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Granite Landing Sizes: - When a step or tread exceeds a depth of 20 or greater, we refer to these pieces as a step/landing or just a landing when they exceed 24 in depth. The most common depth of these slabs is generally between 3'-4' with a thickness or rise in the 7-8 range. Granite Landing Uses: - As the broad piece at either the door entry or at the bottom of a step. We specialize in vintage granite reclaimed from old structures of New England. We have over 20 acres of all types of granite available at wholesale prices for use in hardscape and landscape construction projects. We are conveniently located in Southeastern Massachusetts, and supply landscape architects, landscape designers, contractors and builders throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island. The reclaimed slabs make wonderful steppers, patio pavers and are often times used on landings for directional changes in stairways Sandy Neck Stone reclaims treads, pavers, cobblestones, wallstone, monuments and more. Whether you need to build a walkway, patio, staircase, or would just like to accentuate an area with beautiful aged granite, Sandy Neck Stone has whatever you need. Feel free to contact us about specific inventory, pricing, and photos

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  1. 19th Century Granite Step . Wire cut with a great patina. PREMIUM 9' Length, 15 tread x 10 height . $750.00 . Vintage Granite Step Stock . Central Connecticut single source. Five (5) matching steps available in this grouping. They measure 4'-2L x 12-15 W and consistent 7 Rise. $1,500/Set . Radius Edges Step Ston
  2. Old Granite Steps Welcome and thanks for taking the time to explore OldGraniteSteps.com We hope to be THE resource for old granite steps, reclaimed and salvaged from the New England Countryside. Our material is carefully handled and delivered to insure the authentic finish and weathering stay intact
  3. Other available reclaimed granite products include sawn and thermaled steps, landings, 2 pavers, rustic hand split posts and columns, fence ensembles, benches, unique pavers, planters, water troughs, tables, bird baths, archway ensembles and fire pits
  4. Like so many different granite products, reclaimed and salvaged curbing comes from a variety of quarries creating many color variations. In general, curbing is made from gray granites that range from lighter colors to almost charcoal. Years of wear, combined with exposure to natural elements, gives this material its earth tone color palette

Reclaimed Granite Kerbs. Stock Ref: 146225603. Sizes vary greatly from 52″ to 90″ long with average width of 9″ by 10″ but again, will vary. Prices: £20 +VAT per ft. View details; Sold RECLAIMED YORK STONE STEPS. Stock Ref: 146224105. Reclaimed York stone steps from North Kent, near Brands Hatch Size - Various, 95mm to 100mm thick. Availability of reclaimed Bluestone is very hard to predict. We are alerted about the demolition of old building and these projects can yield extraordinary reclaimed stone. These Granite Blocks are an example. They could make a very unique stone wall. We are offered Reclaimed Brownstone in a number of different forms, including steps Enhance the look of your property with the timeless history of our Reclaimed Granite Steps. With a rustic feel, these steps are great curb side upgrades or for any stone step uses. Get the look: Reclaimed Granite Steps

Reclaimed Granite Stepping Stones Reclaimed Granite Curbing used as Steps\ The following stones were salvaged from an 1806 farmhouse in Millbury, Ma. The stones were cut to size by the mason and each rise was equally set Reclaimed Granite Landings & Steps We have a great inventory of reclaimed granite from the Odd Fellow's Home in Worcester, MA. These stones were once included in the massive stone foundation and trim stones along the brick veneer. Dimensions will range from 12″-30″ wide x 24″-84″ long BCA Matériaux Anciens have been reclaiming and marketing steps and kerbs in sandstone, granite or limestone for over 20 years. These old stone borders can be used for landscape and garden design projects for edging, exterior stairs and other changes of level Reclaimed stone can also be repurposed, through hand-crafting or machine fabrication, to create a myriad of different stone products. Reclaimed curbing, for example, which can come in up to 12‑foot lengths, was originally used as curbing and is now used as steps and landings

