour combat Confederate. Every Civil War collection should have one of these.--$125.SOLD. Excellent condition, original Civil War pestle from a mortar and pestle set. This is a very nice Civil War medical item that would be a nice addition to any collection.--$125

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  1. A nice, authentic, American-made Revolutionary War Period 4 lb. Cannon Ball. Found along with several other Cannon Balls, at the site of the Northampton Furnace/Forge which commenced operations, in 1759; and under the direction of the Maryland Council of Safety, supplied cannons and shot, during the Revolution)
  2. Cannon balls can explode, during the civil war era cannon balls were in use that were just a hallow shell of metal and had gun powder and pieces of metal on the inside an di fuse was placed in the.
  3. ated in the placement of a Civil War casualty monument complex in the old Soldiers and Sailors' Park (East Front Street, Monroe) in 2014. The site is where the Custer equestrian statue stood from 1922 to 1955, at the head of Navarre Street
  4. Scott and his wife, Debi, live in York, Pa., and for more than a decade, he was written this blog, Cannonball, on the Civil War history of York County. His great-great-grandfather was a 15-year-old drummer and rifleman in the 51st Ohio Infantry under General George Pap Thomas, and other family members fought at Antietam and Gettysburg in.
  5. 'Live' Civil War Cannonball Found, Detonated in Georgia. Posted on December 2, 2016 by Kevin Hobster. In early November, 1864, Union Army General William Tecumseh Sherman gave the following orders (amidst others) to his troops from their position In the Field in Kingston, Georgia

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An Identification Guide to Recovered Colonial & Revolutionary War Artifacts. Timothy J. McGuire. Timothy J. McGuire. 3.2 out of 5 stars. 16. Paperback. $34.95. Warman's Civil War Collectibles: Identification And Price Guide. John F. Graf Cannon shot. Case, aka Shrapnel. Field artillery in the American Civil War refers to the important artillery weapons, equipment, and practices used by the Artillery branch to support the infantry and cavalry forces in the field. It does not include siege artillery, use of artillery in fixed fortifications, or coastal or naval artillery FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. (WBFF) — The Maryland State Fire Marshals bomb squad diffused a live, unexploded Civil War-era cannonball found in Frederick County, roughly 55 miles west of Baltimore

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  1. If you have a Civil War relic or a collection of Civil War relics that you would like to sell, then please contact me; I am always interested in buying new items. I am interested in everything from individual items to boxes of miscellaneous dug Civil War relics. If in the event you are unsure of what you have, please feel free to contact me for.
  2. The Civil War was a time of great social and political upheaval. It was also a time of great technological change. Inventors and military men devised new types of weapons, such as the repeating.
  3. Civil War cannon balls sizes. Low Prices on Cannon Balls The largest cannonball projectile - fired in active service during the war - was fired from a mortar known as the Dictator, which had to be sent to the front lines on a railroad car. It was capable of firing a 13-inch shell, that weighed 225 pounds, at targets two miles away . Cannon Bore Diameters Foreign and/or pre-1860 bore and.
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The first cannonball found is now in a museum, but the new one will stay at the home, where it belongs. It was a part of the tree for at least 157 years, and it will stay with the house, he. SOLD. Horn Handle Id'd Civil War Razor - WIA at Gettysburg - This fine example of a Civil War period razor has the following name and regimental ID engraved on one side of the horn handles: Wm. Boardman . 119 New York Vols . Engraved on the blade is: THE CELEBRATED MEDIUM SIZE HOLLOW GROUND RAZOR Iowa Civil War Monuments Woodbury County: Moville GPS Coordinates: 42.496433 by -96.056483. Civil War Monument This monument is in Arlington Cemetery on the NE side of town and just north of the golf course. Take Main Street east to the east side of town - then north to the cemetery. There are indentations for cannon balls near the monument RMATJPTN - A Civil War era mortar cannon and cannon balls sit in front of a tattered American Flag, The Battery, Charleston, SC RM E0E97H - Re-enactors dressed in Civil War era hoop skirts stand at during Confederate Memorial Day events at Magnolia Cemetery April 10, 2014 in Charleston, SC The American Civil War, arguably the most traumatic event in the history of the United States, was fought from 1861 to 1865, the culmination of sectional issues which deeply divided the country between a pro-Federal government North and a pro-states rights, pro-slavery South, whose eleven states formed a breakaway government called the Confederate States of America

Cannon balls are stacked in front of the stone monument. A cannon and more ammunition are displayed in front of a park bench. This item was part of the Indiana History Train 2006 exhibit: Faces of the Civil War Found: 200-Year-Old Cannonball From French and Indian War Potentially still live, the incendiary device has been moved to a safe location to be neutralized The 1759 cannonball (Lafontaine Inc.

Civil War Era Cannon Ball Found In Tennessee at 1stdibsCivil War Cannon Ball | Collectors WeeklyFound a Civil War cannon ball today!!UPDATED New pics ofCivil War Era Cannon Ball

Military and wartime antiques and memorabilia include an enormously wide variety of objects. From the battlefield, there are the uniforms, wristwatches, medals, buttons, and trench art worn, used, and created by those on the front lines. On the homefront, there are the war and propaganda posters produced to keep morale high in difficult times, the postcards mailed to and received by loved ones. The American Civil War was exceptional in its brutality and the loss of American lives. It took place in the violent sweet spot in history after the American adoption of guerrilla warfare, rifled weapons, and repeating weapons, and before the proliferation of modern hygienic and medical standards, as well as the invention of antibiotics Civil War Connection- New Arrivals & Specials. M197. Dug Pinfire Revolver- Caliber 7mm, cool relic, would enhance any collection $210.00. M198. Dug Percussion Pistol- Fine condition, Ornate Lockplate, very cool relic, dug near Vicksburg $295.00. BP88 They'd found a Civil War cannonball in the chimney of an 1890s townhouse. Live bombs from past conflicts can linger for years, often decades. Or in the case of Civil War bombs, well over a century 4 Americana Civil War Cannon, each with a Stack of Cannon Balls 6 sections Marx recast Split Rail Fence 56-piece Marx Recast Crop Set to make The Cornfield 1 24-piece Marx recast Civil War Accessory set 30 Marx recast Dead Trees, Rocks and Stumps 4 C.T.S. Trees 2 M.P.C. recast Rocky Defense positions Reusable Playset bo

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