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  1. The following articles are merged in Scholar. Their combined citations are counted only for the first article. Merged citations. This Cited by count includes citations to the following articles in Scholar. JL Furman, ME Porter, S Stern. Research policy 31 (6), 899-933, 2002. 3561
  2. Jason Furman, nonresident senior fellow, joined the Peterson Institute for International Economics in January 2017. He served as a top economic adviser to President Barack Obama during the previous eight years, including as the 28th chair of the Council of Economic Advisers from August 2013 to January 2017, acting as both Obama's chief economist and a member of the cabinet
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Jason Furman, Lawrence H. Summers and Jason Bordoff, Achieving progressive tax reform in an increasingly globalized economy (Washington, DC, Hamilton Project, Brookings Institution, 2007 ). Google Scholar Jason Furman. On the C-SPAN Networks: Jason Furman was a Chair for Council of Economic Advisers in the White House with 46 videos in the C-SPAN Video Library; the first appearance was a 2004 Call. the increasing dominance of companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Uber, AirBNB, Walmart, and Federal Express in their sectors. The superstar rm model emphasizes rm hetero-geneity in the evolution of industry-level and aggregate labor share. Third, we present an array o In a week long Los Angeles Times 'Dust Up' series, Jason Furman, a Brookings scholar and an advisor to President Clinton, and author-economist Steven E. Landsburg discuss the U.S. economy and. Google Scholar. Bonilla-Silva, Eduardo. 1997. Rethinking Racism: Toward a Structural Interpretation. American Sociological Review 62: 465-480. Spriggs, William and Jason Furman. 2006. African-Americans and Social Security: The Implications of Reform Proposals. Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Accessed June 3, 2013. http.

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The reports are: (1) Jason Furman, Is This Time Different? Google Scholar. Akerman, Anders, Ingvil Gaarder, and Magne Mogstad. 2015 The Skill Complementarity of Broadband Internet. Quarterly Journal of Economics 130(4), 1781-1824. First citation in article. Crossref Google Scholar Jason Furman Chair (Former) White House->Council of Economic Advisers Hank Johnson Jr. U.S. Representative [D] Georgia Roslyn Layton Visiting Scholar American Enterprise Institut 1 Visiting Scholar, New York University's Wagner Graduate School of Public Service. The author has never received payment from Wal-Mart of any kind. E-mail: jason.furman@nyu.edu. 2 Global Insight, 2005, The Economic Impact of Wal-Mart. 3 Arindrajit Dube, Barry Eidlin, and Bill Lester, October 2005, The Impact of Wal-Mart Growth on Earning Furman University does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, pregnancy, disability, age, religion, veteran status, or any other characteristic or status protected by applicable local, state, or federal law in admission, treatment, or access to, or employment in, its programs and activities —Jason Furman, Harvard Kennedy School and former chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers Dani Rodrik is one of the most original thinkers today on economics and development. In Straight Talk on Trade , he explains why there is so much discontentment with the multilateral system, and offers interesting proposals for how we.

[PMC free article] [Google Scholar] 25. Raveh B, London N, Zimmerman L, Schueler-Furman O. Rosetta FlexPepDock ab-initio: simultaneous folding, docking and refinement of peptides onto their receptors The Pleasures of Computer Gaming: Essays on Cultural History, Theory and Aesthetics edited by Melanie Swalwell and Jason Wilson. McFarland Company, Jefferson, NC, U.S.A., 2008. 197 pp., illus. Google Scholar. Crossref. Related Articles. The Sound of The Birds. October Jason Furman. When the President Calls: Conversations with Economic.