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The use of reclaimed granite materials in landscape rehab. This site uses cookies to improve your experience and to help show content that is more relevant to your interests Antique Granite Steps. Antique Granite Steps $ 54.00 per sq. ft. Starting at $54.00 per square foot. Bring a piece of history and character to your home with these reclaimed NH granite steps, ranging from 3-8′ wide, and 1′-3′ deep. Call for current availability Stone steps and hitching posts made exiting a carriage and tying up the team easy work. (more pictures) Reclaimed, Used Stone Posts. Throughout history, stone posts have been used as fence posts, hitching posts and property markers—and we reclaim them all. Historic stone posts are unique pieces that come in a variety of sizes and materials Antique Granite Posts, Granite Curbing, Granite Blocks, Granite Steps, Granite Landings. New England Architectural Center specializes in antique reclaimed granite for all your historic Hardscape product needs. We have centuries old granite post, reclaimed curbing, foundation/seawall block, trestle and bridge support block in many dimensions

The steps of the salt-and-pepper look to them and are a solid granite. You can variety of lengths and also in platforms Reclaimed Stone Steps Our selection of reclaimed steps come in limestone, york stone and sometimes granite. Stone steps are a very popular choice among our clients due to their durability and appearance, they can make an excellent addition to any home or garden. What Makes Us Different

Granite products are available for almost any part of your landscaping project where you want to use natural stone. On our site you will find granite paving slabs, flagstones, kerbing, pier caps, setts and cobbles, troughs, wall capping, steps, window sills, stalks, doorways, entrance pillars and individual ornamental items These villages housed the workforces required to extract the stone and hack them manually to dimension. Whole families would be at work to shape cobblestones or street setts, reclaimed kerbs, curbstones and steps. Antique paving. The re-use of such long-lasting commodities is to us vital, rather than them being destined for land fill and ballast Reclaimed Granite Step Set- 36″ Wide. Granite Hitching Posts. Our granite stock has also been sorted and stacked. Steps are an abundant product and we are able to compile any amount for your project. Contact us in Charlton @ 508.248.4044. Thanks so much Reclaimed Monolithic Steps. Monolithic steps make for a great for entrances to your home, or for implementing in landscaping with different elevations. Our best seller for steps is typically our reclaimed curbing, that is sorted to step grade. We do also find antique bluestone and limestone that can be used for the same application

Reclaimed First Generation Granite Curbstone Steps - Textured Riser and Tread. A reclaimed North American granite natural stone. This stone can have a smooth to rough texture. It is available in split-face, split-face with flat plane, weathered and worn finishes. The dominant color is gray; with beige, brown, green, orange/rust, purple, white. A reclaimed North American granite natural stone. This stone can have a smooth to rough texture. It is available in weathered and worn finishes. The dominant color is gray; with an orange/rust accent. Speckled, fine speckled and coarse speckled color patterns. This is a landscape stone for outdoor commercial and residential applications

Reclaimed Limestone Natural Stone Steps are reclaimed limestone that has aged and weathered. The whites and light grays of new limestone has darkened somewhat to a medium gray. Roughly dimensional and uniform, these steps are relatively easy to work with. Reclaimed Limestone Natural Stone Steps instantly create a classic aged look and go great. Old Granite Steps. Welcome and thanks for taking the time to explore OldGraniteSteps.com We hope to be THE resource for old granite steps, reclaimed and salvaged from the New England Countryside. Our material is carefully handled and delivered to insure the authentic finish and weathering stay intact. Custom cutting and fabrication using.

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  1. Here is a perfect example of a reclaimed granite step. This is a great example of Green-Stone. Stay tuned for more info on Green-Stone sold exclusively by Stone of New England. 60″x12″x7.75″ Reclaimed Granite Step . 7.75″ High Rise Per Step . 12″ Wide Treads . Leave a comment
  2. g stocks, so consult us with your requirements. Receive a quote
  3. Antique granite steps £ 120 Quantity in stock: 48. For sale antique granite steps in very good original condition. Size 140cm long,36cm wide and 16cm tall Total quantity - 48pcs. Trade price - 120GBP/pcs. We can sand them for additional cost. ID 29912; Business Name: Truncus Invest SRO t/a.

