Yashica Mat won't fire

crank stuck/shutter doesnt firejust bought it

  1. polyurethanewheels: hello all - yashica newbie here... bought what i thought was a very nice yashica mat this weekend at an estate sale for 90 bucks. the son of the man who passed away said his father had used it just 3-4 years ago but he didnt know much else about it. it is clean as a whistle - no noticeable marks on the lenses or viewfinder - the body is clean - seriously looks great
  2. or. Does anyone know a good, reasonable repair person for this Yashica Mat 124? Or have any idea to get the shutter to work? The film advanced.
  3. The Yashica Mats are fine cameras but one flaw that they do have is the tendency for the shutter mechanism to lock if the self timer is used with the flash selector in the M position. Unless you're planning on using old-style flash bulbs, you won't use the M setting anyway. The problem is so prevalent that people that do repair work on.
  4. Oct 5, 2014. #26. This happens occasionally on my Yashica-Mat. Wiggling fixes it - try alternating wiggling the crank and pressing the shutter button. (Which is not to say that it isn't buggered - apparently some Yashica owners mod theirs to stop the flash syncho lever ever moving - just that it might not be) OP
  5. Yashica FX film advance lever stuck and shutter won't fire. Close. 5. Posted by 7 years ago. Archived. Yashica FX film advance lever stuck and shutter won't fire. I thought about posting this in r/analog but it would get buried in the old ask anything -thread so here goes
  6. A jammed wind crank on a Yashica Mat 124G. This tutorial shows how to remove the wind crank and side panel so as to access and correct on cause of a jammed w..
  7. der in it. The two smaller knobs are the spool releases. (Daniel J. Schneider) The leaf shutter has speeds ranging from 1/500 second down to 1 second, and Bulb. The aperture has 5 curved blades and stops down to a

Yashica Mat 124 repair Photrio

  1. My Yashica camera's film advance lever will not pull back very far. The shutter button is loose too, but when I press it the shutter does not release. The shutter looks intact, but may not work. It moves with the film advance and won't go very far. I'll probably have to open up the top and take a look at the shutter release
  2. I fixed it
  3. I bought a Yashica D and thought i'd be clever and test the shutter speeds with my trusty shutter speed tester, so I set the shutter speed, opened the back, cocked the shutter and tried to fire. Nope. Worked fine before. So, I closed the back and shutter still won't fire. I guess it did not like being fired with the back open
  4. Shutter won't fire. packetst0rm 1:54pm, 3 September 2008. I've just purchase myself a yashica-24. I'm having trouble getting the shutter to fire. I've got it set to X and I've wound on and cocked the shutter. This only allows me to press the button in...the shutter just doesnt seem to open! the timer gets bumped on my Yashica-D and it.
  5. Inside the Yashica Electro 35 If you're here, you already know that the Yashica Electro is one of the best picture-takers your lunch money can buy. You also know that they're as common as they are inexpensive, and that they are as likely as not to have at least one age-related problem or another, so pick up a couple while you're at it.
  6. Whats going on youtube, last week we went out on little family trip so i took out the yashica mat 124, shot some portraits 400 and also fuji 400h. I planned..

I love it. My partner recently bought me another Yashica Mat, (a much cleaner and tidier one) but I've noticed it won't focus right to infinity. I've just run a film through it and have yet to develop it. Now, I have noticed a difference between my 2 Yashica's. My first one has a Copal MXV shutter and the other, new one has a Copal SV shutter beatuniversity: Hi, I've had this camera for 20 years but it's been in storage for awhile. I just retrieved it a few days ago, & although it seems to work just fine, the shutter doesn't open & close as I'm testing it. I thought the problem was with the timer. This morning I slid it over to activate it. Since that time, the shutter hasn't opened, but I'm not sure it was opening before this The fire started around 2:15 p.m. on Franklin Crossing Road, and soon thick smoke poured from the third floor. READ MORE: Police Seek Suspect After Woman Shot And Killed In Malden Hom

Yashica-Mat The Mat was introduced around 1957, in similar general format to the Yashica-D, and it's not clear which exactly came first. The Mat series take the Rolleiflex route of wind lever and auto-cocking shutter. Taking lens is Yashinon 80mm f3.5 Shutter is Copal MXV, 1 to 1/500: Yashica-Mat L YASHICA MAT-124G GEBRAUCHSANWEISUNG YASHICA MAT-124G FOLLETO DE INSTRUCCIONES YASHICA MAT-124G MODE D'EMPLOI . Click here to PDF manual created from this HTML file - Better Printing - Click for close up lens information . FEATURES Type: Twin-lens reflex camera accepting either 120 (12 exposures) or 220 (24 exposures) film. Lens: YASHINON 80 mat. David, I have a Yashica Mat 124 and an Autocord L. Without film, either will wind indefinitely, since they haven't sensed the film. As far as I know winding without film does no damage. Do download the manual from orphan cameras as mentioned above

yashica mat 124 g issues Photo

Yashica-Mat crank won't wind either way Talk Photograph

Official MapQuest website, find driving directions, maps, live traffic updates and road conditions. Find nearby businesses, restaurants and hotels. Explore Connect the won't format SD card to PC. Step 2. Right-click on This PC/My Computer> Manage > Disk Management. Step 3. Locate and right-click on SD card, select Change drive letter, and paths. Step 4. Re-select a new drive letter for your SD card and click OK to confirm A camera is an optical device used to capture videos or images. Most cameras are essentially sealed boxes with a small hole that allows light to come through. The image is then captured on a light-sensitive surface. Joseph Nicéphore Niépce is credited with capturing the first permanent photograph in 1825. Although digital photography has. Also, if this is a new-to-you camera that hasn't been used, do a bunch of dry firing to see if it loosens up. Beyond these, I think someone will need to go inside the camera to clean and track down the problem- lots of other places for a Yashica Mat to bind up but all inside If your fire pit has a metal base with legs and sits over grass, wood or composite decking (or some other surface you don't want damaged by high heat), consider a protective fire mat

First of all. Get yourself some basic tools, and don't skimp. The best source is www.micro-tools.com, kind of like the amazon.com of camera repair. They have EVERYTHING and the prices are good. Then there's always the old standby, your local Radio Shack, where you can outfit yourself with all the basics: sets of precision screwdrivers, needle files, precision tweezers and clamps, dental. In addition to the regular fire apparatus and personnel assigned to the incident, the FDNY also deployed its only Haz-Mat unit, its mobile command center, its field communications unit, all its five rescue units, both of its high-rise units, six of its seven squad units, and one of its two tactical support units. Fatalities by fire compan

Yashica FX film advance lever stuck and shutter won't fire

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Fix Old Cameras: Yashica Mat 124G Wind Crank - YouTub

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Yashica-Mat: The simple, elegant essence of a TLR - Daniel

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Yashica Lynx 14. Nikon F meter 14. Yashica-Mat 124/124G. 1) Many cameras can take a PX625A 1.5V alkaline (aka Energizer E625G) battery directly. 2) Others can take a PX-625A with adjustments made to the metering circuitry. You can solder your own diode in directly, if you have the right skills (don't ask me, I don't) The insulating alumina fiber has a fire proofing grade of B2 with a distortion temperature of 200-degrees to give drivers peace of mind that their exhaust won't set alight. We particularly love its tri-layer construction with a stellar 10mm thickness. The adhesion itself is unbelievably sticky and certainly won't come off without a fight

Film advance and shutter will not work on my Yashica camer

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Yashica MAT 124 Stuck ShutterI fixed it!! - YouTub

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Yashica D - stuck shutter Photrio

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Shutter won't fire Yashica TLR Unlimited Flick

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