2020-21 Basketball Season Tickets. tickets@furman.edu. Easy Ticketing - How To Go Mobile. 2021 Football Season Ticket FAQs. 2021-22 Basketball Season Ticket FAQ. Text to 864-294-3594. Furman University Sales Academy. Furman Athletics Fund. Furman Athletics Fund B. AI and Productivity. The best collection of current research on the link between AI and the economy appears in The Economics of Artificial Intelligence ( EAI ), an NBER handbook edited by Ajay Agarwal, Joshua Gans, and Avi Goldfarb. A wide variety of topics are covered, including, for example, the effects of AI on competition policy (Varian. Combating Inequality: Rethinking Government's Role. Leading economists and policymakers consider what economic tools are most effective in reversing the rise in inequality. Economic inequality is the defining issue of our time. In the United States, the wealth share of the top 1% has risen from 25% in the late 1970s to around 40% today 35. 2013. Bringing the Stages Back in: Social Network Ties and Start‐up firms' Access to Venture Capital in China. Y Wang. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal 10 (3), 300-317. , 2016. 28 *. 2016. The power of local networks: Returnee entrepreneurs, school ties, and firm performance Google Scholar Rydelius PA : Children of alcoholic parents: At risk to experience violence and to develop violent behavior, in Chiland D , Young JG (eds): Children and Violence. Northvale, NJ , Jason Aronson , 1994 , 72 — 90

Go to the article, Google Scholar, Google Scholar 2 C.E. Steuerle , Implementing Employer and Individual Mandates, Health Affairs 13 , no. 2 ( 1994 ): 54 -68 We examined the role of affect (pleasant or unpleasant feelings) and decision frames (gains or losses) in risk taking in a 20-day stock investment simulation in which 101 participants rated their current feelings while making investment decisions. As predicted, affect attenuated the relationships between decision frames and risk taking. After experiencing losses, individuals made more risky. March 2, 2018. The New Arms Race in AI. Wall Street Journal, sec. Life. Google Scholar; James Barrat. 2013. Our Final Invention: Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era. Thomas Dunne Books, New York. Google Scholar Digital Jason Furman. Harvard University, USA, Gary Marchant. Arizona State University, USA, Huw Price. Katya Klinova. As the Head of AI, Labor, and the Economy, Katya Klinova directs the strategy and execution of the AI, Labor, and the Economy Research Programs at the Partnership on AI, focusing on studying the mechanisms for steering AI progress towards greater equality of opportunity and improving the working conditions along the AI supply chain Stephanie Bell. Stephanie is a Research Fellow working on the AI and Shared Prosperity Initiative. Her work focuses on ensuring technological gains from AI translate into equitable economic growth and high quality jobs. She is particularly interested in finding ways to include the perspectives of front-line workers in AI design and development.

Combating Inequality. : Rethinking Government's Role. Edited by. Olivier Blanchard, Olivier Blanchard. Olivier Blanchard is C. Fred Bergsten Senior Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics and Robert Solow Professor of Economics Emeritus at MIT. He was Chief Economist at the International Monetary Fund from 2008 to 2015 The phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase (PI3K) pathway regulates cellular metabolism and is upregulated in many cancers, making it an attractive chemotherapeutic target. Wortmannin is a potent inhibitor of PI3K; however, its potential as a chemotherapeutic is limited due to its instability, lack of selectivity, and lengthy chemical synthesis. In contrast, hibiscone C, a structurally simpler and less.

Jason Furman, nonresident senior fellow, joined the Peterson Institute for International Economics in January 2017. He served as a top economic adviser to President Barack Obama during the previous eight years, including as the 28th chair of the Council of Economic Advisers from August 2013 to January 2017, acting as both Obama's chief economist and a member of the cabinet Jason Furman (born August 18, 1970) is an American economist and professor at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government and a Senior Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics. On June 10, 2013, Furman was named by President Barack Obama as chair of the Council of Economic Advisers (CEA). Furman has also served as the Deputy Director of the National Economic. Jason Furman Harvard Kennedy School 79 John F. Kennedy St. Box 82 Cambridge, MA 02138 jason_furman@hks.harvard.edu Robert Seamans NYU Stern School of Business 44 West 4th Street, KMC 7-58 New York, NY 10012 rseamans@stern.nyu.ed Jason Furman, chair of President Obama's Council of Economic Advisers, explains that the recovery can be very very fast, because people go back to their original job, they get called back from furlough, you put the lights back on in your business. (Lizza & Lippman, 2020) Crossref Google Scholar; Andrews, Margaret S and Katherine L Clancy. 1993. The Political Economy of the Food Stamp Program in the United States. Furman, Jason, Cecilia Muñoz, and Sandra Black. 2015. Long-Term Benefits of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