Antique or Reclaimed Granite Steps. Antique or 'reclaimed granite' refers granite that was quarried long ago. Antique granite was split and shaped by hand so is rougher and more irregular, and the color is usually darker than the freshly quarried stone. Antique granite is harder to find and must be hand picked to find the right size and. Natural Stone steps are suited well for both front and backyard applications. They can provide a hint of luxury to your landscape unmatched by any other material. Livingston Farm offers a variety of stone products for both new and existing steps. And old concrete stairway can be transformed with natural stone steps easily. Whether it is a natural winding [ This is an image for Granite Steps. Reclaimed Granite Curbing Used as Steps. Reclaimed Granite Curbing Used as Steps. Next Image. Leave a comment. by ohenryiii on February 28, 2012 • Permalink. Leave a comment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply

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Salvaged granite (reclaimed granite) comes from barn foundations, old schools, colonial churches, and street curbs. We can source cobblestone, steps, posts, curbs, and hitches. New England reclaimed granite is locally sourced and can be custom fabricated Our 1763 Granite Steps are a great hearty choice for any walkway or patio. These natural stone steps feature a range of colors for a natural look Reclaimed Stone Steps for Sussex, Kent, Surrey & South London Granite Steps. Our granite steps were originally kerbs and are available in random lengths. Worn smooth and weathered over the years, the kerbs range from 2 to 5 feet in length. They are usually 12 inches wide and are ideal for creating steps Steps. There are a few ways to stack up granite steps. One way is to start with the largest platform slab on the bottom, and simply stack the steps on top of each other until you reach the desired height. Another way is to keep all the same size steps and use smaller pieces of granite, called cribbing, to act as the risers for the next step Fillers. Grey & Calednoia. Landscape Depot Supply offers Granite steps, Post, and Platforms at our locations in Shrewsbury, Framingham, and Milford Massachusetts. Click here for a sample of the Metro-West communities we serve

Granite Cobblestone, Granite Blocks, Granite Pavers & Curbstone, Granite Landscape Stone. Willis Dimension Stone, Inc. of Elberton, Georgia has been a leading supplier of Savannah Gray Granite and Winnsborro Blue cobblestone and granite blocks for 18 years. In 1990, Dale and Wanda Willis started the company by opening a local quarry to provide dimension stone blocks for the monument industry Reclaimed Stone for Outdoor Designs. Stone Farm can help you choose the perfect stone application for your outdoor project. Whether it's the entrance to your residence, the steps to your home, or your backyard patio, we have options unlike anything out there Over the years Kenmart Limited have sold hundreds of tons of reclaimed granite for all purposes from random walling, through steps and setts to troughs, gate posts, mushrooms and fountains. In fact Bovey Tracey where we are based was the shopping point for granite from the quarry at Haytor to be sent down the river Teign

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This stone is ideal for landscape edging around gardens and mulch beds. This is also a perfect stone to incorporate into a masonry veneer. Window details, keystones and granite quions are great ways to incorporate this reclaimed stone into your project. Sloped Granite Curbing. Our inventory of reclaimed granite continues to grow weekly Many customers use reclaimed brick pavers and cobblestones to create stunning and timeless patios, driveways and walkways. That's just the beginning—with some creativity, our historic materials are perfect for outdoor grills, driveway entrance columns, retaining walls, benches, landscaping features and more. Visit the Showcase Stone 30 . Benches 1 ; Cobblestone & Edging 1 ; Flagging & Garden Path 7 ; Granite Posts 2 ; New England Fieldstone 6 ; Palletized Building Stone 7 ; Reclaimed & Salvaged Stone 1 ; Stone Veneers 6 ; Treads, Steps, and Hearths 4 ; Uncategorized Fortunately, reclaimed bluestone makes for beautiful walkway and patio stones. We just harvested 3 truckloads of beautiful antique bluestone in great sizes! Our first truck just arrived at our yard in Monroe, CT. As you can see from the recent project below (by Brack Enterprises), reclaimed bluestone is an excellent accent to projects in your.

