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The Morrill Act: Celebrating 150 Years

  1. The Legacy and the Promise: 150 Years of Land-Grant Universities
  2. What is Land-grant university?, Explain Land-grant university, Define Land-grant university
  3. Boiler Bytes: The Morrill Act
  4. Morrill Act, 1862 - Hear and Read the Land Grant College Act - Abraham Lincoln
  5. University District: The Civil War and the Morrill Act
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Morrill Act Celebration - Market Journal - September 28, 2012

  1. Morrill Act
  2. Morrill Act of 1862 - New Mexico State University
  3. Celebrating the Morrill Act
  4. 125th Anniversary of the Second Morrill Act of 1890
  5. How a Homestead Exemption Protects You!

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17. Homefronts and Battlefronts: Hard War and the Social Impact of the Civil War

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PPT - Exploring American History Unit VI – A Growing University of Florida: Land Grant