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  1. Conservative economists back Jason Furman for key White House pos
  2. The nasal mite Halarachne halichoeri (Acari; Halarachnidae) is adapted to live in the marine environment with pinnipeds as its primary host and can cause different levels of upper respiratory disease in both harbour seals (Phoca vitulina) and grey seals (Halichoerus grypus).Historical reports of H. halichoeri occurring in seals from German waters date back to the end of the 19th century
  3. Jason A. Oliver Affiliation: Duke University School of Medicine, Durham, North Carolina, USA (Furman, Reference Furman 2002; Furman & Shaffer, Reference Furman, Shaffer and Florsheim 2003). View all Google Scholar citations for this article

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Each year vast international resources are wasted on irreproducible research. The scientific community has been slow to adopt standard software engineering practices, despite the increases in high-dimensional data, complexities of workflows, and computational environments. Here we show how scientific software applications can be created in a reproducible manner when simple design goals for. Megastore is a storage system developed to meet the requirements of today's interactive online services. Megastore blends the scalability of a NoSQL datastore with the convenience of a traditional RDBMS in a novel way, and provides both strong consistency guarantees and high availability From OpenMarket.org | The Competitive Enterprise Institute Blog |By John Berlau In between playing at the Lincoln Memorial for Barack Obama's inaugural concer Google Scholar; Rothman, Jason 2008. Why All Counter-Evidence to the Critical Period Hypothesis in Second Language Acquisition Is not Equal or Problematic. Language and Linguistics Compass, Vol. 2, Issue. 6, p. 1063. Furman, Rich Loya, Melody Aye Jones, Susanna and Hugo, Russell 2013

Abstract: Reviews the design choices underpinning universal basic income (UBI), discussing the corresponding evidence base and then examining key thematic areas that trigger interest in a UBI, including changes in labor markets, social protection reform, governance of natural resource wealth, and the rights agenda Director and Arthur F. Burns Scholar in Political Economy - Economic Policy Studies, American Enterprise Institute. MODERATOR Adam Posen President - Peterson Institute for International Economics 'What about the federal debt?' presentation. Jason Furman Former Brookings Expert Professor of the Practice of Economic Policy - Harvard Universit Google Scholar Google Scholar 8 V. Colliver , Stuck on the Job: Fear of Losing Insurance Keeps Workers from Moving On, San Francisco Chronicle , 12 June 2003 . Google Scholar Google Scholar CAS Google Scholar 5. Olshevsky, U., Furman, C. & Sodroski, J. Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 gp120 envelope glycoprotein regions important for association with the gp41 transmembrane.

This technique differs from that of Furman et al. [], and that of Lee et al. [], in that it adds lateral rotation to neck flexion.It resembles the technique of Dreyfuss et al. [] but has the patient lying prone rather than in lateral decubitus.The most significant innovations of the present technique are that lateral rotation displaces the vertebral artery medially, aiming high at the. To promote best practices in education, it is important to be familiar with the highest level of evidence in the contemporary literature. However, the quality of medical education literature is variable and there is a need to improve quality and identify where further research is needed.1-7 Leaders in medical education have suggested that authors should use validated instruments for. The interplay between antigen-presenting cells and T lymphocytes forms an indispensable component of adaptive immunity, yet certain neoplastic, autoimmune, parasitic, and infectious diseases subvert adaptive immunity by specifically misdirecting helper T-cell polarity. 1,2 A common mechanism of immune subversion is the aberrant recruitment of a Th2-dominant response that promotes B-cell. Purpose The sibling relationship teaches children to navigate social interactions with their peers. However, the presence of an exceptionality, such as hearing loss, in one child can affect the dynamic of this relationship. This article examines quantitative and qualitative effects of having a brother or sister with a cochlear implant (CI) on siblings with typical hearing (TH) to determine how. Tian L, Vassy JL, Ritchie CS, Lee CC, Kim DH. How to Quantify and Interpret Treatment Effects in Comparative Clinical Studies of COVID-19. Ann Intern Med. 2021 05; 174 (5):731-732. PMID: 33999681