Antique reclaimed French granite cobblestones: Large consignment of classic French granite worn setts. 19th century granite paving. lengths 200 to 270mm x widths 140 to 150mm x depth 140mm. lengths 7.9 to 11 inches x widths 5.5 to 6 inches x depth 5.5 inches. Antique cobbled square in front of the station at Versailles in 1905 Antique reclaimed granite steps for re-creating entrance steps, stairs etc. Various sizes available depending on incoming stocks, unmistakably OLD. ID 817 Business Name: B.C.A. Materiaux Anciens S

Reclaimed Granite Kerbs. Stock Ref: 146225603. Sizes vary greatly from 52″ to 90″ long with average width of 9″ by 10″ but again, will vary. Prices: £20 +VAT per ft. View details; Sold Granite kerbs set up as steps. Stock Ref: 146220850. Example of granite kerbs from Uckfield high street set up as step. Size (H, W, L) - 7 1/2 x. CASE STUDY. This stunning looking property was built by one of our customers using a variety of reclaimed stone from Steptoes Yard. This 5 bedroomed home is made up of x amount of tons of our premium punch faced stone, yorkstone flags for the paving and roof tiles and cobblestones for the paths and driveways. Read more about this case study and. Contact Us Please feel free to call, email or use the form below to send us a message with any questions you might have. Main Contact Info 508.995.8067 info@granitereclaimed.com Granite Reclaimed 600 Old Fall River Road North Dartmouth, MA 02747 Contact Form Use [

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Granite Curb. At Northeast Reclaimed Materials, we offer granite curbstones for any of your projects. These stones can vary in color, from gray, white, red, pink, and more. These stones make great pieces for steps, flower beds, retaining walls, or walkways. We do also have shorter pieces on hand that are available for pavers Antique Granite Pavers, Steps and Landings - Sawn and Thermaled or Natural 34 photos. Antique reclaimed GRANITE Historic European Cobblestone driveway or walkway pavers add authentic old world charm to your project! The preferred stone for centuries in street paving and building applications, also known as 'Belgian Block' and granite 'setts', the natural color range of these old granite cobblestones have variations of gray, green, rust and earth tones

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Great value architectural salvage wholesaler in Ireland. We specialize in Reclaimed Brick,Pitch-Pine beams,Oak Fireplace beams,Old Dublin Cobble,Cast Iron radiators,Old Whiskey Barrels,Old Marble and Cast Iron landmark architectural salvage,fireplaces,Raclaimed Railway sleepers,Crash barriers,Old Roof slates Our antique, reclaimed blue stone curbing offers the same beauty hand carved product and one of a kind uniqueness. We have come into a supply of reclaimed blue stones for a variety of uses. In the past these vintage blue stones have been used for sidewalks, walls and buggy steps Granite Steps - Pricing and Installation Cost Checklist. Expect the Granite Steps prices to fluctuate between various companies - each and every company have different operation expenses and over-head. Try to get prices in late Fall, early winter - you should expect aggressive pricing discounts by waiting for a contractor's down season 27 Feet of 12 Reclaimed Yorkstone Copings Stone Steps Garden Flagstones. £1.70. 2 bids. Ending Sunday at 7:24PM BST. 4d 16h Collection in person

Jun 19, 2016 - Our Reclaimed Antique Granite Steps are a great natural stone, outdoor living addition to any walkway, patio, landscape or leading up to your front door For some of our products, we provide custom shipping quotes in order to get you the best rate. Please fill out the following form and we'll get back to you asap. Or call us 1-855-786-9663. Name. Email *. Phone. Zip / Post Code * Used Medina curbing is reincarnated as steps and wall caps around this salvaged stone sidewalk patio. (more pictures)Reclaimed Medina Curbing. Shortly after Medina stone was discovered during construction on the Erie Canal, its popularity exploded for paving and construction Steps. *Rockfaced on One Long and Two Short Sides. *Oakville Thermal Bluestone Steps only available in One Long Side Flamed. Size (in) Toronto. New Jersey. 16x36x6. 16x48x6