Mitigating the COVID Economic Crisis: Act Fast and Do Whatever It Takes. Richard Baldwin, Beatrice Weder di Mauro 18 March 2020. Leading economists from around the world are calling for swift policy action to mitigate the economic damage from the global pandemic. In this second eBook on the coronavirus from CEPR and Vox, the experts are. Back Matter in: IMF Working Papers Volume 2021 Issue 080 (2021) Back Matter. Author: Philippe Aghion, Reda Cherif, and Fuad Hasanov. Publication Date: 19 Mar 2021. ISBN: 9781513574172 Google Scholar; Acheson J. M. , Knight J. 2000. Distribution fights, coordination games, and lobster management. Comparative Studies in Society and History, 42 (1): 209-238. Google Scholar; Barnett M. L. 2006. Finding a working balance between competitive and communal strategy. Journal of Management Studies, 43: 1753-1773. Google Scholar Nonstructural protein 5A (NS5A) of hepatitis C virus (HCV) is an indispensable component of the HCV replication and assembly machineries. Although its precise mechanism of action is not yet clear, current evidence indicates that its structure and function are regulated by the cellular peptidylprolyl isomerase cyclophilin A (CyPA). CyPA binds to proline residues in the C-terminal half of NS5A.

Article Google Scholar 3. Grandel H, Kaslin J, Ganz J, Wenzel I, Brand M. Neural stem cells and neurogenesis in the adult zebrafish brain: origin, proliferation dynamics, migration and cell fate. Dev Biol. 2006;295(1):263-77. CAS Article Google Scholar 4. Alunni A, Bally-Cuif L Jason A Dubovsky, Kyle A Beckwith, Jennifer A. Woyach, Samantha M. Jaglowski, Joshua Hessler, Betty Y. Chang, Karilyn Larkin, Matthew R Stefanovski, Frank W Frissora, Lisa L. Smith, Kelly A Smucker, Joseph M. Flynn, Jeffrey A. Jones, Leslie A Andritsos, Kami Maddocks, Amy Lehman, Richard R. Furman, Jeff Sharman, Anjali Mishra, Michael A. Caligiuri, Joseph J. Buggy, Natarajan Muthusamy, Amy J. Abstract. Adopting a work-play framework that attends to the adaptive, self-enhancing potential of play in work and human development contributes to an enhanced conceptualization of careers, both within career theory generally and the developmental perspective on careers specifically. Such a framework also promotes investigations of the.

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Google Scholar Because improvements are needed for outcomes in patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, especially those with activated B cell-like or non-germinal centre B-cell-like subtype, we did a phase 1b study to assess the safety and efficacy of ibrutinib in combination with R-CHOP in patients with untreated B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma Failure of the tibial post in a bicruciate substituting total knee prosthesis is a rare but catastrophic complication. The authors report 2 cases of a fracture of the polyethylene tibial post with subsequent episodes of knee subluxation. Prompt recognition and early revision of these complications are associated with a favorable early outcome Google Scholar; Silver MK, Jennifer F, Jason T, Anna M, Jason S, Zaira R, et al. 2021. Prenatal exposure to glyphosate and its environmental degradate, aminomethylphosphonic acid (AMPA), and preterm birth: a nested case-control study in the PROTECT cohort (Puerto Rico). Environ Health Perspect 129(5): 057011, 10.1289/EHP7295. Link, Google Scholar

Furman and Dessi Savova discuss the various approaches being followed around the world - and what impact they are likely to have on the shape of the BigTech industry. Moderators: Andrew Hilton (Director, CSFI) & Leighton Hughes (FinTech Lead, CSFI) Panellists: Jason Furman is Professor of Practise at Harvard's Kennedy School, focusing on. BMS-806 and the related compound, #155, are novel inhibitors of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) entry that bind the gp120 exterior envelope glycoprotein. BMS-806 and #155 block conformational changes in the HIV-1 envelope glycoproteins that are induced by binding to the host cell receptor, CD4. We tested a panel of HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein mutants and identified several that. Toxicity has emerged during the clinical development of many but not all nucleotide inhibitors (NI) of hepatitis C virus (HCV). To better understand the mechanism for adverse events, clinically relevant HCV NI were characterized in biochemical and cellular assays, including assays of decreased viability in multiple cell lines and primary cells, interaction with human DNA and RNA polymerases. CAS Article Google Scholar 17. Su SY, Bell D, Ferrarotto R, et al. Outcomes for olfactory neuroblastoma treated with induction chemotherapy. Head Neck. 2017;39(8):1671-9. Article Google Scholar 18. Venkatramani R, Pan H, Furman WL, et al. Multimodality treatment of pediatric esthesioneuroblastoma Purpose Hyperacusis can be extremely debilitating, and at present, there is no cure. We provide an overview of the field, and possible related areas, in the hope of facilitating future research. Me..

Polarization switching in ferroelectric thin films occurs via nucleation and growth of 180° domains through a highly inhomogeneous process in which the kinetics are largely controlled by defects. Here is an update to this post, on who's where at the top of select agencies. There are many stri.. There was an error in a post with this title, so I have taken it down. Since nothing is ever fully e..

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  1. The following articles are merged in Scholar. Their combined citations are counted only for the first article. Merged citations. This Cited by count includes citations to the following articles in Scholar. The ones marked * may be different from the article in the profile. Add co-authors Co-authors
  2. Dr. L. Robert Furman is an educator, leader, scholar, speaker and author; but most notably, Dr. Rob is a true champion for education in the 21st century. Beyond speaking at venues across the country, Dr. Rob is also a contributing Educational blogger for The Huffington Post as well as Ed Tech Review
  3. Neuroimage 2002; 15:870-878Crossref, Medline, Google Scholar. 16. Brett M, Anton J, Valabregue R, Poline J: Region of interest analysis using an SPM toolbox (Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Functional Mapping of the Human Brain). Neuroimage 2002; 16(2), abstract 497 Google Scholar. 17
  4. Adult fish produce new cells throughout their central nervous system during the course of their lives and maintain a tremendous capacity to repair damaged neural tissue. Much of the focus on understanding brain repair and regeneration in adult fish has been directed at regions of the brainstem and forebrain; however, the mesencephalon (midbrain) and diencephalon have received little attention
  5. Senior Scholar, Stanford University Member of Parliament Clint Watts, Author Katty Kay, Journalist BBC News Jason Hickel health columnist at The Globe and Mail Jason Furman, Economist and.
  6. My friend and former student Jason Furman has joined the Obama campaign as Director of Economic Policy. Update: The far left objects. I am tempted to come to Jason's defense here, but somehow I doubt that support from me would allay the fears of Jason's critics
  7. Wiley Online Library Web of Science® Google Scholar Goldstein, S. L. ( 1990 ). A songwriting assessment for hopelessness in depressed adolescents: A review of the literature and a pilot study