Vintage Granite Step Stock. Central Connecticut single source. Five (5) matching steps available in this grouping. They measure 4'-2L x 12-15 W and consistent 7 Rise. This should stay as a grouping but pairs will be sold if necessary to break up the lot. Nice medium grey coloration believed to have been quarried in Haddam, Connecticut Fond du Lac Steps. A very popular stone with grey, bone, and buff tones. Highland Brown Steps. Warm brown tones with a creamy base color. Mahogany Steps. Brown, cream, and gray base tones with gold and red accents. MN Dolomite (Kasota Stone) Steps. Warm, creamy yellow and tan-toned limestone. A local classic Limestone Garden Steps. 6 x 14. 3' to 5' in length. Sand Stone Steps. 6 x 13. 4' to 8' in length. Granite Steps Grey. Platforms. Landscape Depot Supply offers Stone Stairs and Steps at our locations in Shrewsbury, Framingham, and Milford Massachusetts Steps. Banas Steps add the elegance of natural stone steps in your garden or patio by using our well crafted and hand dressed risers. These steps are carefully rock faced and finished by our craftsmen that create an organic beauty and natural flow. Finish: Top Natural or Shotblasted (Venetian Line), Bottom Calibrated or Sawn, Edges Hand Dressed. Above pictured left is a closeup of marble steps before restoration, pictured center the traditional steps & rowhouse after marble step restoration, pictured on right is a closeup of marble steps after restoration. For a Free Consultation Call 410-644-1698 1-800-800-9565

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Handcrafted. Recycled. Fairly made. Recycled Metal Art, Judaica, and gifts from Haiti. Fine imports from elsewhere on occasion. We're delighted that you're here. If you're more comfortable buying from a third-party site, please find us on Etsy. put a bird on it! birds in tree, square, recycled steel drum metal art Reclaimed Stone Steps. Sometimes it is nice to buy reclaimed items. This can give your garden a unique look and offers you the chance to show off a hidden gem that others won't have. The same applies to reclaimed stone steps. By opting to buy reclaimed stone, you will be unique and will also benefit the planet by reusing an item that is still. Barn Stone has the effort of the craftsman from a previous age built into the shape and texture of the stone. Stones reclaimed from barns and other types of stone foundations can also be called stacked stone, wall stone, and foundation stones. Sometimes the material comes from stone barns

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Vintage Star Cast Iron Horse Buggy/Carriage Step Steampunk. $20.00. $10.10 shipping. or Best Offer. Vintage Antique Carriage Buggy, Stage Coach Step Rustic & Primative Cast Iron. $25.00. $17.60 shipping Mejia's stone masons. is in Peachtree City, Georgia. June 29 at 8:47 AM ·. Reconstructing steps. Antique limestone y antique dark blue limestone. 11

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Using granite that was leftover from a granite counter top company, we bought a truckload very cheap. We decided to use it to make a great looking walkway using the recycled granite and common pavers. What did we use and where did we get it? We purchased 3 pallets of big granite pieces and they were anywhere from 1″x2″ to 2'x3′ Maine Granite & Stone. A Proud American Manufacturer. Residential Renovation. A SMALL CHANGE THAT MAKES A BIG IMPACT. Our Portfolio. MEMORIAL & MONUMENTS. TO COMMEMORATE THE PEOPLE WE LOVE. Monument Options. Residential Landscaping

Antique reclaimed French cobblestone - settsStone Farm – Reclaimed Stone and Reclaimed Thin Brick VeneerDriveways - Hirsch Brick and StoneReclaimed Thin Brick Wall in a Bedroom | Stone FarmReclaimed-Brick Patio, Yarmouth, Maine | Perennial Stone