The PEP blog draws our attention to this trenchant analysis of health policy: The most promising way to move forward in all three dimensions - coverage, cost, and long-run fiscal situation - is to replace the employer exclusion with a tax credit, a step that has been proposed many times before (e.g., Butler 1991 and Pauly and Hoff 2002).Firms would still be allowed to deduct the cost of. The authors thank Ezgihan Baydar, Elizabeth Blaiszik, and Sarah Hussein for providing Figs. 5 and 6 and Craig Nordeen for Fig. 19. The authors also thank their numerous colleagues, including Luca Massa and Donald Wilson, for fruitful discussions Thus, it is a shape factor of electron density profile, containing the information of both topside and bottomside of the ionosphere. A smaller value of EST indicates a sharper electron density profile and a larger EST for a wider profile [Dabas et al., 1993; Furman and Prasad, 1973; Goodwin et al., 1995a] Which five molecules would you take to a remote island? If you imagine yourself as a castaway on an island you might pick water, glucose, penicillin, and ethanol in combination with aspirin. However, as a scientist, you may ask yourself which molecules impressed you most by their chemical or biological property, their impact on science, or the ingenuity and/or serendipity behind their discovery

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The immune changes that underlie COVID-19 severity have not been fully defined. By analyzing a longitudinal cohort of COVID-19 patients and integrating inflammatory factors, immunophenotyping, and transcriptome data, Bergamaschi et al. identify both early and persistent immune changes that distinguish mild and/or asymptomatic from more severe disease ‪Bishop William Lawrence University Professor, Harvard Business School‬ - ‪‪511.664-mal zitiert‬‬ - ‪Competitive Strategy‬ - ‪Digital Transformation‬ - ‪Economic Development‬ - ‪Health Care‬ - ‪U.S. Political System

Ibrutinib is an oral inhibitor of Bruton tyrosine kinase (BTK) with marked activity in several B-cell malignant neoplasms. 1 Commonly reported adverse events include diarrhea, infection, fatigue, arthralgias, pyrexia, hypertension, and neutropenia. 2 Grade 1 and 2 rashes have been described but are generally self-limited and not treatment limiting. To our knowledge, panniculitis, an. Journal of the American College of Surgeons, vol. 230, no. 6, 2020, pp. 983-988. Full Text PubMed. Duckham RL, Bialo SR, Machan J, Kriz P, Gordon CM. A case-control pilot study of stress fracture in adolescent girls: the discriminative ability of two imaging technologies to classify at-risk athletes Spinocerebellar ataxia type 29 (SCA29) is an autosomal dominant, non-progressive cerebellar ataxia characterized by infantile-onset hypotonia, gross motor delay and cognitive impairment. Affected individuals exhibit cerebellar dysfunction and often have cerebellar atrophy on neuroimaging. Recently, missense mutations in ITPR1 were determined to be responsible We have developed a semisynthetic method for the production of bispecific antibody-like therapeutics consisting of a small molecule targeting moiety conjugated to an antibody. A highly selective prostate-specific membrane antigen-binding ligand was site specifically conjugated to a mutant α cluster of differentiation 3 (αCD3) Fab containing an unnatural amino acid with orthogonal chemical. Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) is one of the most common non-Hodgkin lymphomas in adults. The disease is very heterogeneous in its presentation, that is DLBCL patients may differ from each other not only in regard to histology of tissue infiltration, clinical course or response to treatment, but also in respect to diversity in gene expression profiling. A growing body of knowledge on.

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Google Scholar; Silver MK, Jennifer F, Jason T, Anna M, Jason S, Zaira R, et al. 2021. Prenatal exposure to glyphosate and its environmental degradate, aminomethylphosphonic acid (AMPA), and preterm birth: a nested case-control study in the PROTECT cohort (Puerto Rico). Environ Health Perspect 129(5): 057011, 10.1289/EHP7295. Link, Google Scholar

A comprehensive TnphoA mutant library was constructed in Yersinia pestis KIM6 to identify surface proteins involved in Y. pestis host cell invasion and bacterial virulence. Insertion site analysis of the library repeatedly identified a 9,042-bp chromosomal gene (YPO3944), intimin/invasin-like protein (Ilp), similar to the Gram-negative intimin/invasin family of surface proteins. Deletion. CAS Article PubMed Google Scholar 21. Cao J-J, Shen Z-X, Chow JC, Watson JG, Lee S-C, Tie X-X, et al. Winter and summer PM2.5 chemical compositions in fourteen Chinese cities. J Air Waste Manage Assoc. 2012 Oct;62(10):1214-26. CAS Article Google Scholar 22 Jason Miller Founder at Boiling Springs Heating Air and Plumbing. Boiling Springs, South Carolina 27 connection Google Scholar Thus, an added value of regulating the pathways targeted by PRN694 is potentially an increase in regulatory T-cells that also are important in control of autoimmune disease. Although our studies reveal an NK cell dependence on RLK and ITK for FcR stimulation, this was not observed in monocyte-derived macrophages or dendritic cells PyRosetta Jupyter Notebooks Teach Biomolecular Structure Prediction and Design. Kathy H. Le; Kathy H. Le. 1 T. C. Jenkins Department of Biophysics, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD 21218, USA. Search for other works by this author on: This Site. PubMed. Google Scholar. Jared Adolf-Bryfogle

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The Department of Economics graduated twenty-three economics majors and six mathematics-economics majors on May 7, 2011. Students in this graduating class will be working for companies that include IBM, KPMG, Bank of America, P2 Energy Solutions, and Epic Healthcare Systems and pursuing graduate and professional studies at Virginia Commonwealth University, Wake Forest University, Vanderbilt. 345 Ferst Drive, Room 3132. Atlanta, GA 30332. Office: 404-385-3746 | gkwong@gatech.edu. Faculty Support Coordinator: Jill Jantosciak. Office: 404-385-3830 | jillian@bme.gatech.edu. Short Bio. Dr. Kwong is an Associate Professor in the Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Tech and Emory An NIH-Postbaccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP) Scholar with a tremendous passion in microbiology, virology, and infectious diseases. Graduated from the University of Massachusetts. Aging of the immune system, known as immunosenescence, is associated with profound changes in both innate and adaptive immune responses, resulting in increased susceptibility to infection and a decreased ability to respond to vaccination. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of age and menopause on the expression of 22 different cytokines/chemokines in both plasma and.

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CAS Article Google Scholar 51. Ye Y, Li WP, Anderson CJ, Kao J, Nikiforovich GV, Achilefu S. Synthesis and characterization of a macrocyclic near-infrared optical scaffold. J Am Chem Soc. 2003;125(26):7766-7. CAS PubMed Article Google Scholar 52 29 S.W. 5th Street. Pompano Beach, FL 33060. Eden Funeral Service. 2450 West Sample Road-2. Pompano Beach, FL 33073. Elijah Bell's Funeral Services. 162 N Powerline Rd. Pompano Beach, FL 33069 Jason Zurba. Search for articles by this author, and Joaquín Andrés Hoffer 4, 5. x. Escher DJ, Ashley W, Ertag W, Parker B, Furman S, Robinson G. Clinical control of respiration by transvenous phrenic pacing. Google Scholar. 17. Jaber S, Sebbane M,. Link Google Scholar; 2. Murry CE, Gipaya CT, Bartosek T, Benditt EP, Schwartz SM. Monoclonality of smooth muscle cells in human atherosclerosis. Am J Pathol. 1997; 151:697-705. Medline Google Scholar; 3. Schwartz SM. Smooth muscle migration in atherosclerosis and restenosis. J Clin Invest. 1997; 99:2814-2817. Crossref Medline Google Scholar; 4 Crowston, K. (2020). Lessons for Supporting Data Science from the Everyday Automation Experience of Spell-Checkers.In Automation Experience across Domains (AutomationXP20), CHI'20 Workshop, 26 April 2020, Virtual.Presented at the Automation Experience across Domains (AutomationXP20), CHI'20 Workshop, 26 April 2020, Virtual, Virtual workshop

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Crowston, K., & Scozzi, B.. (2004). Coordination practices for bug fixing within FLOSS development teams. In 1st International Workshop on Computer Supported Activity Coordinatio

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