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Landscape stone steps come in 4′, 5′ and 6′ lengths. We also offer a hollow core 4′ version. All are available in two popular colour ranges: Granite Blend and Earth Blend. The tops and bottoms have a smooth finish, while the sides have an attractive natural stone texture. Drop into a Shaw Retail Centre or one of our independent dealers. The grey granite copings and steps are the perfect material for all your garden and swimming pool needs. These classic steps have a flat, non-slip surface and are ideal for pool installations. Their colour works well with other colours of granite paving. Available calibrated to 35 or 40 mm in 6 different sizes JOHN CARR Natural STONE has been working with the same brands since 2000. Our business was founded on the idea of providing quality construction solutions and supplies to people and businesses that need it Lay the granite countertop face-down on a large work table. Slip pieces of scrap lumber under the edges of the countertop to raise it up slightly and prevent cutting the table. Clamp the granite and scrap lumber securely to the table. If the countertop extends past the edges of the table, support it with more scrap lumber

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Brick and Granite Steps and Platform in Abington, MA; New Paver Patio in Canton, MA; Paver Walkways, Stone Walls and Steps in Stoughton, MA; Stone Outdoor Fireplace in Easton, MA; Reclaimed Granite Stone Wall in Marshfield, MA; Natural Stone Veneer Steps. Previous. Next. Lis Boulder wall and aged granite steps. Concrete allen block is used for retaining a hillside and adding gardens and usable lawn space. Granite and brick landing adds space to move when entering the back door of the house. Granite 2x2 pavers with red brick soldier course, dry block walls and new steps

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Cast Stone Products Warranty: Cambridge Pavers, Inc. warrants to the original purchaser (with a proof of purchase) that should the Cast Stone products (Steps, Caps, Ledgestone Cast Stone, or Cast Stone Slab 3 Pc. Design Kit) installed according to industry standards and in compliance with our installation guidelines, prove defective, it will be replaced without cost Marble Steps Replacement or Repair. Due to the natural beauty of marble, the marble stairs offer a luxurious and graceful climbing enhancing the beauty of not just the interiors, but the overall architecture of the building. Although there is a drawback, marble steps will quickly show scratches, stains, and cuts from moving furniture, carts and. Benedict Antique Lumber & Stone is a small company that builds custom Timber Frame homes. We can construct your new home from our inventory of antique hand hewn beams reclaimed from the 18th and 19th century that have endured the rugged climate of the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania Well Stoned - Natural Stone Leeds Ltd was established in 2005. We are a well established family run firm, based in Leeds West Yorkshire. Passionate about our business, from the initial aspects of sourcing and importing products, to undertaking projects large and small, every client receives our exacting service Antique Set Mid-Victorian Flame Mahogany Library Steps, 19th Century Located in London, GB This is a fantastic and rare set of antique mid-Victorian flame mahogany framed library steps, circa 1870 in date

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Reclaimed York Paving supply both Reclaimed and New Sawn Yorkstone to the UK with Next Day Delivery, with Custom York Stone Steps made to order . Reclaimedyorkpaving.co.uk. We Offer Next Day UK Deliveries on all stone orders received before 9am.. Reclaimed Yorkstone. Beautiful and natural york stone flags for your home or commercial projects. View our wide range of top quality reclaimed york stone products today. We are based in the Cotswold's supporting the whole of the UK. Call: 01993 867392 for services and sample Antique Reclaimed Wood Lumber & Timbers. Pacific Northwest Timbers, LLC (PNT) is an FSC ® Certified Recycled 100% sawmill able to provide your reclaimed wood needs from raw timbers to interiors, exteriors, and furnishings.. PNT's stable, Old Growth, FSC ® Recycled 100% timber and wood products generate DOUBLE the LEED points vs. FSC 100% and FSC MIX credit wood Reclaimed Coursed Granite Setts. Reclaimed, greyish granite setts found under a building demolished recently in London's historic Brick Lane. Approximate coverage is 3 to 4 square yards (or square metres) per ton (or tonne). Courses range from approx 3ins - 9ins (7cms - 22cms), lengths from 6ins - 24ins (15cms - 60cms), and bed depth from 4ins.

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